Cadillac car owners are all white: Why is I blindly running C11, I also recommend 9 people?

Zero Run C11 is a third model of zero-run car. In many people, the fate of C11 determines the fate of zero.

In many exchange groups in the “Electric Vehicle Association”, some people often talk about this car and the heat is very high. This directly triggered our curiosity, why do you have such interest in this period of money?

So, we found a blind car owner for a group of people.

This is a Hefei guy who was born in 1994. This year is 27 years old, the age is not big, but it is a tram old driver. As early as 2015, he settled a Jianghuai IEV4, and the accumulated mileage has exceeded 120,000 kilometers.

In 2018, his Jianghuai IEV4 has encountered inside, which has become a boiling water, and there are many small problems. Due to the urgent use of the car, I couldn’t find the right electric car for a while. He “forced” bought a Cadillac oil car. Three years, less than 20,000 kilometers have been opened.

In 2021, Xiao Liu decided to return to the tram again, and a zero run C11 was blinded at the beginning of the year. After you will pick up your car, you will sell until IEV4 and Cadillac.

In this article, Xiao Liu system tells himself to change the car, and he chooses C11, gives up Tesla, Yulai, Xiaopeng, Weima, BYD, Guangqi Egyan, Chery big ants. The last part of the article, Xiao Liu also talked about the view of his own car enterprises, telling us that the reason why the zero-sports car will not be closed.

The following content is described by Xiao Liu, “Electric Vehicle Association” is organized.


Cadillac oil car has no electric car: 2021, it is a time to buy a tram.

Some riders ask me, you are in Hefei, no north, why do you want to buy an electric car?

In fact, the reason is very simple:

First, I am a person who is willing to try.

Second, the tram is more than the oil car, which is more in line with my car environment. Hefei is now more and more blocked. The car does not stop speed is really wasteful. It does not exert high efficiency fuel efficiency. The sensory oil is consumed in traffic jams and increases the cost of use. If the tram is driven, the electricity is low, I can install charging pile in my own home, there is no such problem.

Third, the policy of the Hefei government is very good for electric vehicles.

For example, on the ground road planned by the municipal government, the tram is free for two hours, which is free for two hours, and half a price for more than two hours. In the hospital and some government units, it can be free within 5 hours.

Now, this Jianghuai IEV4 is too old, Cadillac has no carriage.

My wife doesn’t drive, I have two cars, I have to buy two insurance, and I am quite a waste, so I intend to sell two cars, and change a tram.

When I was buying Cadillac in 2018, I was originally wanted to buy electric cars, but when I saw the car, I found that there were no fewer in the country to do new energy. Many tram booked a ready-made platform, slightly changed. Let’s change the engine to the battery pack. So, I was forced to bought the oil car.

But from this year, I think it is a good time to buy a tram.

At the beginning of the year, Tesla, Wei came, ideal, Xiaopeng’s performance can be described as a flying day, the stock price is particularly beautiful, sales is also good. Especially Tesla.

In addition, new products and new technologies have begun to break out, and smart auxiliary driving technology is better than before, and the penetration rate is also higher.

These factors are integrated, let me feel that the car should have reached my needs.

My car demand is:

(1), the SUV model is selected.

My baby is gradually growing, and we need to take more things. Children’s toys, toy cars must bring, a little longer, if you go out, what is going to bring the folding table and chair, and SUV is more practical.

Second, I have already opened two cars, I don’t want to open the car again.

Third, SUV is relatively safe, because the electric vehicle’s battery is on the chassis, the car chassis is shorter, and it may take a battery.

(2) High cost performance.

The stress of the young people is also relatively large. It is necessary to pay a mortgage, but also a child, and the parents of the family also gave birth to the second child, so they won’t consider the especially expensive car.

So the budget this, although there is no particular limit, more than ten thousand can be accepted, but it is still cost-effective.

(3) requires new forces car companies.

New forces car companies are more in line with my aesthetics and requirements, whether in appearance interiors or intelligent auxiliary driving. The traditional car companies do not very optimistic, always feel that they can’t get rid of old ideas. And many of their electric cars do not have an ACC (adaptive cruise function), LCC (lane caster) and active brakes.

Now buying a tram definitely ask for a car with a secondary driving function or automatically driving.


How do I give up Tesla, Yulai, Xiaopeng, Weima, BYD, Guangqi Yan, Chery Big Ant

In contrast, I found that the most in line with the requirements is zero run C11.

The first time I heard that the zero run C11 This car should be December 20 last year, I saw some information online, I feel that this car is really good.

The price is really too high, and there is almost no such car in the same level model. For example, the same size, the configuration of C11 is much higher. In the same configuration, C11 is cheap and seven million, the advantage is obvious.

Shapes and interiors are also my dishes, and then check, there are 4S shops in Hefei, and there is no hesitation after New Year’s Day. In addition to C11, I also read Tesla, Wei, Xiaopeng, BYD, Guangqi Ean, and the Weima and Chery.

Tesla’s car is really a good. However, Model 3 is still a little small, and the number of battery densities is also small. But if you are not married, or the second car of the family can still be bought.

We will have seen a lot of times, but the car is really good, but it is a bit expensive, it has been 45,000, and my current state is not supported.

Xiaopeng P7 shape is really science fiction, I don’t know people, you say that it is four or 25,000 or even seven or eight million people. But the chassis is too low, the trunk is not large, and I don’t think of the car.

BYDAN’s appearance interior, performance has not been said, but individuals simply do not like BYD.

Guangqi Yan has no feeling, not very colorful, the appearance is not very good, there is nothing special to let me feel the place, is a very ordinary car.

Weima’s products are too old, and the car is still selling today. Just like buying a mobile phone, now buy an apple, you won’t buy Apple 7, that thing has been eliminated. The same is true, the better the newest.

Chery big ant I also have seen, this car is actually okay, the pure platform is born, the price is also high, but the thoughts of traditional vehicles, lack of sincerity. Some features and hardware are completely cut off, which can only be high. The low-model model is a very ordinary electric car, there is nothing special features, after the things are cut off, they can’t be upgraded later.

Car companies sell a car to do with differentiation, but can’t be so doing.

You see Tesla, even if some people don’t buy FSD function, but hardware is all reserved. If you want to buy, you can still spend money. But the big ant, put the hardware directly, even if you want to spend the upgrade, you can’t spend this money.

Furthermore, the configuration of large ants is too complicated. I hate to pick it out, and sell “心 角” with 4S and sales. Differentiation If you make a mobile phone, the configuration is the same, the memory size is different. I like the big memory. It doesn’t matter if you don’t care. If you like small memory, you can buy small memory.

In differentiated, zero run is very good, all configured everyone, the optional package can also be selected, the difference is the battery size. That consumer If there is a need for the mileage, buy a battery bigger, no need, then a little bit. Select the life mileage based on the vehicle environment, not configuration and battery life.

Part is configured as follows:

Moreover, I also support new forces such direct mode. I don’t have to worry too much when I bought it, it is cheap.


C11 conquer me with a high configuration

10,000 pieces of options must be bought

C11 I have temporarily fixed the model of the model of the Deluxe version, because the top with a model will be able to mention the car next April, I can’t wait for so long. But in the end, I can change it, so after I see the real car, they will be determined after more messages.

Summary, the advantage of C11 is configuration and price.

First, I said the same configuration, the car is not entangled.

Second, the configuration is real.

I chose the optional package of 10,000 pieces. The optional super cost-effective, including 20-inch wheels, NAPPA leather, external discharge function, and independent DSP amplifiers. I remember our Cadillac 20,000 options seem to have a lot of lights and a back-row media control screen, and there is nothing else, so the 10,000 yuan is worth it.

Among them, I really look at the power inverter output function. Because it can output 220V voltage, it is generally emergency, you can use the car as a large charging treasure, using 220V electrical appliances.

There is also the main driving waist support adjustment function. This thing is very useful, and there is a support for a long time, which will reduce driving fatigue. I have no upper car, and I have been driving for a long time.

Free upgrade wheels are also good. I think SUV is beautiful, I have to watch the wheel is big, the wheel is bigger, it will be more beautiful.

So, I think that the 110,000 yuan option is worth it, be sure to choose.

In addition, there are frameless doors and co-pilot touch screen design. First, more than 100,000 cars, with a frameless door, other brands may not have. No frame, not only is cool, but it is really practical, the soundproof performance is very good. I have a relative to open a public CC. I found that it’s a lot of sound insulation effect, better than my Cadillac.

Secondly, the touch screen of the co-pilot position should be very practical, and people who can sit on the coach will bring a better experience. I checked it that the control screen of its co-driver is completely separated, and can coexist each other, do not interfere. For example, you can listen to songs or watch movies while navigation.

In the future, I took a child or my wife went out, they can watch the video on the co-pilot, and I will not bother me.

Usually, if I went out with my wife, she took the co-pilot will stop saying that my car is very fast, don’t worry about it, and grab someone else. I didn’t like to listen to these words when I drove, and she could watch the video there. I didn’t talk to me (hahaha, laughing).


Looking forward to C11 early test driving, production as soon as possible

I believe that the zero run will not fall down, I feel that there is no 100% perfect product, but there must be something that makes you like, even if it is not perfect, I am willing to accept it. After all, this car will sell more than 100,000, and it can’t be asked too much. This configuration can be surprised.

Next, I hope that the test drive will take the time, accelerate the mass production, now the electric car update is really fast, many people can’t wait for it.

I also hope that the zero run can improve the smart auxiliary driving function. The hardware of C11 smart driving and Tesla are a bit like, and a lot of things are sort of self-research, and I have a big expectation for this.

In addition, someone asked if I would not worry about the strand, I don’t think it will.

First, behind the zero run is the Dahua Shares, doing monitoring is very powerful, I believe that the strand has its own technical reserves.

However, zero run is now very low, pragmatic. In contrast, I took 50 million to eat snacks for a year, and this money was bad. Some cars may do research and development is not for selling vehicles, just to engage in project funds, then meet their desires, not the Eight of the Eight.

Second, zero-run managers are also quite pragmatic. For a few days ago, when the OTS engineering vehicle offline, the zero-ran CEO Zhu Jiangming personally went to the scene. The boss attaches great importance to it, truly putting the car as a career, not to see everyone is doing, he also do it. From this point of view, I think zero run is very reliable, don’t worry about doing anything.

Third, I also believe in the eyes of the Hefei government. I went to Hefei former 15 years. I have been six years. I also witnessed that the growth of Hefei has gradually incorporated into the city. I think the Hefei government can spend money from Jin Jin’s silver to invest in this brand, I don’t have to worry.

So, I often recommend C11 to others. I have recommended 9 people.

(This article is over)

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