Electric car battery “G” point you found?

As a loyal user of the first electric, the first event of the upper and off work is to open the first electric browsing. Especially the big cow said that there are some car owners and friends, seeing the articles they wrote, it is a bit itchy, today decided Submit. Although the code word is not my special, but as a car owner of 2019 Orapo R1 Women’s Edition, I found some interesting things in a long time, I found some interesting things and chatted with you.

The visibility on my car road is still ok.

Sliced ​​back to this article, should you have questions? Electric car “G” point? To be honest, I am in order to attract you, haha. The endless “G” point is a word that I suddenly think of, the big vernacular is that every electric vehicle should have a battery life, the most durable, the slowest (I guess Ha), because of my Euler R1 has a period of battery life is really durable.

Let’s explain my daily driving situation:

1. Back to get off work back: 110 kilometers, no more than 120 kilometers

2, driving mode: ECO mode (limited to 70 km / h)

3, driving style: occasionally accelerated, sculptock (high frequency is not high), mainly “Buddha” (everyone said this)

4. Basic National Road (National Highway, the high-speed distance is basically almost; plus in order to save electricity, high speed too expensive)

5, the number of vehicles: I am alone under basic situation

First post a few screenshots:

On the way home, the endless mileage is cleared, and the table is about 238 km.

At home, the table has been resigned 214 kilometers (no air conditioning in the whole process)

On the right side, I can see that I actually drove 37.9 kilometers.

Calculate, the table shows the electricity 238-214 = 24 km. This data is praised, can you make you scream, wow.

Note: I suddenly remembered on the road, just waiting for the traffic light, I started the records of the two figures.

This distance, the average power consumption is 8kw.h / 100km

The most solid range of this Europea R1 is between 245-200. I don’t know that the freeways of the same paragraph also are like me. You can pay attention to observation.

Because it is a long time to drive, there is this observation. I am thinking that there should be a period of battery life to be the most durable, the slowest consumption. Everyone is slowly discovered.

Dangering is hard to back, the gasoline car in the family has fallen a layer of soil, and this weekend will be washed, go out.


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