Developing a hydrogen fuel cell car really Mask, Disney is “stupid”?

Yesterday, the amazing Tesla CEO Mask was published on the personal social platform, saying that “fuel cells should be called the IQ”, it is stupid on the car. select”.

The hydrogen chain is understood that this is not Mask’s first in the application prospects of the fuel cell in the car. As early as 2013, he declared that the fuel cell is too far away from the vehicle power source, and hydrogen is more suitable for use to do rocket fuel rather than vehicle power. After that, he repeatedly said that the fuel cell technology is at the same way, the fuel cell is “laughing battery”.

Of course, in addition to Mask, the CEO of the Volkswagen recently said in an interview. “You will not see any hydrogen applications in the car, even 10 years, because this The physics principles behind it are too unreasonable. “Although as a competitor, Disney and Masque are the same at the attitude of the hydrogen fuel cell.

“Fuel Battery” by Masque, is mainly mainly refined to hydrogen fuel cells. It is only a new energy source without pollution. However, in the field, it is currently prepared in large-scale production, storage of hydrogen, production costs. There are still many restrictions on the aspects, and the fuel cell has not reached a large scale application.

However, this does not stop the world’s especially car companies to see the development of hydrogen fuel cells.

At present, all countries in the world have accelerated the development of the hydrogen energy industry, which has initially formed four typical models, namely the “deep carbon reduction important tool” model represented by Germany, which is the “high point” model represented by Japan. The United States is represented by the “Medium- and Long Strategic Technical Reserve” model and the new growth point “model represented by Australia. In the process of promoting high quality development in the hydrogen industry, my country should fully refer to the international experience, further clarify the “initial heart” and “mission”, goals and paths to promote the energy revolution as the starting point, and build “large hydrogen energy” application scenario Coordinate the coordinated development of hydrogen energy industry technology and market, supply and demand.

According to the statistics of hydrogen cloud chain, from 2020, the global car enterprise is accelerating the layout of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. For example, Toyota is also combined with hundreds of Huadong, FAW, Dongfeng, Beiqi, and Guangqi five companies in China to set up a fuel cell R & D center. Modern Motor Group announced the world’s first overseas hydrogen fuel cell system production and sales base settled in Guangzhou and officially laid the foundation; South Korea SK Group is also seeking to set up hydrogen energy joint venture with Geely, etc. The more there are more.

In addition to the large number of related automotive enterprises, in terms of hydrogen fuel batteries, the construction of hydrogen storage stations, the state has issued relevant policies, which clearly states that it is necessary to focus on the promotion of fuel cells and the construction of hydrogen energy infrastructure. In terms of specific objectives, 50,000 models were implemented in 2025, and 300 hydrogenation stations were built; commercial applications for millions of fuel cell vehicles were achieved in 2030, and 1000 hydrogenation stations were built.

The hydrogen chain believes that under policy support, the investment in various research institutes and enterprises in China is increasing in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, and continuously improves the core technology, battery stack, hydrogen storage tank, and hydrogen production, etc. Pull the gap between Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries. From the early auto industry, the photoelectric semiconductor industry introduces failure experience, China Hydrogen fuel cell industry needs to be independently innovated, master core technology (electric piles, hydrogen storage, etc.) to form truly competitiveness.


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