Effect in the imitation of Sails, the sky is not a disease in the world?

Cross-border cooperation, the transfer of tours seems to have become the way in this industry in this industry, and the road to automobile companies must pass. After Sens and Huawei cooperation, the automotive industry has a pair of cars + e-commerce CP.

The skyline is connected to Jingdong, and the three initiatives are bound to be binded.

At the first China International Consumer Products Exhibition on May 7, the skyline and Jingdong reached a strategic cooperation. Yuan Ye, the general manager of Jingdong Vehicle Business Department, Yu Song Yao, Vice President of Sky Auto Territories, signed a strategic agreement, the President of Jingdong Retail Group Life Service Career, the Chairman and CEO Zhang Hai Liang attended the signing ceremony.

From the information disclosed on the same day, the content of the sky car and Jingdong cooperation mainly includes the following points:

1: In digital marketing, the two sides will share with digital marketing resources, including the bundle of Jingdong brand and positions, manufacturing topics marketing, enhance the knowledge of the brand, expand the trust camp, and on the basis of Jingdong Big data users Further enhance the sales conversion rate.

2: On the depth of intelligent products, the two sides will cooperate with the intelligent cockpit as the entry point, introduced Jingdong core services, including car voice, map scenes and car payment capabilities, access Jingdong applet, etc., gradually from payment, shopping, entertainment Many views such as life, further broaden the full view of the academic car smart cockpit. At present, it will be specifically reflected in the custom models of the horizon ME5 of 618.

3: In the intelligent travel, in this cooperation, the skyrocar is used as a smart mobile terminal, which will import Jingdong’s own product development capabilities, retail sales capabilities, and after-sales protection. Specifically, Jingdong product development capabilities will be integrated with the survival product research and development system. Product definition market research before the new product design, open the retail channel, access Jingdong core services, and jointly build interactive layers, scene layers, and hardware layers Mobile travel solution.

Yuan Ye said that Jingdong is mainly to do automotive service business. By providing services, help the main plant to complete all ecological and system construction, “We actually do car service business, from look, choose, buy, use, change The entire car consumption life cycle provides different services. Consumers can screen online, complete the purchase online, and then complete the performance. “

For the skyline, this cooperation, more is to see the channel capabilities brought by Jingdong.

Is the e-commerce company empowerment, is the skyline selling?

As the earliest set of new forces, the sky is not enough, although the design of ME7 smart drive has been very praised by consumers, but due to limited channel capacity, there is no big breakthrough in sales on sales. So when I saw Sethi, I had a little sweet in Huawei, I got a similar cooperation, I hope to get out of the dilemma through the improvement of the channel layout, but for the skyline of the sky, the hug will be effective. ?

It has always been, because of seeing a certain drawback of traditional car companies 4S shop and other new car models, the skyline has insisted on “Direct (Sky Center) + City Painter Partners (Sitting Space)” The channel model can be “lightly loaded” quickly lay out of the outlet, and can establish brand and service standards in the core city, and create a high-end brand image of the sky. But as far as it is, the pattern of the skyline is not only slower, but it has not been implemented.

From the number of quantities, the number of the Sky Center and the intelligent option is 39, and the skyline with the sky is an almost time, it has already had 200+ home stores in the country at the end of 2020. In 2021, it also plans to put the store quantity. Increase 400, strong channel strength.

In addition, it is initially positioned as “direct” sky center. In fact, in various cities, it is mainly operated by the dealer agent model, for example, in the opening ceremony of Chengdu’s Sky Center, we can see that there is a poster except In addition to the sky, there is also a collection of LOGOs in Chengdu, and the details of the information displayed on the official website are also the Chengdu Jiecheng Skyline, but not the skyline itself.

Therefore, the Sky Center “Direct Camp” may still be investigated. I have been creating a wisdom in the form of “City Painter Partners”, although it has been implemented in operation form, but in size, it is not climate. In addition, from the current 39 stores distribution, most of the provincial capitals and coastal developed cities, the Southwest is only two in Chongqing, while the northwest is zero.

The gameplay of “City Painter Partners” will continue to recruit in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Xi’an, Wenzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Haikou, Dongguan, Ningbo. From the perspective of urban partners recruiting in 2021, the disadvantages of regional disadvantages are still not resolved, and the depth of the channel is still not enough. Therefore, for the sky, the expansion channel is one of the current important things, while Jingdong also has the ability to empower it.

Jingdong has a large user and traffic as the current Internet platform. But for the skyline, more value far does not stop these users themselves. Instead, from the perspective of e-commerce, combined with the user, it is possible to implement the combined service system in the online line of the sky, Jingdong’s channel capabilities can also open up a new choice for the new resources of the sky. Sky Car needs Jingdong’s high-quality resources in the digital field and its Internet ecology to further improve its channel expansion. But in the same way as Jingdong, Huawei is now in the air, and its users are like fans to trust it, and they can reveal the Jingdong, can have such a loyal followers, but also need us to take more time investment. At last:

In the past two years, the cooperation between e-commerce companies and car enterprises has become an atmosphere. In the case of the integrity of the sky, the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win, but the cooperation between the two parties can be 1 + 1> 2, and Can we catch up with the opportunity of cross-border cooperation overtaking, we still have learned that we have known that at 618 will see the preliminary results of cooperation, that is, the unveiled ME5 custom car, and the sky is in trouble Does the practice still need to give time to witness.

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