Do you have a money? Tesla released the first quarter earnings, production and sales, revenue and new high

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It seems that it is not affected by the domestic quality style, Tesla officially announced the first quarter’s financial data yesterday, even at the conference, Masque did not mention any Chinese elements, especially the Shanghai Auto Show of Shanghai Auto Show in China. Incident, it is disdain or other reasons, where we do not conspire. However, we have to recognize that Tesla once again handed over a beautiful financial report.

First, the revenue and profit, Tesla achieved revenue 10.389 billion yuan in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 74% year-on-year; in terms of profit, net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders is $ 438 million, a year-on-year increase of 2638% year-on-year. At the same time, this is also a profit in Tesla for the seventh quarter.

The profits here have two big heads, one is a selling point, one is fried. The data of the earning report shows that Tesla rely on “selling” in the first degree, it has obtained $ 518 million in income, and in the past five years, Tesla is still on selling carbon displacement to other host plants. Get more than $ 3 billion in income, and in accordance with this trend, the sale of carbon and row points will also serve as the important power of Tesla net profit for a long time.

Tesla, another income is a fried bitcoin, which is the only car enterprise that will be written into the earnings, according to the data of the Tesra financial news, Bitcoin brought $ 272 million for Digital Assets for Tesla. Sales revenue, remove impairment, and Bitcoin have approximately $ 101 million.

In terms of the production and sales of new cars, Tesla’s total production in Q1 is 180338, a year-on-year increase of 76%, with a total delivery volume of 184877, an increase of 109% year-on-year, the premise of completing this achievement is: facing seasonal effect, supply chain is unstable And the transition to the production of new Model S and Model X models.

In other words, only two models relying on Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla is still a new high in production and sales.

In fact, Model 3 has become an ignorant of the luxury sedan market. For three and a half years, Model 3 sales have exceeded the long-term industry leaders of 3 Series and E-class.

And Mask has always been a greater confidence, he has always believed that Model Y is expected to become a global car sales first, including all gasoline SUVs, and even all gasoline passengers. .

At the conference call after the financial report, Mask also revealed other news. For example, last year’s 4680 battery, Mask said that the 4680 battery officially unveiled at 1 year, but it won’t exceed 18 months, that is, not more than 1 year and a half, now Tesla has built a 4680 battery pre-production line, design annual production capacity is 10GWH.

For example, the new Model S / X, because the crisis is facing a severe chip, so the new car is only post-delay.

The above is some of the main contents of this article, but in the end of the text, we want to talk about why I will be deeply trusted crisis.

In fact, in history, because the brake problem is full of wind and rain, it is not Tesla, including Toyota we are familiar with, Audi has been on the top of the tip because of the brakes, so Tesla is definitely “answers” can be plagiarized. .

But Tesla has always been talked to the high-level, and it is wrong to communicate with consumers, even after the consumer rights, naturally, and naturally.

Have a mistake, unhealthy acceptance, correct; true, you need to take evidence, reasonable.

In fact, there is a saying that the car is very good: the car is a complex craft, we don’t force Tesla in a short time, but at least the attitude should be positive, and from Tesla from the beginning, it is fundamentally Didn’t put the consumer, naturally, now being attacked by the group.

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