Friendship boats say it turns back? Volkswagen Ratla

At the time, the auto industry is in the new energy vehicle market between the auto industry, the traditional automakers and the start-up new energy automog enterprises are being hot, and there will always be some “conflict” between the two camps, and Tesla is due to the station. High, always become an attack object of traditional auto companies.

Previously, in the traditional car enterprise Toyota Toyota, the high-managed executives of Ford were “speech attack” over Tesla, but Tesla is not friends in traditional car companies, it is with the public The relationship between the roads seems yet, and the Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Disrt and Tesla CEO Elon Mask will always form a heart resonance.

However, it may be due to different “position”, the mass and Tesla friendship seem to have turned over.

The public also tuned Tesla, saying good friendship?

A few days ago, FAW-Volkswagen took a vomiting of the relevant friends with a pre-long poster in Id.4 Crozzz listed delivery. From the publicity poster published, there are: “There are many” tram problems “,” cancel the dashboard, see the middle control screen “,” self-study navigation semi-finished products, I have to rely on my own “,” more than 80km / h all over the wind ” “Intelligent system is not intelligent, use the cumbersome steps”, “the price is fifty-six times a year, only the customer as a leek.” Although the public does not have a name, “canceling the dashboard, the price of five or six or six-six-six-year cut leeks”, this is undoubtedly pointing the brand to Tesla.

In fact, this is not the public for the first time to Tucra. In January this year, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group shouted in the tweet, and said “I am here to have an impact on the mass group, especially in political issues. Of course, it is also to capture Some of your market share, Elonask – After all, our ID.3 and E-Tron have won the first batch of markets in Europe. Looking forward to a cost-effective discussion! “

However, it is worth mentioning that the public and Tesla or say that the relationship between the two headers seems to be stiff. Disassembly never hide the recognition of Tesla in public occasions, and even said it is sought after. Disdis said that “Tesla is in a leading position in software and automatic driving procedures”, but also established a working group for Tesla. In September 2020, Mask visited Germany, the only car business owner who met with Message was Dispis, the only electric car public test drive was the public’s id.3, and the relationship between the two is close.

In addition, recent discretion is also teamed up with “fuel cell”. On March 11th, the Tertry an account turned from Disresses a paragraph of “wealth”. The original interest is: You will not see any hydrogen energy passenger cars, the idea of ​​applying hydrogen fuel cell technology in large-scale markets is too optimistic, and it is impossible for ten years, because this physics logic is unreasonable. When this news is released, this social account is still Dice and Mask, Diz did not reply, but Mask quickly gave reply: Fuel Cells = Fool Sells, fuel cell should be called stupid trading, used in the car It is a slag, even if you use it on the rocket, it is not so bad, but it is not so absurd.

From now on, even if Dice and Mask are good, Tesla and Volkswagen’s friendship’s boat seem to be turned over.

Traditional manufacturers have never slammed Tesla

In fact, traditional automakers have never been “slamming” to Tesla. As early as November 2020, the Toyota Authentic Toyota Chapter, who had always lowered, rarely slammed its competitors in Tesla at the financial conference, even though Tesla’s market value was quite high, “but it did not do True things “. Toyota is used to use the “Business Restaurant” to describe Toyota and Tesla. He pointed out that Tesla’s business is a restaurant that is still promoting novel recipes, while Toyota is more like a restaurant already having a large number of customers.

In his view, “Tesla believes that their recipe will become the future standard, but Toyota has a real kitchen and real chef. They did not make things, people just buy recipes. We have Kitchen and chef, we can make real food. “

Ford Motors that have been consistent with Tesla relationships have repeatedly ridiculed Tesla. At the end of 2020, Darren Palmer, who was the Ford Electric Motor, said in an interview that Ford Electric cars did not need to make compromise. Especially in quality. Even Palmer also covered a wave of “friends” (Tesla): “The door is very suitable, the color of the plastic parts and other materials is more, the bumper will not fall off, and the car will not fall when the car is carried. In the cold weather, the door handle will not freeze. “

Recently, a senior Ford car in social media, the Sthla’s automatic driving (FSD) software is a “vaporware). The so-called “haze” means that those who have not yet developed success, but ultimately unable to come out, or launch the real effects of the real effect.

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