DS 3 launches a pure electric version, can you add points for the legal car?

Now, I will mention the legal car, everyone’s feelings are hopeful. The radon of the total joint venture seems to be seen on the legal car. In the domestic market, the legal sales volume is getting worse, even used car owners do not pay the law. With the arrival of the new energy era, can the legal can’t take this opportunity to change against the trend? Let’s take a look at the DS 3 pure electric version of DS!

Let’s first take a look at the appearance of SUV-DS 3 Crossback-Tense with Audi Q2 compliant with your aesthetics? After we go to the front, let’s take a look at the facade, the overall shape of the front face is still round, the design is still retaining the DS family design language, the chrome-plated network design of the hexagonal chrome network design increases the design level and exquisiteness The headlights on both sides are irregular shapes. It is very novel, and the shape design of the underlying lamps below is more unique. The feeling of the whole face is combined to create a very luxurious and texture, it is Luxury brand products.

The entire shape of the side is a relatively rounded rectangle. The two-color vehicle body plus the strength of the large size of the hub is still very good, which is also visually giving us a sense of safety, and there is an irregular line decoration on the side. The design can be said to be very saturated, but look at you will find that its back door window has a part of the bounce from the lower half, just like being cut off a corner, this design is not too I can understand, is this a new aesthetic segmentation ratio?

The entire shape of the car is very round, the taillight is like a flat sticker attached to the sphere, the line is relatively abundant, the bottom is surrounded by a high extension, and the visually shaped a high car, just like it is Hold your ass, very happy.

The entire color of the interior is relatively low, but relative to the decorative element, it is still impacting a large number of rhombus decorations, the middle control screen is a rectangle, but the screen is a rhombic angle decoration, the shifting mechanism is a rhombus The strip is very bright, and the most conspicuous, of course, the air conditioner is air-conditioned, and it is true that the interior is circular. Then the upper and lower rows of rhombuses are surrounded, and it is also a rhombus, and is it forced to disguise yourself for life?

In terms of power, the maximum power of the new car in the front axle is 114 horsepower, and the battery pack is 50 kWh. The NEDC life can reach 450km. This life will not achieve the public. After all, the long-distance travel is still a bit anxious, so can this car add points to the law?

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