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Foxconn’s cooperative car companies have added a family.

On February 24, 202, Honghai Technology Group and Fiske were issued a joint statement, which will jointly develop electric vehicles. This electric vehicle will be produced by Hon Hai, crown in Fisker brand, facing North America, Europe, mainland China and India. Market sales are expected to be officially produced in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Foxconn is known as Honghai Technology Group in Taiwan, China, which can be seen as a parent company of Foxconn.

Fiske should be the fourth disclosed in Hong Hai, partner in the workmanship. Yulong and Geely are partners in cooperation to help Hong Hai makes the auto company in the work.

The first customer is FiaT Krysler (FCA). In January 2020, both parties signed an agreement to set up a joint venture company and hold 50% separately. The vehicle design and manufacture of the joint venture company will be brand new, no electrification project in the current portfolio of FCA. According to Liu Yangwei, Chairman of Honghai Group, and FCA projects can begin this year.

The second customer is Bai Teng. In January 2021, the two sides signed an agreement. Bai Teng is responsible for landing research and development, and Hon Hai is responsible for production.

The third customer may be Faraday (ff). On February 20, according to the Taiwan “Economic Daily” report, Liu Yangwei confirmed Foxconn, Geely, and Fara ‘s future is discussing the cooperation between electric vehicles.

The car company is looking for ICT to complete the car mass production, and it seems that it is a bit unusual way.

“The Android System” – Hohai Group provides the root cause of these cars. Using Honghai Group’s hardware and software open platform, car enterprises, especially cross-borders, may create hardware, rich software, customized intelligent electric vehicles.

Is it coming to the era of making a car like a mobile phone?


How to make a car

Choosing Honghai to complete the vehicle mass production, it is likely that you are not “one person” in the car.

For the car, Hong Hai established MIH Alliance. According to the latest data released by Liu Yangwei, as of February 20, there were 736 global manufacturers to join on February 20. The alliance is expected to be held in March will be held in March.

The MIH Alliance is based on Hon Hai’s MIH electric vehicle hardware and software open platform. In short, Honghai opens the bottom structure of the MIH soft platform to make developers to design and develop within the framework.

The purpose of Hon Hai is to solve complex architectures in soft and hard separation, layered architecture, soft and hard hardware layered independent development, each layer can be independent and replacement, to reduce development cycle, reduce cost .

According to the latest news, Hong Hai promotes the production of MIH platform this year. It is estimated that there will be 1 electric bus in the fourth quarter of this year, and 2 passenger cars are released.

It can be seen in 1 year, which is the effect of Honghai MIH platform wants to achieve.

To understand how Honghai has made a car, you must understand the MIH platform.

The next largeline introduces this new name – MIH platform.

(1) Honghai program: learn from the Android system

This idea of ​​Hohai is from the inspiration of Android system.

On October 16, 2020, Honghai Group held the first Honghai Technology Day. At the meeting, it officially announced the launch of MIH electric vehicle software and hardware open platform, which is determined to become “the Android system of the electric vehicle”.

This idea of ​​Hon Hai is to solve the difficult problem of traditional charging.

What is the difficulty of the traditional charity?

In the MIH software platform, Honghai Technology Chang Wei Guozhang seems to “” At present, most of the automobile industry will start from hardware definitions. The architecture is relatively complex, high management is high, and the system is relatively closed, and the participation is difficult; the platform of electric vehicle manufacturers, most of the electric vehicle manufacturers Closed design ecology. “

“Future electric vehicles are software-defined open ecology.” If you change all its features to your car by upgrading software, there are experiences. Then the value of the car continues to increase.

(2) Building an open software platform

The Wakay’s solution is open.

To understand the Hohai Group’s solution, first explain the structure of the Android system.

The Android system can be understood as a framework for applying developers, all application development must comply with the principles of the framework.

The early Android system structure is roughly divided into 4 layers, the top layer is the application layer Applications, the second layer is the application framework Application Framework, the third layer is the class library, and the fourth layer is the core layer Linux.

Honghai MiH platform is also divided into 4 layers, that is, the software framework is built on the hardware platform, connecting to the car network to create a complete EV open platform; plus EV Service Layer’s service layer to provide all cars, for example Other services such as CAN communications, eventually protrude throughout the architecture.

Among them, VMS can be divided into two parts from Mission critical or Non Mission critical (non-critical tasks) to provide various applications.

Finally, all applications will be connected to the car, forming the entire network car ecology. But to create an open ecology, the most important thing is to open an EVKIT, and then developers to jointly develop all applications. For example, in the automatic open platform supports multiple self-driving applications, consumers can choose the most intelligent, safest automatic driving mode that best suits them best.

For example, all the rides in the future are networked cars, which can be connected to Smart Home (Smart), SMART Office. “For example, the car has not yet arrived, the air conditioner in the family can be opened automatically. On the contrary, if you can remotely control your Smart Car (smart car), for your designated friends, family switches your car.” Wei Guozhang Say.

Honghai will use all the key technologies of the underlying and the development tools to all developers. “We believe that all the most innovative applications in the future can be docked to our platform, such as Autosar applications, and automatic driving applications.” Wei Guozhang said.

(3) Hardware platform meets a variety of needs

The hardware platform is also open.

Honghua’s advanced vice-director left self-born is the person in charge of the MIH hardware platform.

On Honghai Technology Day, left self-introduction of the four features of the MIH hardware platform: First, the modulation, elasticization, customization, the second is to light weight and integral, three is the EEA architecture, four is automatic driving technology.

The MIH platform can support the chassis design of various models, and customize according to the actual needs, including the axial distance, the spacing, and the size of the battery. In terms of power, the motor power is tested in the range of 95kW to 340KW, and the driving method also supports pre-drive, back drive, and four-driven.

MiH’s hardware platform, the vehicle factory can also integrate its own automatic driving system.

On the MIH platform, you can integrate four models. The minimum B +-grade car is 2750mm, and there is a front wheel drive mode optional, the battery pack capacity is 93kWh. Before, the rear suspension is Maiverson and drag arm.

The C-shaped car is 2860mm, with a rear drive and a full wheel drive optional, and the battery pack capacity is 100KWH. Before, the rear suspension is a double A arm and a multi-link.

The D-axis wheel is 2950mm, presence, after, all round drives can be selected, the battery pack capacity is 100KWH, before, the rear suspension is also double A arm and multiple rods, respectively.

The maximum wheelbase of the E-axis axis is 3100mm, before, after, the whole wheel drive three modes can be selected, the battery pack capacity reaches 116kWh, before, the rear suspension is also a double A arm and multiple rods.

The four models use a unified motor. The front motor is a single-speed transmission. The maximum output power is 95kW ~ 200KW, and the motor has a single speed and two speeds, with the maximum output power of the single-speed motor is 150kW ~ 240kW, two speeds The maximum output power of the motor is 340kW.

In terms of the body, Hon Hai’s elasticization module can cooperate with the mainstream design in the market, customers can derive diversified models on the MIH platform, such as Sedan (large cars, vano sedan), MPV, SUV even commercial vehicles.

According to the introduction of left self, in the manufacturing, Honghai Group uses itself to the accumulation of the lightweight field, the MIH platform-based vehicle is designed to design the front suspension tower and the rear lanter integrated design, so that the vehicle is more controlled and effectively reduced Tire noise.

In the vehicle electrical electrical architecture, the Vehicles of the MIH platform use the EEA architecture to allow the vehicle machine and electronic components seamlessly.

(4) Grouping alliances gathered all parties

In order to complete the open platform, Honghai learned from Android’s OHA (Open Handset Alliance) thoughts, and set up a MIH Alliance.

Google’s OHA Alliance is composed of 34 mobile phone manufacturers, software developers, telecom operators, chip manufacturers, and 84 hardware manufacturers, software developers, and telecommunications operators.

However, Honghai’s MiH Alliance has more than 700 manufacturers responded, including Amazon Internet Services AWS (AmazonWeb Services), Microsoft, MEDIATK, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments (TI ), Optimistic semiconductor (ST), Roma (Rohm), Ningde Times, etc.

According to media reports, MIH Alliance Planned the preparation at the end of June this year, and estimated July as an independent organization officially operated.

Wei Guozhang evaluates Honghai MIH Alliance is “Jumping Blocking Traditional Thinking Framework, looking at the car design from the point of view of user experience.” This idea brings a cultural impact of the automotive industry, but Wei Guozhang believes that “this impact is a good thing, impact strip Change to change to bring innovation. “

Of course, Honghai Group also emphasized that they do not have brands in the field of electric vehicles, and the conditions and technical content of the manufacturer choose the car will be provided through the MIH platform.


With a car

In the face of this series of layouts, everyone must have questions, these are the air pavilions, or there is a foundation.

Looking back at history, you will find that Honghai is not short into the automotive industry, and there is a fairly rich experience of full-vehicle support, high supply chain management capabilities, and profound engineering capabilities and related talents. In the words of Liu Yangwei: “Our only weakness is not very understanding, this weakness can solve the car solve through the platform.”

(1) Long-term ICT manufacturing experience

When the media asked the advantages and disadvantages of the electric vehicle in Honghai layout, Liu Yangwei said that “the information (ICT) is a strong”. He analyzed that there are currently three-shared forces in the electric vehicle market, internet manufacturers and information communications industry, “Traditional car industry is most understanding, but the supply chain is relatively closed; Internet manufacturers will regard electric vehicles as software platforms , Hardware manufacturing capacity is relatively weak. “

The so-called ICT service refers to the combination and integration of two services of IT (information industry) and CT (communication industry), communications, electronic information industry, Internet, and media industry will be integrated within ICT.

After all, Honghai is the global ICT product foundry lead, reserves a large number of technologies and talents.

(2) Experience in rich suppliers

In 2005, Honghai has opened the lading auto industry. In this year, Honghai bought 100% of the Taiwan Antai electricity industry in Taiwan, and began to make electronics such as battery lines, reversing radar and smart equipment. Antai Electric Customers touch Ford, Volkswagen, SAIC, Mazda and other famous automobile companies.

In 2013, Hong Hai entered the supply chain of multinational car companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, providing auto parts, components.

In 2014, Honghai and Beiqi cooperation, joint investment, production and manufacturing a new generation of power battery and its system, obtaining battery technology; the same year also entered Hong Kong listed car dealer group – harmonious cars.

Hon Hai in some layout in the automotive industry

Source: Network data finishing

At this stage, Honghai Group observes and studies the automotive industry through investment and supply.

(3) Extreme supply chain management capabilities

Honghai Group can establish a long-standing strategic alliance with suppliers and customers, logistics and other enterprises, sharing the operation and resources used inside each company, thus enabling members within the supply chain to reduce loss, centralized enterprise resources in their own core Business, give full play to the expertise, management skills and complete facilities and roles of members.

In terms of supply chain management, Honghai Group adopts ECMMS (vertically integrated business model), ie, a single software and hardware purchase, a single software and hardware, which is involved in an organizers, zero components, molds, governance, and whole machine to design. , Production, assembly, maintenance, logistics, etc. are covered. Under the successful replication of ECMMS mode, the Group is not only the world’s largest 3C manufacturing production base, but also the world’s shortest 3C supply chain. Because of this, the ECMMS model is known as the best corporate strategy by many industry magazines, but also the object of international manufacturing peers to fight.

It can be seen that Hong Hai is very good at supply chain management.

(4) The whole vehicle experience relies on Yulong and Geely

For the unique experience, Honghai is compensated in the way of joint venture cooperation.

In August 2020, Honghai Group announced that it will set up a joint venture with Yulong Automobile, Honghai has funded 7.944 billion yuan in cash, accounting for 51% of the stock, and the goal is to promote vehicle development and design, open platform sharing and ecology, create from brand to The cross-border car alliance of the platform.

Yulong has a deep cultivation in the automotive field for 70 years, which is rich in experience, but it is too small in the Taiwan market, and the development of enterprises is restricted.

In January 2021, Honghai Group and Geely announced that it would hold hands to set up a joint venture, providing OEM production and custom consultant services for global automobile and travel enterprises.

In a video of the external stream, Li Shufu, the chairman of Geely, specializes in emphasizing the relationship with Honghai Group: “Geely will not work for people, is Foxkold to be a business, … Geely is support Fang, help them achieve ideals. “

It can be seen that Yulong and Geely are the support of Honghai, not customers.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Fujikang has introduced senior practitioners in the automotive industry in addition to working with car companies. In January 202, Fujiko appointed to carry out the vice president of executive vice president, Zheng Xiancong, was the CEO of the electric vehicle platform; he served as the general manager of the southeast Automobile. Left self-born is the former assistance of “China Auto”, before, the supervisor of the technical department, and is currently serving as Honghua Advanced Vice Chairman.


Core technology

Honghai Group is not only a system architecture in the field of electric vehicles, but also core technology.

According to Honghai Group’s products, Chang Xiao Cai You, since 2007, Honghai Group has more than 10 years of research on deep cultivated automobile manufacturing, and also mastered a lot of core technologies, not only has made important progress in the three-power field. Lightweight, integrated molding and high-efficiency heat dissipation techniques also have strong technical capabilities.

(1) Battery six big black technology

Xiao Caiyou said that Honghai has six black technology in the battery field, including battery fast charge and low temperature optimization, low drumming soft bag technology, cloud AI battery management system, high energy density battery, no noble metal new process, and solid state battery technology .

Xiao Caiyou mainly introduced, their solid state battery technology and cloud AI battery management system.

Honghai is expected that in 2024, they will launch the first commercial solid-state battery. Inside the solid state, in the positive electrode material, Hong Hai has high operating voltage, excellent safety and high power concepts, manganese oxide positive.

In terms of negative poles, Honghai is divided into two phases, and silicone carbon material is used in the early stage to reduce the weight of the battery; long-term goals should achieve so-called no negative concepts.

According to Xiao Caiyou, Honghai Group has been committed to studying metal oxides from 2017, which can improve the conductivity of electrons in a very environmentally friendly and reliable manner.

In terms of increasing battery life, Honghai has developed a variety of additives and conductors, which can increase the life of the Solid State Battery in Honghai by 10%.

Xiao Caiyou said that there is these key materials, as well as vertical integration technology, the future solid state battery weight will be reduced by half, the volume is only 1/6.

In addition to the battery, Honghai also developed a cloud AI battery management system. Battery Management System (BMS) will continue to upload battery big data, allowing AI cloud platforms to learn and optimize backend, and continuously update software, battery performance will get better and better.

Xiao Caiyou took an example. For example, you have an electric car from Honghai. The AI ​​will adjust the parameters for your habit of your personal car, to increase the efficiency of the battery or life, so that your electric vehicle will get more Power saving, life will be getting better and better, with traditional fuel vehicles grow with years, the fuel consumption is getting worse, just opposite.

(2) Modification, standardization of electric drive system

In addition to common 3-in-one power drive system, Hong Hai also built 6-in-one power system, the electrical drive system is modified and standardized, will shorten the development time of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and increase design elasticity, even Can quickly reduce costs.

(3) Automatic driving reaches L3 level

Honghai has a lot of extensive electronic development and manufacturing experience in the ICT field. In recent years, Honghai has been deep cultivating Ai artificial wisdom, in the machine vision, in deep learning, in automatic control, and self-driving areas, we have fruitful results. Take automatic driving as an example, Hong Hai has been separated from the laboratory stage, officially entered the field of commercial applications.

In the Japanese airport, because the transporter is notched, the automatic driving shuttle is introduced, the automatic driving technology provided by the Hohai, can reach the automatic driving level of the L3 level, completely unmanned.

(4) Lightweight technology mature

Hong Hai has been working hard to develop new materials, not only in electric vehicles, in mobile phones, there are exclusive high-strength die-casting materials in various fields, the advantage is that the mold is excellent, high strength, high ductility, and corrosion resistance. The most important thing is not required.

Xiao Caiyou introduced that the lightweight materials of Honghai met the Double Standards for Lightweight and Safety in Europe and America.

(5) Hand-integrated technology: high efficiency heat dissipation seal

Honghai Group has integrated technology that is applied to the battery housing of BMW car, which is stamped with 4,200 tons of die casting machine. “We have met the needs of first-class car factories in technology manufacturing technology.”

In addition, the friction stir welding process applied to Tesla products will be applied in 2012, which is the earliest application of different materials to be sealed together, and can improve the heat dissipation of electronic components. .

Particularly lightweight, integrated forming and efficient sealing heat dissipation technology is an important technical energy and experience in Honghai Group accumulated in the ICT field.

In Xiao Cai’s view, more and more ICT technology can be applied to the manufacture of electric vehicles, which is the advantage of Hohai.


啥 啥

According to the Statistics of the Bloomberg market investigation institution, Hong Hai is ranked first in the global ranking in the field of electronic solutions in 2019, and the city share is 41.1%.

According to data, it can be seen that as an foundry of ICT products, such a large market share, Honghai should be non-customer in the short term, why do you want to have a car?

The transformation and upgrading is the hope of the two generations of Hohai Group.

Liu Yangwei said in Hong Hai Technology last year that Guo Taiming has always hoped that Honghai Group will change to technology Honghai, and turn it from labor intensive to mental intensive enterprises.

The founder of Hon Hai Group, who is attended by the 30th anniversary of the Taiwanese Mold Laida, maybe I can answer a part of the reason for the 30th anniversary of the Taiwan Mold King. Guo Taiming said at the meeting, “Taiwan industry needs to be upgraded”, and “vehicle is the entity economy”, he believes that the future semiconductor, battery, mold and zero components are processed, and the key role will play in the field of vehicle.

Guo Taiming seems that electric vehicles are designed, manufactured, assembled, and industrial ecological chains on the automotive industry, and there will be a big change, and business model will also change. He emphasized that Honghai Group can’t be absent in the field of electric vehicles.

Perhaps more fundamental reason is that the long-term low gross margin level of Hohai Group: It is basically around 7% of the gross profit level.

Information from: Honghai Group official website

Honghai Group has to grow and must open up the updated business. The electric vehicle industry can use the existing resources of Honghai, but also the direction of the industrial development, naturally become the best choice for Honghai Group.

For the field of Honghai layout electric vehicle, Liu Yangwei’s goal clearly pointed out that “2025 to 2030 is the key period of Taiwan electric car gold take-off. The electric vehicle is also the key to the future gross profit margin from 7% to 10%.” A ICT foundry, can have so many technological accumulation in the electric vehicle field, indeed unexpected.

However, the company opens the electric platform is more than one, and Tesla’s patents are all open, and then BYD has opened the E platform. The public has opened the MEB platform. The purpose of their openness is to obtain industry standards.

However, most car companies clearly do not want to make the right to voice to others, the entire bus company of the self-built platform is all. Honghai Group, who has just been involved in the whole car, will get a role in the response of the vehicle company, let us wait and see.

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