Decisive battle 2025, Li Bin’s “Tao Jiao”

After writing yesterday’s article “Li Bin talks about ET7 laser radar layout: reasonable is beautiful, the two years will be as good as us,” I suddenly thought of a word: Decisive battle 2025, Li Bin’s “proud” .

“Tsunding” two words, in fact, there is a little negative. But I’m playing the word “proud” and is a little too too.

So, come over, but the main purpose is really this, and there are more topics involved, let’s say it.

First, Huawei can’t open

Like He Xiaopeng before you visit, “Huawei” is still one of the most words in Li Bin’s interview.

Faced with the “barbarism” from another field, Li Bin generously recognizes Huawei’s powerful ICT engineering ability. He said that Huawei has a particularly large team, and it is also a part of Hua as some cooperation. For example, Huawei also bought a car to study.

Just, when we experience Huawei automatic driving, we also take the ES6 used as a test vehicle:

Li Bin said that Huawei said, “some very good techniques”, and it has also been seen, but it is not used.

Li Bin will cooperate with Huawei and the car enterprises, summarized as “clever”.

“Before it, did not have such a hard-harder cooperation mode, Li Bin called the previous supply chain or component level, no system level,” It is the supplier of system solutions, more than selling chips, more than selling hardware ” .

Second, take the way of apple

Li Bin said that he was looking forward to seeing Huawei and Beiqi Guangqi Guangqi’s cooperation results, and he also said that it is just a road – core technology yourself in research and development, “our three electricity, three wisdom, except for chips, It’s all doing yourself. “

“It has chosen this road, no reason not to go,” he explained, and he believes that the final integration business and system thinking is very important.

Li Bin took the apple to give an example, indicating that Wei Fei will do Apple’s model, is “R & D depth is getting deeper, breadth, more and more wide, and core technology will develop themselves.

Third, the openness of it is

But he also said that it is not the same as the apple, it will share the technology, “such as the motor uses us, such as using our battery pack design chassis, no problem, our charging pile is open.”

But with Boghanner, Ningde Times These suppliers are different. Li Bin said that it would not be modify, which is “adaptive demand”. He said that at least three of the three needs to modify the motor to adapt to other cars.

And He Xiaopeng’s “short-term optimism” is a bit different, Li Bin believes that these two roads are not very good, “this is the road choice of different companies.” However, it will resolutely take the path of self-developed core technologies. “Because it is difficult to start, the faster you have ran later.”

Li Bin said that the road is a bit like AWS. “You ask Amazon to match the server according to your requirements, but it is willing to open this capacity. I am willing to be open, this is one of our directions.”

Fourth, the battle 2025

1. Laser radar = airbag?

Huawei’s 4D millimeter wave radar, claims to replace some low line laser radar. Li Bin believes that laser radar and 4D radar “The scenes are not the same”.

He describes the laser radar into a “airbag” that automatically drive.

“For security perspectives, the safety belt is much more than the balloon, but you can’t have no airbags, it always have some Corner Case”, Li Bin believes that the laser radar is always able to increase the reliability of automatic driving.

As for the cost, he believes that although compared with the safety of people, this cost is worth it. “There is no laser radar to do automatic driving, but with laser radar, automatic driving safety reliability must be improved”.

Speaking of laser radar, the most famous paragraph must be from Masque, and his “human drive is not relying on laser eye”, it also has become an argument of visual route supporters.

Li Bin said that some debates “Not in the idea”, he said that no airbag does not affect the airbag, but can’t say that the airbag is useless, “Why is the balloon more and more? Because each increase, reliability has increased a little .

Conversely, Li Bin believes that Huawei is also the case, he said it is because Huawei finds no way to replace the laser radar, so it is still equipped with multiple laser radar on the ADS.

However, even if the laser radar has been on the bus, Li Bin said that Yesterday, He Xiaopeng said, “Automatic driving in the first year of 2023”, has a certain reason. “NAD hardware next year has been deployed, but it is necessary to provide a particularly good experience.

2. Decide the upper limit, the overall decision experience

Special good experience, what is it?

Li Bin said that NAD is inconvenient to disclose, but on the other hand – “Our team uses a Mobileye EyeQ4, you can do an experience of the current FSD”.

real or fake? Continue to wait for NIO OS update?

Li Bin said that the force is very important, even determines the upper limit of a system. Even the sensor layout and quantity, he thinks it is a good foundation, “I think it is the most reasonable in all car”.

But deciding to actually experience the software and data capabilities, such as algorithms, such as generalization.

Ultrafigure, refers to “universality”. “Even like Waymo, you may do good in Phoenix, but copy it to a new city? It is very troublesome. So mass production and Demo are not a matter of time.” Li Bin believes that “foundation” must match business Mode and mass production, “Our business model is a subscription mode for monthly payment, how to match this business model? So what I mean is that you can’t debris, think overall.”

The automatic driving team responsible for “overall thinking”, Li Bin describes “very stable”.

He said that the team began to build in 2016. It turns out that the United States is now moving back to China, and many products have been superimposed on the system level; in addition to this, it has also been set up in the field of deep learning, cloud service, map and other fields. The respective teams.

“These we haven’t said yet, or that sentence, Demo, Demo, does not mean things”.

Based on the above logic, Li Bin believes that “what kind of automatic driving is good” is too early.

He tells us that how is the definition of light is very different, “So how do we think of 10 years of definition, it is very important. Only think about the definition standard after 10 years, what you do today is meaningful.”

In addition to time, Li Bin emphasizes the scope of transverse expansion.

“Yoghang is doing well, what is the problem in Europe? There are also regulations, data protection issues, it is a very complicated thing.”

3, “We don’t do something half of things”

There is no new car in this year, how is it full of 2021? This may be a problem that the industry is concerned.

Talking to the rhythm of the awareness, Li Bin started from the ET7.

From ET Preview, it is formally delivered to ET7, which is 3 years. Li Bin said that these three years are willing to improve the improvement of intergenerational technology, “We are actually not idle”.

Li Bin asked us: “If we don’t do this, I pushed a car this year. I have a new car this year. What should I do next year?” He believes that the long-term rhythm is very important, this is not the unsuccessful match of He Xiaopeng yesterday.

In fact, it has wanted to do some people in the inside, but by Li Bin resolutely rejected, “the whole rhythm of the whole thing is a problem.” So it was aware of the next year to the next generation last year, and even now “developing third generation.”

Li Bin got a very intriguing example: How to make a mobile target? You only look at the mobile target well, stare at this target to make a certain devalue.

Then talk about “what to do this year”.

Li Bin used two to quickly: quickly built the charging pile change power station and quickly built infrastructure.

It is just released a Power North program yesterday, a unsteady Flag, “This year we have already said, must do”. Li Bin said that difficulties are mainly to find a place, find capacity, and approval procedures are different.

Li Bin even believes that charging infrastructure and automatic driving are as troublesome, “sometimes more complicated than technical problems”.

4,2025, ultimate product form

Yesterday, “straight male” He Xiaopeng said that he did not think that the big company was once again successful, and today Li Bin has also asked the same problem.

“Everyone is a competitor”, Li Bin describes the core, or “share” – “We (all manufacturers) add this point to 10%, isn’t that not 90% or an oil car?”

But he also said that 10% is very important.

The automotive industry is a long run. Li Bin believes that you can’t think of things in 1 year, in the first quarter, at least 5 years, 10 years, and for a long time is not a winner.

Based on “Long-term Thinking”, Li Bin feels that the current is now, and the basic things have not changed than 6 years ago.

“For example, our users’ vision, we do smart electric cars, technology routes we have never swayed; we don’t sway with high-end brands, and we have established a brand step by step.”

But it is no longer experiencing test, everyone remembers.

Li Bin’s original words are “a little bit of a disc slice in 2019.”

He said 2015-2018 for four years, it is walking according to 2012-2014. In 2019, although he said that “to enter the qualifier stage in 2023”, “it is filled with 0: 5”.

But even if the Toy is already in the intensive care room, Li Bin said that he is still thinking about 5 years, 10 years, “You don’t think you can’t think about this 10 years.”

So the whole of the whole, in the intensive care chamber, we will cultivate long-term thinking skills and return to 2012.

So is it to think about it?

Li Bin said that he is now in 2025, “Decisive” year, 2024-2025, the entire industry will usher in the ultimate product form, and even the appearance of the car itself.

We also mentioned that our interview preview is also mentioned – “After two years, you will find that the roof is much different from us.”

This is the “proud” of it, do you think it?

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