Carrying a car to choose a difficulty? Take a look at how these new energy cars?

The automotive industry has developed to this day, many people have begun to gradually change their thinking, and don’t trust the new energy cars from the beginning to try today, this is a small step of their personal car, but for the entire car industry. A big step forward. Even a lot of people say that electric vehicles continue to shrink in winter, the value is low, but in many people, these shortcomings can be overcome than the advantages of electric vehicles. The new energy electric vehicles we introduced today are the leaders, let’s take a look.

Which official guide price is 13.98-19.98 million

Which of the design of the u. is very amazing, and the LED lamp group called “The Light of Polar” is very amazing. The headlights of the T-shape shape are turned to the turret, and vertical is a day-running light, such a design has never appeared on a lot of cars. The interior part of the interior is also bold, the layout level of the driver is clear, the design is reasonable, and the side driver is simple and generous, and the interior of the car is bloated. This design is in line with the aesthetic of the current young people. In addition to the power of the entry of 120kw / 210n`m, the other model is equipped with a high-power motor, a high-power motor, a power level and a fuel vehicle 2.0T engine. Phase it is up and down.

Xiaopeng G3 official guidance price 14.68-19.98 million

Xiaopeng G3 is currently selling 10 models, two of which are 460 models, 2 460i models, 3 520 models, 3 520i models. Among them, the 260 and 460i models are 460 kilometers, and the 220 and 520i models are 520 kilometers. Xiaopeng G3’s design is to walk the mainstream route of the current electric vehicle, that is, there is no Chinese network, the design of the grill, which looks more practical. The design of the body side is like a cheetah that is ready to go, looks full of explosiveness. The design of the vehicle tail is more rounded than the front of the head, and the through tail lamp is very good at night, and there is a strong identification. Xiaopeng G3 is equipped with 145kW, peak torque 300n`m motor, whether it is economic model or exercise mode to meet people’s driving needs. The official test is only 8.6s, so that such a score is in such a SUV model.

Although today’s electric vehicles have such lacks, we can see that China’s automobile enterprises are striving, from the original joint venture car occupying the main stage to today’s domestic car, the main car, the future of China’s automotive industry must Will give consumers a different practical experience.

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