Dong Mingzhu is going to make a car? A patented delusion

The rise of new energy vehicles, many new brands have appeared in the automotive industry, and these brands are called new forces. At present, the results of the new forces of the car, Xiaopeng, ideal, etc. are still excellent, and they have gradually stabilized in the automotive industry. Not only that, and there are some crossoverners, such as Gree. As we all know, Gree is a brand of air conditioning, and air conditioning is very good. But even so, it is also difficult to resist Dong Mingzhu’s dream.

Dong Mingzhu is already a long talk of the old man. She has spent 3 billion yuan to enter the stock of Yinlong’s new energy, and it can be said that there is a certain say in the new energy field. As early as 2016, Dong Mingzhu’s news was launched in the world, and launched Effie and Yinlong 5024 EV, but these models were mostly tool cars, and there were fewer households.

Some people may ask, why Yinlong’s new energy is now hidden, is it not good to sell. In fact, Yinlong’s new energy has also had a high-gloss moment. In 2017, Yinlong’s new energy passenger car sales ranked fourth, 2018 sales entered the top three. However, the passenger car market has been limited, and Yinlong, has not yet entering the home car market, has gradually dull.

In this way, Dong Mingzhu actually has new energy experience, but in Effe, this car does not pay for the price of pricing. Effi is called electric Elfa, but everyone knows that the state-owned car wants to reach the status of Elfa, and it takes a certain day, more than 40 million prices, completely put Eiffi. Into the “cold palace”.

Therefore, Dong Mingzhu’s charging plan was stranded, and the recent news made everyone see Dong Mingzhu’s motivation, which is a new patented technology under Gree, called “a kind of iron core fence, stator iron Core, motor and new energy vehicles. It is understood that the patent will be used in the field of permanent magnet motor, that is to say is closely related to the new energy vehicle. So, can Dong Mingzhu, who have failed, can you start from core technology, regain the glory of new energy cars? This is still unknown, maybe Dong Mingzhu will become a chip, make parts, let us wait and see!

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