Don’t push FSD Beta, Tesla brand status is replaced by Xiaopeng.

On April 1, 2016, Tesla officially released Model 3 in the United States. In the past five years, Model 3 is dazzling, and it is slightly smoldering around the world, the record is brilliant, not only in the best-selling list of electric cars in many countries, but even has achieved great achievements in the best-selling books in the car! Since the beginning of the domestic delivery in 2019, the results for more than 100,000 people have also envied other brands! If you only see the five years, the entire electric car market is almost Model 3 and Tesla’s world!

On March 31, 2021, Tesla Model 3 issued the 5th anniversary of the 5th anniversary, Xiaopeng has released the ultimate results of NGP expedition!

From the data released by Xiaopeng Cars, Tesla’s auxiliary driving system has been crushed with a absolute advantage! After seeing this picture, I first sent a sentence: “Xiaopeng cars have realized the absolute crushing of Tesla?” Then, many netizens gave “confirmation” hint! ” This makes me feel very bad in this Tesla fan!

@ 不 看 看 车 认, now, the competition of smart electric vehicles and a few years ago have happened. Previously, it was only necessary to compare the car parameters mainly used in the endless mileage and 100 kilometers. Now it is the comprehensive contest of the three major indicators of the automotive parameters, supercharged network, and auxiliary driving system.

From the view of the car parameters, Xiaopeng P7 is no more than even some data exceeds Tesla Model 3. In larger space, more luxurious interiors, more localized (better), Turki Model 3, the attraction of potential users is being smaller, and the loss-lost quasi-users basically turn Xiaopeng P7.

From the superchard network, although Tesla is still significantly more than Xiaopeng brand supercharter, Xiaopeng has pushed the total number of sites to Tesla through cooperation. Xiaopeng also has a free charging advantage. This is still very attractive for users who barely purchased! Therefore, Tesla’s advantages in the superchard network can not be able to still have an advantage, and can only be benevolent.

There is still a second auxiliary driving system! @ 不 看 车 is confident, if the FSD Beta of Tasla is to compare Xiaopeng NGP, it must be easily crushed! After all, your grandfather is still your uncle! However, there is a problem that the FSD Beta is only limited to the US, Canada and other countries and regions. Not in domestic push, it is equal to the domestic users! Therefore, the comparison of the auxiliary driving system is also unwilling to rebuttate!

For @ 不 看 车 这个 特 特粉 粉, I hope that FSD Beta will be pushed in China, otherwise, there is really no reason to recommend friends to buy Tesla. Is this? Tesla car owners!

Finally, I said to the 5-year-old Tesla Model 3: “Xiaosan, Happy Birthday! I wish you a smooth day, smoothly, let more people experience the smart car Happy and satisfied! “

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