Domestic MODEL 3 ushered in the first price increase, will it affect its sales?

Nowadays, the new energy market in China has continued to mature, new energy has become the main direction of many car companies, and new energy is also an important layout in the next phase of the automotive market. Everyone will find that the domestic auto market has basically opened a tradition of tradition, such as the public, Honda. And now active in the car enterprises in our sights are more new forces, such as Yulai, Xiaopeng and so on.

Although the current domestic car company has developed its own brand influence, in the sales list, there is a car that has chased many domestic auto companies, which is Tesla. Tesla is a global electric vehicle brand, which has high visibility and sales at home and abroad. The domestic Tesla sales have also been a step. However, accompanied by Tesla’s popularity, a lot of bad sounds also spread.

In the negative news of many Tesla, the most hot definitely “brake door” is the “brake door”. The issue of Tesla brakes does not have any controversial, and in addition to this, Tesla has a problem, that is, the continuous price reduction has triggered the dissatisfaction of the purchased owners. A large price cut, so that the owner of the car just bought is very unpleasant. However, a friend who has already bought Tesla, especially Model 3 may be happy, because the domestic Model 3 standard battery life upgraded model price has risen, this increase is 1000 yuan. The latest subsidy after the model is 250,900.

When it comes to talking about Tesla’s pricing model, some people may think that there is not much 1,000 yuan, but in the sales of Tesla, the truth of dripping is displayed. Why is Tesla Model 3 start pricing price? Will you rise in the future? This is not Tesla casually pricing, but is composed of a certain profit according to the cost of automotive production. The price increase of Tesla Model 3 is the increase in the cost of car.

So will this price increase affect Tesla’s sales? From the price increase amplitude and pricing mode, as sales increases, the marginal cost is decreasing, and the price of the future Tesla will decrease again, and it will not affect Tesla’s sales. In addition, standing in Tesla’s brand positioning, the price is not the biggest factor affecting sales, after all, Tesla is not domesticated, there will be someone to pay.

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