Densuspicious release 4D imaging radar and other five hi new products Huawei deep entry intelligent car track

After coming from the ARCFOX Polar Fox brand, Huawei released many heavy messages again.

On April 18th, on the eve of 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, Huawei released Hi five new products, including Hongmeng OS smart cockpit, smart driving computing platform MDC810, 4D imaging radar, “Huawei Balfa” automatic driving open platform and intelligent heat management system Deeply focus on new energy, intelligent and automatic driving, etc.

In fact, at the end of October last year, Huawei issued a Hi brand, which clarified the positioning of the supplier of smart car incremental parts. At present, Huawei has established cooperative relationship with more than 200 enterprises with deep cooperation with car enterprises in huawei inside innovation model.

Huawei Smart Auto Solutions BU President Wang Jun said that Hi’s core is to use Huawei Inside’s innovative model to help cars create a “good car”. Huawei will provide five smart car solutions including high-level automatic driving ADS, car companies responsible for new models of brand and vehicle development, joint design, joint development, joint marketing, new models to give full play to Huawei’s technical advantage and vehicle The engineering advantage is to create a high-end smart car for consumers to bring a beautiful travel experience.

The reporter learned that the high-resolution 4D image of this Huawei released, while inheriting the traditional millimeter wavelene, it will not be affected by light and rain and snow, the resolution, the scope of detection, etc. Improve, meet all goals, full coverage, multi-work conditions, all-weather perception, and assist automatic driving technology further improve.

At the same time, in order to firmly grasp the development rhythm of the smart driving industry, Huawei has also launched the MDC 810 smart driving computing platform. The platform is the smart driving computing platform for the industry’s current mass production. Its denser intensive force up to 400 TOPS. The complete tool chain is required to meet the high-level automatic driving application scenarios of congestion and high-level automatic parking, and the smart driving computing platform is currently being mounted on the ARCFOX extreme fox alpha s. Follow-up will have more and more new models that are equipped with different MDC series products.

It is worth mentioning that at this press conference, Huawei also released the “Huawei Balfa” automatic driving open platform, aimed at the capacity package of the car, the industry’s leading labeling ability, upgraded virtual simulation, security Compliance one-stop cloud service, assisting the use of automatic driving development capabilities, reducing the development threshold, and enhances development efficiency.

Securities Times reporter learned that in 2019, Huawei has participated in Shanghai International Auto Show with the role of intelligent auto parts suppliers. In the past two years, Huawei has established extensive cooperation with the world’s mainstream car companies, this year will have A variety of flagship models using Huawei intelligent parts are listed, formally open the scale commercial new journey of Huawei intelligent automobile solution.

Huawei believes that smart car parts business is Huawei’s long-term strategic opportunities, will continue to increase investment, especially the input of automatic driving software. It is reported that in 2021, Huawei’s R & D investment in smart car parts will reach 10 US dollars, and the research and development team has more than 5,000. Huawei will introduce high-end talents through R & D centers from Europe, Japan and China, and constantly improve the competitiveness of products.

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