From “Mocha” to the future, dreams come true when the Wey brand coffee is driving national road test caused attention

The front gesture defines the intelligent era. In the process of subtle demand varies, intelligence has become the “irreplaceable” of life, and its applicable upper limit, it has determined the future of the future. In this attitude of the lean refinement, the Wey brand has recently carried out the national road test of coffee, with a discovery of the limit, and the “new generation of smart cars” is in depth, and with its revolutionary breakthrough to the travel experience. Refresh the world’s new eye in China.

Six major redundancy blessings, all scene safety coverage

At the moment, intelligent has become the key to the market. With this national road test as an opportunity, wey coffee Zhizhi is the world’s first real intelligent driving full redundancy production platform, facing high-speed, city, intercity and other complex road conditions, repeatedly experienced dry, humid, and dust. And the temperature difference change of the cold to high temperature, with high quality stability performance, all – round exhibit brand intelligence field strength.

Thanks to six major redundancy, the coffee is facing the true road test of the calibration skill, especially for the big car peers, the upper and lower ramps, etc., is even more unfavorable. Whether it is a “eye” that is perceived as a smart driving, accurate capture of scenes, or through the “Smart Brain” controller redundancy time, or architecture redundancy, power redundancy, braking redundancy, and steering redundancy As the nerves of human beings, each other is perfectly cooperated, and the coffee is covered by the safe coverage of the full scene, escorts the smart driving all the way.

Grab the time of the time, “New Generation Smart Automobile”

Under the irreversible trend of automobile intelligence, the car from the traditional sense of steps, advanced partners with active thinking and action. Based on the precision insight of this appeal, Wey adheres to the “excessive investment, excessive research and development, excessive configuration” concept, integrates the deep technology of the Great Wall for 30 years, with three wisdom integration as the core, take the lead in passing the perception, data, HMI, service The experience and other levels have enabled, and they will be built to create a “new generation of smart cars” for users to meet the needs of intelligent development in the next 3 to 5 years.

The new generation of smart cars first mass production models are the time-made era of the w ready-made intelligence. The new flagship model Mocha has intelligent architecture level, intelligent driving ability, private butler service, learning growth capacity, hard performance, etc., with the “five major industries” stand up in the intelligent automotive era. It is not only the first landing of “three integration”, but also to the brand expectation to be like Mocha Coffee, completely integrate into the beautiful vision of users’ daily life.

Achieve 400,000 + trust, play “head geese effect” pilot up

Each mileage is the imprint of the times. Since the birth, the Wey brand has always adhered to the “user-centered” concept. It is constantly exploring in the intelligent science and technology field, continuous breakthrough, successfully won the trust of 400,000+ users, breaking the ceiling of the road to China’s brand, in the joint venture In the high-end SUV market that dominates the dominant position, it is firmly occupied by a place where the Chinese brand is. Under the blessing of the advanced cargo, the wey brand truly dominated the new round of intelligent change, re-emerged.

From the leading China’s brand era, to create a car intelligent era, wey is in the original technology, new products, excellence, so that more users do the superior charm of intelligent technology, and then in the times, let the imagination True, bring a new experience of travel.

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