BYD web approximate car, green appearance, side sliding door is very novel

Friends in Changsha must have seen a green webmark car on the road. This car is a net approximate model that BYD and the drip jointly launched, named D1. So, what does D1 is different from ordinary webmarks? Let’s take a look together.

Green has been in our hearts of a deep-rooted representative is healthy, green vegetables, forests, green foods, etc. are all kinds of health, then let’s take a look at the green cars. It is still a relatively burly, and the overall shape is a comparative medium, there is no stunning point, but its head is still given a relatively comfortable ride space. The reason is green, because it uses electric energy and belongs to new energy vehicles.

In terms of appearance, let’s take a look at its front face, and the whole face has no line feeling, relatively smooth. The front face is a standard new energy enclosure grille, and the entire front of the front of the front is very small. The slender elliptical headlights on both sides have been connected with a slender black ornament, and it is still very harmonious. The bottom black intake is opened on both sides, just like a bean sprout and a golf club, or more lovely.

The shape of the side is the reduced version of MPV, but its side looks still has a more lovely secondary element, and the white roof and green body do not directly connect, the middle cach is a black black, which compare Still very cute, plus it on the bottom of its side, there is a white design, but this white is not a simple white, it makes a black hook design, so you a contrast, is it compared to simple white The whole is more abundant. The hub is also a black five-petal flower shape, which adds aesthetics and lovely in the side.

The interior is divided into the region, and the black driver seat is divided into the region, next to a light gray seat. It is a white master tone. This is still adhering to a “customer first” attitude. Plus its large screen and knob shift mode, the driver’s driving feel is also good.

And it still has a very interesting design, which only has single side slide doors, and the other is to open the door. This design is very good to “open the door” when the passenger gets off. Not only that, it is said It is a D1 model. It will show the license plate number, the driver’s surname, and there will be exclusive headlights, so that the license plate number of each car will not be embarrassed. There is also a personal very much, that is, after you hit the D1 model, you can pass the air conditioning temperature and volume of the car through the mobile phone app, this design is really too human, completely improves the car. degree. Such BYD D1, do you like it?

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