Euler black cat 40,000 kilometers: Suitable for urban commute, but high-speed brakes have risks

Euler black cat, a black horse in the electric car market, from 2020, sales support straight, currently sell well, the results are quite good.

So, how is this car?

In the “Euler Owner Union” group in the “Electric Vehicle Association”, there is a black cat owner to open 40,000 kilometers. So, what is the experience of his car?

We have recently chatted with him once, the points are as follows:

(1) Satisfied as a whole, but the sound inside the car is too noisy, and the rain is on the soybeans.

(2) I have worried that the speed of 102 (actual 107) is not enough, but it is actually complete enough.

(3) Very very serious safety hazard: on the high speed brake, almost turned into the car

(4) Other faults: 3 sudden drop in high speed

(5) About winter life: 10 degrees in 2020, only 160 kilometers full of energy

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First, buy a car story:

Foreign license, add a European black cat, most cost-effective to me

My indicator is in February 2019. I started paying attention to electric vehicles from the indicator, and the vehicle purchase is in June 2019.

When you buy a car, I mainly consider two points:

The first is to end, because I am housing mountain, the work place is in the Dunmen Bridge, there is 100 kilometers per day, 50 kilometers high speed + 50 kilometers, so the primary consideration is the battery life, requiring the vehicle to play extreme cases ( Estimated by 40%) It is still able to meet 100 kilometers of commuter;

The second is safety, requiring an ESP (body electron stabilization system), minimum 6 airbags.

My initial budget is in 200,000, but I also have a foreign-selling oil car, there have been three kinds of car purchase options:

1) Rent out the electric license, rent a Beijing brand, and open the oil car every day.

2) Sell the oil car, buy a little electric car.

3) Keep the oil car, buy a cheap electric vehicle for commute.

With these three programs, I started to count the cost of each program. After a detailed comparison and deduction, I chose the lowest cost of use, which is the third.

At that time, there were too few vehicles in 100,000, and the black cat was the same as the same life, the same fare is the lowest, so it has selected black cats.

When I bought a car, I didn’t test another vehicle, I only tried the black cat. The first impression is that the space is much larger than I imagined. Even the space than Angkala is big. Although it is 4 cars, it is not a problem with the three adults, and it is slightly crowded. In addition, speed up Fast than I think, the city is completely enough.

Second, use the car experience:

(1) Satisfied as a whole, but the sound inside the car is too noisy, and the rain is on the soybeans.

I can’t reach 2 years, I have already opened 43,000 kilometers. In terms of experience, it is more satisfactory, the whole is exceeding my expectation of this price of electric vehicles.

Euler black cat is a very suitable trolley for the city commuter. The advantage is that the color is high, the space is large, the driving experience is good, the road is flexible, and the parking is convenient in the city.

But there are also some very bad places, especially sound insulation, very noisy in the car, as if it is raining, it seems to be soybeans in the roof.

I have no sense of after-sales, I have an impressive story, but I have nothing to do with sale, followed.

(2) I have worried that the speed of 102 (actual 107) is not enough, but it is actually complete enough.

After nearly 2 years, 40,000 kilometers, half of the high-speed, half of the experience of the city, complete enough!

High speed: in Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, the morning and evening, I can overtake at 107, very few vehicles more than me. (I can’t help but use the car owner of the fast lane to the high speed to vomit) I don’t believe it. I can try it at high speed. Idle Idle 110. You can more than a lot of vehicles in a smooth road. Let alone Beijing section of the morning and evening .

City: After entering the urban area, it can be said that it is like a fish, the driving force is fast, the body is small, and the trunks are very flexible. Parking is also convenient.

(3) Very very serious safety hazard: on the high speed brake, almost turned into the car

I bought a car, and the Euler black cat is also called Orap R1. I bought a second, there is an ESP.

On December 15, 2020, I almost “turned” in Beijing, Macao, really scared me.

On the way to the road, drive in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, travel at 100 or so, suddenly slowly slow down, because the Eulecula black cat is relatively long, when the distance from the front car is constantly, I increase The brake strength has continued to have a two second time (self-feeling, may not be allowed, during the time of the straight line, suddenly, when I am about to stop, when I am about to stop, the head suddenly swayed, the direction is out of control! Railing to the right lane (feeling has been crushed) was pulled back to the left and returned to normal after the brakes were released.

Fortunately, the right lane did not have a vehicle. I also held the steering wheel. At the time, the operation was completely reacted under the consciousness, and now I think it is still awkward.

After the high speed, there is a big straight road on the way home. I accelerate the six or seven hundred and then step on the brake. When the head is about to stop, the head is swinging around, and the brakes will return to normal. This “fault” is almost 100% and can be retrofitted.

This is very very very very and very serious security, I don’t know if I can solve it, I hope to handle it! (4) Other faults: 3 sudden drop in high speed

1) There have been several “automatic brakes” at low speeds, and the inexplicable handbrake is the feeling of inexplicably.

2) The high speed appears 3 times automatically turned into energy-saving mode, and the speed is directly reduced from 100 to 70! When I first appeared, I was very panicked, the light was slowly leaning, and I was dealt with in time, and I didn’t have a normal mode in the way to the first level menu. I was very dangerous!

(5) About winter life: 10 degrees in 2020, only 160 kilometers full of energy

Buying a car for nearly two years, I feel that the battery loss is still relatively large.

When the winter is most cold in 2019, the battery is full of electricity can still be filled with 320 kilometers; December 5, 2020, Beijing minimum temperature is 10 degrees (the temperature is higher than the temperature in 2019) can only be charged 260 kilometers, actually only run 160, sometimes even lower.

On December 15, 2020, I was full of electricity, driving 50 kilometers high speed + 66 km urban area, opening air conditioning, home for 23% of the remaining power, and the remaining battery is 37 km. The latter half is not comparable to the compassion of life.

The end is very virtual. It is close to 1: 3 to the electricity, and the end is a little bit better, but it has also exceeded 1: 2. The last dozen kilometers is still solid. It can also stay at the high speed 1: 1.5 power down. .

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