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Recently, the highest payment of the car industry is undoubtedly the Shanghai Auto Show (International A Auto Show), and Evergrande is one of the most concerned cars. The Evergrande Automobile (HK: 00708) brought the ninth Helen exhibitors, and all-round exhibit technology strength such as intelligent network, smart capping. The super expected place is that the constant first disclosed Hengfeng system specific detail parameters:

The highest comprehensive comprehensively endless composite endurance of Hengfang, with some models of more than 800km. In the sedan, Hengfei 1, which is designed by the former BMW Design Director Anders Warming Fencing, is a series of flagship models. As the world’s first pure electric D-level flagship sedan, RV 760km, the target is a super luxury brand model. In the SUV field, representative models were designated by Jason Clark Hill, the ultra-luxury B-level SUV Heng 9, and the battery is up to 810km, and the four-wheel drive can be switched at will.

From the processed to the mergers and acquisition, then from the concept model to the specific parameter disclosure, and expect to deliver a lot of payment next year, the Evergranding car has reached the time, which makes the market have to restart its underlying logic and true potential.


Dream is moving into the reality

Everyone knows new energy cars, smart cars are the future, so all parties will strive to be influx before they are afraid. After all, the stage is large enough, you can accommodate various dreams. For all the new power of the car, the question of the market has the soul three questions: Is there money? anyone there? Is there a car? It is best to respond to questioning is to put data, let’s talk about facts.

For constant, it may be the least problematic, this is not a table. In terms of talents, don’t say that there are several big coffee in the official propaganda. According to the auto engineers, there are a lot of recruits in the Industry Institute, and the treatment is also very good. At present, there are 3,500 people. And Hengfei has 14 cars from the establishment of R & D design, and 9 cars with the details of the details, obviously let everyone feel that Evergrande is PPT, after all, the real car is in front of you. .

Therefore, we believe that the current time is concerned with Evergrande, the core point should switch from “Can” to switch to “good”. Standing in a constant perspective, after this high-profile appearance, how to break the future, it is the weight.


Mass production “attack”

It is entirely two concepts that can be made of cars and energy cars. As an extremely complex industrial product, mass production is the ultimate entrance examination of the new forces, strong such as Tesla, and the mass production has also encountered major challenges. Later, the completion of the Chinese factory really solved this major problem.

Evergrande now has a car, and a more critical step in the future is the upper quantity. According to the constant planning, there will be a number of bases in the global layout. The first stage of each base is planned for 100,000 production capacity. At present, Evergrande has been in Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou Base, and is built according to the industrial 4.0 standard, from 2021. By the 2025, it was built.

According to the long-term future goal of the Evergrande, it has been plans to achieve an annual production and sales over 1 million, and in 2035, it has achieved more than 5 million annual production and sales. It is roughly estimated according to the number of car sales in the global market. Evergrande plans to 2035 global The market share will reach 5%, which is a very big goal.

At the Hengda Press Conference, Liu Yun, President of Hengda Auto, also focused on the fourth quarter of this year, and Hengchi Motor will fully launch trial production, and will be delivered next year. Obviously, “mass production” in one of the battles, Evergrande has been striving to break through.

At this time, it seems that the chest has become a bamboo. The first open media visited the Shanghai base of Evergrande. Let everyone feel the modern vehicle factory in Industry 4.0 standard, according to the goal of investment production, can produce a car in one minute.

Hengda Auto Shanghai Base is created with industrial 4.0 standards, in accordance with digital, intelligent, ecological, and efficient requirements, intelligent manufacturing. Among them, the stamping workshop is used in Germany St. Stand, and has a automatic packing system, which is automated by Japan, to achieve production, packing and transportation. The body workshop is used in German library equipment and technology, automation rate. More than 100%, to create the world’s most advanced high-end intelligent “black light factory”; the coating workshop is used in Durm production line in Germany, pre-treatment electrophoresis flip delivery, dry paint fog separation, rubber, spraying 100% automation, full process intelligence Environmentally friendly.

Photo: Production workshop of Hengda Auto Shanghai Base

According to the plan, Hengfeng will start the test production in the fourth quarter of this year, and will be delivered a lot next year. To this end, Shanghai Base is sprinting, currently temporarily uses NEVS93 parts to carry out training before the production, will carry out relevant production of Hengfeng series models in the future. The advanced intelligent manufacturing of Hengda Auto “see” will become the biggest air of breaking and seize the market.


Explosive model manufacturing

As a new force player, the outline is often exploded. Now I have almost no more than many people questioned, Xiaopeng and the ideal are the flicker. Although they are constantly losing, they also financing in big hand, but the explosive models of mass production have successfully reversed everyone’s cognition. ES6, Xiaopeng’s P7, ideal one.

Evergrande is also a new player, but in fact, the constant layout is more like a car company. Due to the strong capital strength, it is possible to extensive layout to achieve a full range of coverage. Evergrande is currently synchronized in the development of 14 models, covering all levels and grades such as A, B, C, and DC, and realizes the full coverage of cars, coupe, SUV, MPV, cross-border cars. There are many models that have been developed and launched in Evergrande, but there must be a car that can become explosive and become a catalyst for a cognitive twist. As a reference in BYD, the awareness of the market is to rely on BYD Han, and behind the blade battery is born.

Obviously, Evergrande is also aware of a conscious through zero-distance test drive to enhance consumers’ cognition. The key model of this test drive is Hengfei 5. Hengchi 5 is the pure electric A-level luxury SUV, the bus length is 4718mm, the shaft distance is 2780mm, and the integrated continuation of 700km. It is designed by the Santun Shi Lang team. It has the “Shan Hai Jing” and the “Universe” Double UI Design.

In Hengchi 5, the world’s first large 3D curved ring hug three-joint scientific technology is full, and the six-model machine interaction in the industry can realize the first six model machines in the industry. In addition, Hengchi 5 also has Ar Driving to enhance reality driving assistance, Tencent Baidu dual ecosystems and many other black technology, and various technical indicators are in the industry leader.

Photo: Shanghai Auto Show Hengsuo 5 test drive scene

After all, the auto show is limited. It is expected that future test drive activities will continue to spread in the line throughout the country, and Evergrande rely on its 36th Holy Exhibition Experience Center in the country. The floor is a shipment.


Industrial chain depth integration

According to the previous chapter, we have seen the panorama of the constant layout, and now the bureau has put it, and next, you need to be more deep in key points. In our point of view, the depth of the industrial chain is integrated and can play a constant comparative advantage.

Unlike other new forces, make a car that makes the milk you can make a car, then think about what you can do tomorrow. Constanta is strong due to strong financial strength, and it can be earlier in the industrial chain, and more similar to BYD’s play.

Take new energy batteries as an example, since new energy car costs account for the largest ratio (accounting for approximately 40%), and life is also a performance indicator of consumers. Evergrande is currently a good start in power battery technology:

In 2019, Evergrande retained 1.06 billion yuan, obtained the power battery enterprise of China Automotive Technology Research Center and Japanese Battery Giants ENAX, 58% of its shareholders, became the first major shareholder.

In terms of independent research and development, Evergrande has established a global battery research institute in Shenzhen. It currently has more than 800 people, the technical leader’s lineup is luxurious. The Dean of the Battery Research Institute is the first Korean SK Group Battery Research Institute Li Wei, Li Wei, In addition, Zhang Wei, the original Japanese Yamaha engine battery R & D, formerly Korean modern Mobis general manager, Korea SK, New Battery, Director, Director of China, the original Korean LG Chemical Battery Pack Development Center, General Manager Li Gui Cheng.

According to the goal disclosed in the Evergrande, it will increase the world’s leading power battery in the second half of this year. The other direction of attacking, Evergrande also started at the same time.

If you have one thing, the car is also the same, and it is also a part of a part. Evergrande cream is a footprint in one step in questioning, and the sound of both sides can not be broken.

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