Chuanqi GS8 spy photos exposure, or equipped with a mixing system, can you challenge BYD Tang?

If the domestic sedan market is a joint venture brand, then SUV has no doubt is the “Capsule in the” Capsule in the medium SUV “, in the medium-sized SUV field, GS8 has always been the leader, but Due to the advantages of models and power systems, BYD Tang leads ahead of the latter in many ways. However, Guangqi can give up, the new Chuanqi GS8 has also exposed spy photos in the near future. It is worth mentioning that new cars are expected to carry a mixing system.

In terms of appearance, the new car is currently “parcel” very strict, but it can be seen that many details, such as the grille of the slope, some double kidney design similar to BMW, the whole style is more panel, innocent “Hanland Da “The title, the headlights should be narrow style, strong visual impact, in line with the current hard style.

On the side of the body, it is almost consistent with the cash, the upper waist line is consistent from the front light, which effectively enhances the visual length of the new car, and the lower waist line has a slight coated from the vicinity of the A column, which is unanimously until the front of the B-column, This hardist, everyone gains some fashion.

The new car’s interior is currently not fully exposed. From the existing spy photos, the interior is also used in classic symmetrical design, large-sized liquid crystal display and suspended medium control screen very bright, know before The embedded central control screen has been spit out of the majority of car owners, and the overall style is really no, and now it is clear, it is obviously listening to the consumer’s voice. In addition, the three-type steering wheel and electronic gear, which also enhance internal technology attributes and luxury.

Of course, this car is most worthy of its new power system. According to relevant reports and news, the new generation of Chuanqi GS8 is likely to carry Toyota THS hybrid technology to enhance the ability to fight against BYD Tang.

In fact, from the perspective of data parameters, the two are very close, but if the simple contrast system, BYD Tang is equipped with DM-P and DM-I two systems, the integrated competitiveness is obviously stronger, dynamic and The fuel consumption is more excellent. However, Chuanqi GS8 also has its own traditional advantage, such as a larger space and a more hard style, etc., mixing technology is more like a blessing for Chuanqi. At present, the sales score of Chuan GS8 is not excellent, it has a relatively large progress space, whether this new car will be recognized by consumers and markets, we are still unknown.

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