DC fast charge era is coming soon? How long does communication fast charge can survive? What is the future of the change mode?

New Energy Automobile Markets have developed in recent years, which is a new year. Regardless of capital or users, they are more and more bullish. However, in contrast, the construction of charging piles is some forgotten.

However, as a key ring of the new energy vehicle industry, charging piles are essential. At the moment that the new energy era is about to be fully launched, will the matching charging pile will be a few? We can try to do a guess.


The first electric vehicle charging station in China can be traced back to 2006, and BYD became “the first person to eat crabs.” Since its in 2007-2008, due to the arrival of the Olympic event, the policy level has also begun to enter the game, and the development efficiency of electric charging stations has increased.

However, before 2010, the construction of the charging station is still a small germination period. Until 2010, under the strong support and dominance of policies, the industry began to usher in the rapid development. After experiencing the outbreak of 2015-2018, the current electric vehicle charging pile market has grown into the new infrastructure period.

KPI is not good

But even if so, the KPI completion of the electric charging station is still lacking. In 2015, “Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development Guide” mentioned that my country must build 4.8 million charging piles (including public charging piles and private charging piles) in 2020, and the bus ratio reaches 1: 1. At present, the number of charging piles built in my country is only more than 1.2 million (including public charging piles and private charging piles), and the ratio of the piles is 3: 1. In contrast, the gap is obvious.

Especially public charging piles, due to high construction costs, the construction of public charging piles that have always been “lived” has been promoted by the Government, and private capital has not been involved.

Folk movement

On the other side of the opposite, the development of private charging piles seems to be much better. After all, most of the private charging piles are all exchange piles. It is a lower construction cost, which is extremely suitable for the people who are used to running the horses.

In this regard, BYD is a unique, so far has been built more than 420,000 charging piles, the market share is over 60%, a new brother.

However, it is precisely because private companies have too blindly expanded in the early stage, so profitable difficulties are one of the industrial pain points. Coupled with national conditions, private charging piles encountered in the promotion process, lack of parking space, and grid shock, etc. also affect overall progress.

Trend and future

After entering the new infrastructure period, the development pattern of the charging pile will foresee will have a major change. Previously, due to the problem of slow charging pile, the quality of quality is not honest. But with the rise of DC fast charge, at least in the near future, it can be clear that it will further become the main development direction of public charging piles.

Some people will ask, why not use communication piles? Let’s take a contrast directly to you:

It can be seen by contrast that DC piles must be preferred in front of endurance anxiety. The high cost of the exchange pile is only suitable for the early race of the operator. As the post-cost declines, the advantage of the DC pile will become larger.

But one thing, for the construction of public charging piles mainly based on policy leaders, the future development speed may not have much improvement. However, the progress of the unit efficiency can also eliminate the impact of quantitative disadvantages. With the increasing amount of new energy vehicle sales and charging pile technology, it seems not far away from the days of reaching the car than 1: 1.

Conclusion: A few years ago, the discussion of “power-saving mode” is very high, but due to the construction cost of the electric power station and the battery specifications, it has not yet effectively spread, and only the propoy will come out in this direction. However, it is undeniable that the advantages of the power-saving mode are unparalleled, and there may be another possibility, that is, in the near future, DC charging pile will soon face elimination, and new energy vehicles will “change” The way of electricity continues to develop.

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