Different lithium is eliminated? Is it the best choice for lithium iron phosphate like many manufacturers such as Tesla?

Electric vehicles have developed to this day, many consumers have changed their attitude towards it, from the previous disdainfulness, the nose to today’s “Zhixiang Warning”, electric car uses their own strength to go to the brilliant. However, although the electric car has developed rapidly, there have been many markets, but a major illusion of electric vehicles has always been resolved. And the back of this is the problem of the battery pack used by the electric vehicle.

Since the time, the three-yuan lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate batteries have been the choice of various car companies, and these two are all who have no fixed number. Recently, the lithium iron battery is suddenly a bit, first, the Model 3 standard endurance version is replaced with lithium iron phosphate batteries. On the one hand, the battery is good, and the cost factor in the other hand is the root of Tesla replacement batteries. . Inadvertently, the blade battery launched by domestic new energy giants is also composed of lithium iron phosphate batteries, main safety performance and excellent battery performance. Domestic emerging brand Xiaopeng also launched new models a few days ago, Xiaopeng P7 after the standard endurance version and Xiaopeng G3 460C Yue Edition, these new cars are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries provided by Ningde Times While reducing the price, it also guarantees the battery life.

In fact, it is not only these giant companies to biased the lithium iron phosphate battery on the battery. The whole 2020, the three-yuan lithium battery on the China Auto Market, accounted for 61.1%, don’t see this data still more than 50 %, But to know that this is already 4.1%. The lithium iron phosphate battery assembly machine is 24.4GWH, accounting for 38.3%, an increase of 20.6%. In just a few months, the stability of the three-yuan lithium battery was swallowed by a lithium iron battery, which seems to represent more and more car companies to choose the lithium iron phosphate battery, which means that the future of electric vehicles is phosphoric acid Iron lithium battery?

In fact, although the three-dimensional lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery seems to be inadvertent, it is actually the point in which people can completely ignore its shortcomings in their respective advantages. The lithium iron phosphate battery is longer due to structural advantages, but the energy density of the battery is low, but the energy density of the battery is poor in a low temperature environment, and has always had an extremely strong advantageous comparison. The ternary lithium battery is high, and the charge and discharge efficiency is high, but it is less resistant to high temperatures, and it is not as good as the lithium iron phosphate battery. Therefore, all bus companies have not completely abandoned which battery, only according to the different types of models, choose different battery packs to achieve the best experience.

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