Flowers 2 billion investment projects, including 100 scientists around the world, what big chess?

First generation hive fast charge battery

12 minutes can be charged for 10 minutes.

This is a new fast-acting power battery released at the Shanghai Auto Show and the honeycomb energy release.

In addition to publishing new products, honeycomb energy has also held the first innovation day.

On April 20th, on the innovation day held by Hive, the hive announced into the brand 2.0 stage, and set up a honeycomb capital. It has been invested 2 billion yuan fund to support industrial innovation, and it is planned to recruit 20 cross-border industrial partners, and recruited globally. 100 innovative “pre-bee” scientists.

In the 2.0 stage of the brand, the honeycomb energy has long been turned from the power battery to energy, with the Great Wall Group to create an energy ecotropic circle. They even put forward a “arrogant” goal: a great business to become an energy society.

Of course, the basic disk of the honeycomb energy is the battery, which is electrochemical energy storage, including vehicle power batteries, energy storage, and small power batteries, so they must be strong products.

The hive is mainly to be strong in two aspects, one is technological innovation, and the other is the industrial chain cooperation, and the recruitment of talents. These two aspects, hive must be a huge amount of real gold.


True fast charge technology

In the chairman of Honeycomb Energy and CEO, Yang Hong’s new view, as the market mainstream products reached 600 kilometers, consumers can gradually resolve the anxiety of life, but the convenience problem has become another pain point, and consumers want to power up quickly. In addition to the construction of the fast charge network, the fast charge performance of the battery is another bottleneck.

In response to this pain, the hive has launched the rapid fast charge technology, and the charging can be charged for 400 kilometers.

The first generation of honeycombs is 158ah, the energy density is 250Wh / kg, 2.2c fast charge can achieve 16 minutes from 20% to 80%, the second generation 4C fast charging core product capacity 165ah, energy density is greater than 260Wh / kg, 20-80% SOC fast charge time for 10 minutes, quantitative production is expected to be in 2023 Q2.

In order to achieve fast charge, the honeycomb has improved and designs the positive, negative, electrolyte, diaphragm, structural members, and fast charge strategies of the battery.

Yang Hongxin interprets this technology in detail.

In terms of positive pole, the honeycomb uses three representative technologies, one is the precision growth of precursor orientation growth, that is, the primary particles are emitted by control the precursor synthesis parameters.

Simply put, it is created a “highway” of ion migration, which increases ionic conduction and reduces impedance of more than 10%.

Second, further increase the structural stability and ion transmission performance of the material, and the cycle is reduced by 20% by the body phase doping and the nanoscale surface.

Third, flexible coating technology, based on large data analysis and simulation calculation, screening of flexible coating materials suitable for high nickel materials, inhibiting circulating particle powder, and the gas gas is reduced by 20%.

In terms of negative poles, the types of raw materials and selection techniques, surface modification techniques, the original crushing and shaping technology and granulation technology are mainly used.

First, in terms of raw materials, select the same matter, different structures, different types of raw materials to combine, so that the OI value (oxygen index) of the plate is reduced from 7, and the kinetic performance is improved. Second, the raw material crushed plastic technology, Reduce the side effect by reasonable particle size mixing, enabling cyclic performance and storage performance by 5-10%; three, surface modification techniques, liquid phase coating technology to reduce impedance 20%; fourth, granulation technology It is a precise control of the morphological orientation of the particle size to reduce the full amount of electricity expansion rate of 3-5%.

In terms of electrolytic solution, the positive negative pole surface film impedance is lowered by a low impedance additive system such as a sulfur additive / lithium salt additive. Higher lithium salt concentration ensures high electrical conductivity of electrolyte.

The diaphragm is a high-pore ceramic film, and the diaphragm is introduced to the heat resistance while achieving fast charge and safety balance.

In addition, the honeycomb is to achieve high energy and fast charge two advantages over a multi-layer coating process.

Structural parts, not only need to meet the 600A large current overcurrent ability, but also need to minimize weight as much as possible. The hive is simulated by using the COMSOL software, the temperature distribution of the structural parts is optimized, and the temperature of the structural parts in the fast charge process is less than 60 ° C.

In the formulation of fast charge strategies, you need to minimize and avoid lithium. The honeycomb uses three-electrode technology to monitor the changes in the negative potential, while using the COMSOL software simulation cell change in different temperatures and current charging voltages to develop the optimal fast charge strategy.

In order to increase the energy density, the secondary battery core is also added to the silicone material in the negative electrode, so that the cycle is decreased, but the fast charge cycle can also reach more than 1,500 times.

It should be noted that the fast charge loop mentioned in the article is full of 400 kilometers 10 minutes.

The honeycomb energy is also revealed that this fast charge battery will reach 750 kilometers, which can reach 750 kilometers, and a slightly more than 650 kilometers can be achieved.

In addition to contingent miles, Yang Hong new said that the second-generation battery of the honeycomb can also do more. “The battery of the battery can exceed 100 degrees, satisfying the four-wheel power discharge 450kW, can support super high charging piles, super The charging pile 350kW, more importantly, the product supports the 800V-1000V high-voltage electrical architecture. In addition to the field of pure electric vehicles, in the field of HEV, honeycomb energy has introduced the HEV battery based on the softbank system this year, in RT 3C / 3C 30 -80% SOC conditions can reach 40,000 times. It is better than the industry’s other similar products in high and low temperature performance, charge and discharge rate, and power performance.

Based on the HEV battery pack of the battery, the cell is unmodal integrated technology. The system is more integrated. It uses low cooling design, the wind cooling, which can significantly reduce the cost of the vehicle system; can also be satisfied -35-60 Class C all region temperature range.

In addition, the HEV battery pack uses integrated integrated BMS and SOC accuracy to 3%, achieving ASILC functional security, UDS, OBDII, FOTA upgrade.

Today’s hive product type is getting more and more. Summary, the product species of the hive are: square, soft bag and cylindrical full coverage, lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries.


Internal driver continuous innovation

Only 4 years of honeycomb energy have been established, how many “black technology” have been released?

No cobalt battery, quadruple battery, laminated process, jelly battery, cold bee system, cobalt matrix battery pack (LCTP), bee cloud platform, and honey fast charging technology … new products and new technologies have emerged.

On the one hand, it is from the long-term accumulation of products and technology. The honeycomb energy is self-cultivated by the Power Battle of the Great Wall. It has been prepared by the advancement of power batteries since 2012, and the technical research and development time is not short.

On the other hand, as a “noble” new force company, from management to research and development, it has been given great freedom, which has prompted them to brave new products.

More importantly, they are eager to talents, innovation, which has also been fully reflected in the hive.

At the Shanghai Auto Show Conference, the first innovation day of honeycomb energy, including two important content, one is to recruit industrial partners; the second is the recruitment of the “pre-beep” scientist.

In Yang Hong’s new view, China’s power battery companies should participate in international competition, the advantage is obvious, but the problem is also a lot, such as the research and development of basic materials technology; the advanced production process and high-end equipment are still more dependent on import; in talent reserves In terms of high-precision talents are obvious … These problems have long been in the development of China’s powered battery industry for a long time.

In order to cope with these challenges, hive hopes to innovate in industrial chain and talent training. To this end, the honeycomb energy has set up a honeycomb capital, and the first phase costs 2 billion to establish a growth and innovative two funds, used to recruit innovative industrial partners, and plan to recruit 20 across domain partners in the intelligent field; “Scientist’s recruitment, plan to recruit 100 scientists around the world.

Honeycomb energy hopes to work hard to practice, assemble the partners of cross-domain industries and industries through innovation, and gather the world’s top talents, to innovate, to realize from the upstream materials, to the middle-reachen core components, and downstream production and other industrial chains The local independent innovation, get rid of the traditional process, introducing the advanced technology of cross-industry, integrating into the innovative research and development of the lithium industry.

It can be seen that the hive has a powerful inherent driving force to maintain innovation and development.


Strategy 2.0: The great business of energy society

Honeycomb technology innovation, industrial chain cultivation innovation, and talent recruitment, many initiatives seem to transcend a company’s “this point”, why do you want to do this?

The hive has revealed in the innovation date, which is the great business and innovative leader to be the energy society, which is the main target of 2.0 stages of its brand.

From the great business of the car, the great business of the energy society, the strategy of honeycomb energy is upgraded to the energy. In the outside world, this shift seems to be completed within one night, but it is a long-awaited strategic direction inside the hive, which is open to the overall goal of the Great Wall Group.

(1) Why transition energy company

Yang Hongxin said to the “electric vehicle observationer”, their strategic upgrade has been brewing for a long time, lacking is a catalyst and trigger point, China’s “double carbon target” is just right.

Yang Hongxin explained, if calculated in accordance with the trend of China’s imported oil ratio, more than 90% of crude oil in China is imported, so China must replace the renewable energy to replace the stone energy, “carbon peak” and “carbon” “That is the timetable.

In Yang Hong’s new opinion, the method of fossil energy is mainly photovoltaic, and wind energy can also, but the wind and photovoltaic ratio, now still the feasibility of photovoltaic. Now the photovoltaic Internet price is different, because the sunshine is different, the conversion efficiency is different, the cost is about 3 cents, and the fire can be flattened.

However, with the expansion of the installation, including large-scale installed installed in the sun, such as desert and sea level, the price of solar power is below 0.1 yuan / kWh, “At this time, it can be hydrogen production, then Convection of hydrogen to various cities. A large hydrogen can be used in a new building, and the hydrogen is delivered. It can supply power to the power supply of the building, “Of course, Yang Hongxin believes that hydrogen Suitable for use as a carrier for electricity, such as over 72 hours or more, but 24-48 hours of temporary storage, lithium batteries are significantly cost advantages and efficiency advantages.

(2) An important part of the energy transformation of the Great Wall Group

As can be seen from the structural drawings, the three of the Great Wall, honeycomb energy and unpatient energy is in a positive, which is brothers.

Source: Unpatient energy

One of the brothers of the honeycomb energy – Great Wall, has announced that it will become a hydrogen production, storage and comprehensive utilization of ecological operators. Another brother company’s unpatient energy is the hydrogen energy sector, which is responsible for playing a hydrogen energy industry chain. Great Wall Holdings PV enterprises – extreme electric light energy, mainly open the photovoltaic industry chain.

Source: Unpatient energy

It can be seen that the honeycomb energy will increase the strategic layout to the energy height is a symposium, and it is also an important part of the Great Wall Electrochemical energy storage layout.

According to Yang Hongxin, from photovoltaic to the storage and transportation of hydrogen, the distributed mobile storage capacity of electric vehicles, the vehicle should be interacted with the power grid, and then use the retardation of the retardation, the whole chain will be the direction of the Great Wall. . “We have done is the area of ​​lithium batteries, such as storage, cars include electric travel and used cars, ladder use and recycling.”

This is the main background of the hive this transformation.

Perhaps their ultimate ideal has been revealed in the corporate name and brand slogan: honeycomb energy, not a honeycomb battery.

Improve the vision, motivate yourself with great goals, is a common point of many great companies just initiated. Mo is boiled, and in this miracle, look at how the hive is weaving.


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