Drip officially launched the car, but it is not really “making the car”

After the millet decided to make a car, the news of the car was coming again.

It is reported that the person in charge of the dripping car project is the vice president of the drip, Yang Jun, general manager of Xiaotang and Tour. At present, the drip is excavating around, and he served as Zhu Jiang, a vice president of car users, or will join the truck.

To be honest, the wave of domestic cross-border car is more intense. The current cargo movement is exactly the same as a few years ago, more like the previous hundred groups, 3Q Wars, mobile instant messaging software war, essentially the entrance to the future intelligent travel. So, what is the need for the trick? Can you succeed?

In 2014, a group of scientific and technological Internet people represented by Li Bin, Li Wei, He Xiaopeng, brought the Internet gene into the automotive area. With the development of domestic electric motor market, more technology companies began to get involved in the automotive industry, such as Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu, Xiaomi, etc.

This shows that the 100-year automotive industry has entered a period of reform, and the previous curing market status is being reshuffled, which also provides opportunities for millet, and the later people have provided opportunities.

However, 蔚 来, Xiaopeng, ideal, is all kinds of private cars, the image of its founder is also very popular, everyone is still confident. The drip mainly is mainly a webmaster, and the image is not optimistic. It seems that the car looks like less reliable, even if it makes it, it is estimated that the individual users have very few.

Moreover, the game’s game is very cost-effective. Previously, Dosony spent 2.5 billion euros only could make a car shell. When Xiaomi announced the car, the Lei Jun took out 100 billion self-funded. Discover the drip, it has always been in a loss, it is really a car, how much can you burn?

At the 1.0 era of the web, 2012, drops and countless network travel platforms were born. In order to improve the market share, the drip is large, attracting a large wave driver and user, and finally squeezing countless taxi software, monk. In the past 7 years, the loss of the drip is up to 50 billion yuan.

At the 2.0 era of the webmark, the business scope of the drip quickly expanded, based on “travel”, radiating the “life” circle. Dropping has also begun to increase the proportion of draw, and earnings began in 2020. At the same time, the US Mission, Gao De, and many car companies began to get involved in the network of approximately, and the network of net approximation was once again formed a four-party sham, and the crowded situation.

Since it is already profitable, it is also facing the multiple impact of other competitors. Is it going to do something? Do you want to make a car? Objectively, although the drip has just earned, it seems that there is no capital of the car, but the drip has not yet been listed. Once the car is announced, the market valuation will be large.

So, how do you make a car? What kind of mode will you take? Where is the breakout point? The answer is in the 3.0 era of the net approach, that is, the Robotaxi era. Robotaxi said here is to automatically drive a taxi.

Drips are now the largest travel platform in China, which operates “people and cars” to meet travel needs. Drips from 2016 to form an automatic driving technology R & D department, dedicated to building the world’s leading L4-level automatic driving technology, hoping to make travel through technology to make travel safer and more efficient.

In August 2019, the drip announced the upgrading of the automatic driving department to an independent company, focusing on automatic driving research and development, product application and related business expansion. Drip automatic driving has taken automatic driving open road test licenses in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and California, and obtained the first batch of smart network car demonstration applications issued by Shanghai.

In the automatic driving era, if you can make your own car, you will master the whole industry chain, from the car, buy a car, and you can solve it yourself, which is undoubtedly good for the development of the drip. But this is not a plan to drop the car. It is better to say that it is a drop of the car.

In the case of completely drone, the current home car and webmark cars have no significance. Mask said long, Tesla will become Uber, when the owner does not use the car, you can choose to join the shared team to create revenue for the owner.

That is, the end of the car may be the operation of the travel service. Drops participating the biggest advantage of the car lies in data and users. It holds a large number of netwrought, driving, road condition data, and even the user’s data of the users, and the primary goals of the participation are undoubtedly the webmark. .

In the future, after driving, the product and the products of the personal users and the products of the travel market will be larger. By then, the drip is no longer a travel service provider, does not need to “draw” to the driver and passengers, but the travel tool provider.

Previously, the drip and BYD were jointly established a beautiful travel (Hangzhou) Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., 65% of BYD, 35% of the drip share, BYD is a controlling party. The D1 launched a year is the first attempt to customize product customization of the travel market.

However, this is clearly not satisfied with the drip, and the travel market does need more to adapt to products for specific market demand.

In the future, the net approxishes and household vehicles will have a significant difference, and the travel special car of the double seat can meet 80% of the demand; each seat in a car is independent space, you can optimize carpooling experience, and improve efficiency can be achieved. Higher operating income.

Of course, individual users will never choose such a product. If the drip does not personally make a car, the probability will develop sluggish or even difficult to progress. This may be the significance of dripping the car, and the automatic driving technology will help mobile travel to create greater social value. What do you think?

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