Domestic electric vehicles have a price of 570,000 yuan, is it a high-end approval of the high-end market?

In the current car market, the mainstream electric vehicle price range is mainly distributed between 10-400,000 yuan, whether it is a domestic BYD or Overseas Tesla, etc., put your own main models in this price. During the interval. And the car we introduced today is also from domestic manufacturers, but the price is as high as 570,000 yuan, how is its performance?

Not long ago, Gao Hiphi announced its new number of 4 X models, and the price range was distributed between 57-800,000. As a domestic brand that has just been born, pricing so high can be said to be “the most expensive massive electric car in the domestic auto market.”

As a price such high SUV, positioning is inevitably a large SUV. However, in the current market, this price is still controlled by the luxury brand fuel car. Whether it is Mercedes-Benz or BMW Audi, there is a lot of SUV models for many years, so in the face of such a fierce market competition, HiPhi X has What are the people? Let’s take a look together.

First, in terms of appearance, the car is walking on the design of the super-run SUV route. As a SUV model, you can play the slogan of super-ride SUV, naturally there is its own selling point. The smart design wind resistant is only 0.27cd, which is very rare in the SUV model. The car accelerates only 3.9 seconds, and there is still a lot of advantages compared to many of the fuel SUVs in the same level. Moreover, in the body design, the tilt angle of the front windshield is 65 °, which is a significant feature of the super-run.

Compared with the current many new energy brands, the high-hit Hiphi X body design is quite science-fantasy, compared with the model of Model X, Wei to ES8 and other models, and high Hiphi X is indeed more attractive. But only the appeal of design is unable to support such high selling prices. So this high HIPHI X is also quite powerful in configuration.

The front and rear smart lamp groups, suspended D-column design, etc. are the most technically technically a sense. At the same time, it also equipped with 17 British treasure sounds, 128-color atmosphere lights, programmable smart headlights, and air suspension, rear wheel, active steering, etc., it is indeed a collection of manufacturers. The most selling point is the most attractive eye, and maybe few HiPhi X’s NT exhibition gates. Unlike traditional four, five-door cars, this HIPHI X can achieve six different open-door ways, which can both get and down, and can only see the door-to-door design that can only be seen in Rolls Royce. In the human eye, such a cool design is quite worth the fare.

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