Do you make such money? 2020 new 78,600 new energy vehicles related companies

As a few years ago, the new energy car is still a new species that has just been born. Many consumers have expressed concerns about new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles. After all, the battery is much more reliable as the power source is not as good as oil. In the last two years, the development of new energy vehicles in China can be said to be a sudden flying, and the new power represented by Wei Si, Xiaopeng, Ideal, has been recognized by many consumers. Especially in 2020, new energy cars ushered in spring after completion of production, and the sales of new energy vehicles achieved amazing 1366,000 units.

On this air, many companies have seen huge energy contained in the field of electric vehicles, and they have participated in the new energy store. According to relevant data on investigations, there are currently 2.32,000 related companies in my country, and the number of new enterprises in 2020 reached 78,600. The year increased by 70.8%, this data is not amazing.

Then there is a friend to say, such a huge industrial team, why is there still a lot of gaps in my country’s new energy models compared to World’s famous brand Tesla? In fact, the friend who is familiar with Tesla should be clear that although Tesla’s model has a good market sales, most costs are concentrated on three-power systems with high science and technology, and the cost of simply attached to other parts of the model is lower. And most models are versatile, so cost can be greatly controlled, which is why more domestic models have been reduced more than one year.

Most of the domestic companies are manufactured and some parts of the parties, and there is no particularly high threshold. Under the premise of increasing related companies, the cost of automobile manufacturing will continue to decrease, which is also a great thing for consumers. After all, the threshold for the car is getting lower and lower, and the electric car is more civilian, grounding products. . At the same time, the competition of many companies will also bring the continuous upgrading and improvement of the industrial chain. The choice of automobile manufacturers is even greater, and the quality of automotive products manufactured is also better. From a global, the continuous upgrade of the surrounding industry will continue to improve the relevant market, and domestic enterprises have been laid out in advance, and it must be better than inferior to the development of electric vehicles in the future.

Of course, the development of things is two-sided. At present, there are also some companies in the market to earn policy subsidies. If most companies are doing business, then they are undoubtedly a whole for the entire automotive industry. Good thing. If there are only most companies’ existence to defraud subsidies, it has a considerable impact on the entire industry.

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