Changan Automobile: “14th Five” plans to invest 150 billion yuan in software, intelligence and other fields

On April 19, Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Chang’an Auto, said in the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, during the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Changan Automobile Program overall invested 150 billion yuan, focusing software, intelligent technology, low carbon , New business model, high-precision talents, etc. Future competition; for business objectives, by 2030, Changan’s total sales reached 5 million, of which Changan brand sales reached 3.5 million.

Zhu Huarong introduced Changan Automobile “14th Five-Year Plan” and 2030 Vision Route Blueprints, it will be the opportunity to define automotive products and services to create an ultimate customer experience; accelerate the “Beidou Tiancheng” 2.0, improve the strength of science and technology, and accelerate intelligence Development, every year, 1-2 leading intelligent scene first applied, in 2022, the first to implement the L4 intelligent network car listing; further promote the “Shangri-La” plan, speed up low carbon products, low carbon manufacturing and low carbon industries Among them, on the product, based on the Ark Architecture and the CHN architecture, the three platforms of EPA0, EPA1 and EPA2, will be launched in the next five years, the first batch of two smart electric vehicles will be unveiled during the year.

Zhu Huarong also said that will join hands with strategic partners to build new business models, implement digital transformation upgrades, build a new business model of “a cloud, air network, intermediate platform, and all-scenes”, and implementation with users and partners. Direct link. In addition, Changan Automobile will accelerate the adjustment of talent structure, form 3,000 software, intelligent talent teams.

Data show that in 2020, Changan Automobile sales have risen against trend; from January to March 2021, Changan Automobile has sold 641,000 units, an increase of 111.6% year-on-year, and continued to maintain high quality growth in 12 consecutive months.

Changan Automobile said that sales growth benefited from Changan Automobile transformation and upgrading. According to the data revealed in the Shanghai Auto Show, the average price of Changan passenger car brand products increased by 34%; Changan Automobile keen insight into the new generation of consumer demand, successfully launched the Plus, UNI series explosion products, Among them, 75 Series, 35 Series, Yidong Series Ranking Submarine, Uni-T has 43% of purchases to translate from the first-line joint venture brand.

In the Shanghai Auto Show, Changan Motor released the second generation CS55 PLUS. The model is equipped with a new generation of NE1.5T high-efficiency power combinations, the maximum rated power is 138KW, and the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 5.9L, which is 8% compared to the previous generation of net power. The fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is reduced by 4%.

Chang’an Automobile revealed that the company joined hands with Huawei, the intelligent electric network of automobile platforms jointly built in Ningde Times – Chn, is about to launch a high-end intelligent electric car facing the future, and the new high-end brand name is about to announce.

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