Foreign launch of solar SUV, maximum battery life 800 km, price of 109,000 US dollars

Today’s automotive industry is gradually being dominated by new energy, and in new energy, electric energy is a ring that cannot be opened. More and more pure electric vehicle models are launched, the audience of the market is also increasing, because the electric car is continuously increased, and the pure electric car of the end of 1000km or more has appeared, the endurance of the owners has gradually reduced. . However, is there no anxiety? The answer may be negative.

For friends who need long-distance taxi, even if the electric car is up to 1000km, there is also a problem that needs to face, that is, the charging problem. With the fire of electric vehicles, many car reviews began to measure the electric vehicle long-distance, but the end result is not too good, why? Because the charging pile can’t be found. It is like the phone is no electricity. You have no charging treasure around you. It’s hard to find the charging treasure, I found that the plug is different, or charging the treasure fault. Nowadays, electric vehicles charging is in such a situation in which the mobile phone is charged, as long as you bring it, you will feel anxious.

Therefore, can I find a way to charge at any time in the charging method of the electric vehicle? Many people may have already thought of solar charging. Indeed, solar charging technology is currently relatively mature because there are already many fields that need to be used. And in the automotive industry has also had the emergence of solar charging technology. Previous Toyota studied the solar energy to charge the electric car, but it can’t be made because of the low charging efficiency.

Recently, a company named Humble Motors has launched a pure electric SUV. This car is equipped with solar charging technology, and the effect is very good. The car name is Humble One, the appearance looks very science fiction, the front face uses “big mouth” design, just like a forklift, the taste of the US car. It is understood that the price of the car is 109,000 US dollars, and the delivery can be completed in 2023. This price is indeed, then its solar charging is alone?

First, Humble One uses a lightweight design, and the body is 1.8 tons, and it is relatively light in SUV. Its solar charging board on the roof and window, you can provide a daily 96 km of battery life. When the car is full of electricity, the maximum battery life exceeds 800km, and if it is urban step, it is basically no need to charge. Even long-distance driving, there is also a fast charge mode, and it is not worried about the car because there is no electricity, there is solar charging, even if you can’t find the charging pile, you can “full blood resurrection”.

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