Five brands + five parts of parts, collective, appearance, Great Wall, “Brush Screen” Shanghai Auto Show

Recently, the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show officially kicked off, in the one-week exhibition, Great Wall car brought the five major vehicle brands and five parts of the company unveiled, the big show hard-core power, and set off a wave in this Shanghai Auto Show. “Great Wall boom”.

Prior to this, Great Wall Motors had combed and systematically innovate changes in the organization of organizational architecture, mechanism, talent and corporate culture, to strengthen its own system capabilities. The new brand matrix, product, technology and user ecology displayed by the Great Wall Motor on this auto show may be called a concentrated results showing a concentrated achievement after the change of the Great Wall Automobile System.

Five major vehicle brands collective breakout

On April 9, Great Wall Motors disclosed the production and sales express newspaper in the first quarter, announced that the overall sales of Great Walls in January-March, 338,800, up 125.37% year-on-year. The accumulated sales of Haval brands, wey brands, Great Wall Picard and Euler’s first quarter achieve year-on-year, increased by 109.72%, 162.59%, 92.18% and 1035.15%, respectively.

In this Shanghai Auto Show, Great Wall Motors brought the four brands of Haval, Wey, Great Wall Picard, Ou, Tank. Among them, the tank brand has just completed independence, welcoming the world’s first show at this Shanghai Auto Show, and issued the flagship SUV tank 800, and the tank 700 debut. According to the plan, the tank brand is expected to achieve a global sales of 500,000 goals in 2025.

In addition to the new brand tank, the Great Wall Car’s Haval, Great Wall Picard, Wey, and Euler brand also brings a lot of new products and new developments. Among them, Haval brand has a six new car and clarifies the goal of $ 1.3 million in 2023. At the same time, the Haval brand also launched the third-generation Haval H6 5G version of the model, the new car is the first 5G model of the lemon platform, and also revealed the Haval brand to intelligent advancement.

In terms of Great Wall Picard, a full-size pickup type has been released, and the “shell” program is announced, as well as IP image “Cannonball”.

Wey brand, the new car cartoa officially opened pre-sale, it is reported that this car is the flagship model of the “Cafe Driving” system, which represents the new breakthrough of the Great Wall car in the brand.

New energy car brand Ou La also has the first electric super-running lightning cat officially unveiled, and the new car uses high performance-free batteries and motion orientation adjustment of the latest technology based on lemon platform. It is worth paying attention to the Shanghai Auto Show, Ou La also adopted a specialized booth with users.

Five parts companies collectively unveiled

In addition to the five major vehicle brands, in this Shanghai Auto Show, the five major parts of the Great Wall Auto, the hive, and the five parts of the company, the five major parts companies, including the Mandel Electronic Appliances also ushered in. The collective debut.

In fact, in the Great Wall Motors continue to realize the brand upward process, these five parts companies are the key to realizing the maintenance of the Great Wall Automobile Friendly Technique.

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show, the first time, the first time to open a “hydrogen power system” full-time scenario solution to the industry; honeycomb is the first high-order power assembly of China Auto Brand – 3.0T + 9AT / 9HAT Super Power Head, will realize mass production within the year; 18 core technologies such as electric drive systems in Seiko Automotive; Nobo Motors release inest Zhi Nest 2.0 smart cockpit; Mandel Electronic Appliances carrying optoelectronics, thermal systems, electrical systems, New Division Many innovative technological achievements are highly unveiled, and all-round exhibit a heated accumulation in the technical level.

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