From 258,800 yuan, the Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Wanda High Performance is officially launched.

For many consumers, the power of electric vehicles, the tranquility cockpit and ultra-low car coins are very attractive, but the charging efficiency and endless mileage, etc., many people are still. However, the plug model can solve this problem very well.

On May 8th, the Galan’s high performance version (plugging mixed) was officially launched, and the new car launched a 3 model, the price range was 25.88-299,800 yuan. As the first plug-in mixed SUV and FAW Toyota RAV4 honored sister model, how can the strength of “a car double-use” unique driving experience can I bring “one car dual-use” unique driving experience?

From the appearance, the high-performance version of Wanta does not make too much change, which is basically consistent with the cash type, which is adjusted in the details, such as using blue logo, and adds the charging interface on the side of the body and inserted The mixed model identifies, this is the most obvious difference between high performance and ordinary version.

The car is also the same, the new car is basically consistent with the current model, the central control design is clear, the function partition is clear, the red decorative strip is mixed with red suture to add a lot of exercise. 12.3-inch full liquid crystal instrument panel with a 10.1-inch suspended medium control screen, in line with the current mainstream car demand, but no electronic block is used, it is a small regret.

The new car is positioned in compact SUV. The length is 4665/1855 / 1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2690mm, with the fuel version, the oil and electricity mixture is basically consistent. Compared with RAV4 honor, the Velanva high performance version length is 65mm, but the wheelbase is the same, and there is no substantial difference in the vehicle space.

The new car is more rich, equipped with TSS 2.0 active safety system, and the LED headlights of the steering, the main driving seat memory, seat + steering wheel heating, panoramic sunroof, HUD lifting and other functions.

As a high-performance version of the model, the new car is the most eye-catching, it is a power system.

It is equipped with a 2.5L Atkinson circulating engine with a plug-in hybrid system composed of an electric motor, a combined maximum power 225kW, matches an E-CVT transmission, a 100-kilometer comprehensive fuel consumption is only 1.1L, 18.1KWH battery pack can achieve pure The capacity of 63km, and the oversight is over 1152km.

Exchange, the new car is only 7 minutes per kilometer. This is also low in the cost of electric vehicles, which can be seen that its fuel economy is quite high. Moreover, the new car zero acceleration is as long as 6.6 s. As a household SUV, its performance advantages can be seen, “high performance” is indeed realized.

The high-performance version of the Wanta is strong in terms of dynamic performance and cost of use. Moreover, the new car can also go green, which is obviously a big welfare for many cars. In the United States, the new car currently only supports slow charging, so that charging can be completed in 2.5 hours, as long as the time planning is reasonable, the impact is not big.

Can you sell it?

As a “sister model” of RAV4, Wanta is a practical and cost-effective route. It has also achieved a good market performance since February last year, and it is deeply loved by consumers.

In 2020, Wanta’s accumulated sales was 8,2071, of which 2.0L models were 6,0737, and 2.5L HEV model sales were 21,334. In April this year, 10,777 sets of Wanta, an increase of 151% year-on-year, and became a new benchmark for four-wheel-type SUV.

In a comprehensive view, Wanta’s leading model is still a fuel version, but the launch of mixing and insert models will provide more quality options for consumers. Compare RAV4 Rongshi Double Enginee E + 248,800 sales price, the price of Wanta high performance version is “true fragrance”.

For Toyota, the mixed model has a large advantage, and the plot model is facing the strong competition of the Honda CR-V, Accepting Yue GTE, BYD Song PRO. However, when Willanda has a fuel version, a mixed version, and the market competitiveness will be improved.

So, the problem is coming, I can get the green card, do you have your heart?

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