Double-connected screen design technology is full, Weima W6 will be delivered in Shanghai Auto Show

Shanghai Auto Show is a big event of car enthusiasts. In this Shanghai Auto Show, the new Weima W6 is expected to be listed and delivered at the auto show, attracting many friends. So, what happened to Wima W6? Let’s take a look.

How is the new car W6 W6, we still have to look at its appearance. The design of the front face is also a strong visual effect. The overall shape is very round and smooth, and there is no shape of the three-dimensional lines, so the whole face is still very simple. The shape of the headlight is very novel, the identity is very high, plus the black trapeter of the bottom is surrounded, the whole face is not so abundant, it is not so much, it is guaranteed the weight of the front face, will not feel light fluttering There is no texture.

The shape of the side is very different. It is positioned as the body of the medium SUV. It is also very burly, and there is no line decoration, and the whole is still very round and full. The two-color vehicle body is visually contrast, and it is also very textured, the roof and the bottom black surrounded by the silver trim, the silver hub shape makes the whole body more harmonious, the most interesting is for the whole The color of the visual mirror is also designed to have a double color of the black, and the details are full.

The shape of the tail is very thick. The whole is a relatively rounded rectangle. It is also a contrast of a very distinct color match. The design of the taillights is also more interesting, and the headlights of the front of the head echoes the slender shape of the running, very The color of the upper and lower, the color of the whole, is very weak, and the whole is the shaped round and smooth texture, or gives a relatively gentle feel.

The overall feeling of interiors is still very classic and calm design. The overall coloring is also contrasting very strong upper and deep color colors, and the large-size double-screen design on large size in the car is very conspicuous atmosphere, plus its air conditioning touch Control panel, the overall technology can be said to be full of dangling.

The official information official has not yet been announced, but according to the previous information, it will be equipped with a maximum power of 160 kW from the previous Weima model. The battery will use a power battery with a maximum energy density of 180Wh / kg. According to the model, there will be 520km and 620km NEDC endless miles. No matter which kind, I think it is to meet the daily travel of most people.

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