Electric cars are afraid of “armpits”? These 2 mixed models have learned

May Day holidays believe that many people have habit of traveling, and self-driving tour is one of the most mainstream. Drivers can be more liberalized relative to other travel methods. For example, you can change the route at any time and you can enjoy more scenery along the way. However, traffic jams during May Day also let the owners of self-driving trains have a headache. A few kilometers of roads, if you encounter a front accident, you may not have it over an hour. This situation is nothing to the fuel car, it is not very friendly for electric vehicles. The weather is hot, electric vehicles do not dare to open air conditioners when traffic jams, and they are afraid that traffic jams “armpits” become a true portrayal of electric owners. During the process of new energy, maybe mixing is more preferred.

Then, the author recommends several mixed models to make you farewell to life anxiety.

1, Carolla dual engine E +

Carolla believes that many friends are unfamiliar, and they are highly respected in the fuel truck era. Nowadays, Carolla also launched a plug-in mixed car type Carola dual engine E +. The appearance of this car does not have to say more, and the Corolla fuel version is basically different, classic design, I believe many people will like it. Compared with the fuel version, the mixed Carolla interior is more technological, 8-inch entertainment screens contain a lot of functions. In terms of power, the power combination of 1.8L + dual motor is 55km, and the oil consumption is 4.3L per 100 kilometers in the mixed mode. Price: 207,800 – 23.08 million.

2, BYD Qin Plus DMI

Talk about the mixed model, how can I get less Plus DMI? The appearance of the car adopted Long Yan design, a new design language provided a powerful back to BYD’s value. The front face looks very atmospheric, the body is very smooth. Come to the inside of the body, you can say that luxury is more comfortable and more suitable for young people. Although the dashboard is spit with many people, but to be honest, the instrument panel is small, but the information display is still very full. In terms of power, the car is equipped with a combination of 1.5L engines and electric motors, and the pure electrical decline is 55km and 120km, and the official 100 kilometers of comprehensive fuel consumption is only 3.8L. Price: 10.58 million – 145,800.

How, these two mixed models have you liked?

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