Geely finally became Toyota

In the future of the global auto market, if you want to choose a car company representing China, it is currently in the current point.

Geely has Volvo, packets, glow, geometric four major brands, cover sedan, SUV and MPV, fuel and electric full range of products.

Let’s take a look at a set of data: Geely Automobile 2020 sales is 13.24 million, ranked fourth in China’s auto market; this is also since 2017, Geely won the Chinese brand passer sales in four consecutive years.

The piking of 2020 is 1.75,400, is the most successful autonomous high-end brand, no one. Geometric A and Emperor EVs and other new energy automotive products, 2020 total sales is 68,000. The Geely Overseas Market covers 24 countries, with nearly 73,000 in 2020.

In 2021 in the auto market, Geely Motors sells its sales targets to 1.53 million, a year-on-year growth rate of 16%, which is a big goal of high growth.

In the early days of the development of China’s private automotive enterprises, Toyota became the imitation object of BYD, such as F3 similar to the corolla, with the Lexus RX350 S6; through imitating Toyota, BYD has begun to understand the national.

Today, BYD has already used the dynasty series of models to get rid of the past mimics routine, and obtained unprecedented success. In the new energy car, it has worked for many years, and finally, the world’s first Toyota is also going to cooperate.

Have two major brands of Toyota and Lexus, there are crown, Carolla and other fine brands and signs in the Japanese market, the road to Toyota, whether it is TPS production, or Toyota Way Toyota, or in recent years TNGA construction reforms are the development path of thickness.

Toyota cooperates in the global market to create a strong and stable parts supply system, in recent years, in recent years, the oil and electricity mixed power technology, as well as the establishment of an electric vehicle alliance in Japan and Subaru, Suzuki and other car companies to achieve peak.

After BYD gave up the wind Toyota model, Geely cars became more and more like Toyota in the Japanese market. This is not said that Geely’s model has become the same as Toyota, but there is a wonderful work in development model and thinking.

As the industry leadership in Toyota in the Japanese automotive industry, Geely also begins to show its leadership in independent brands.

First, I have to say that the classic acquisition case of Geely Education Books, and analyze China’s car companies to acquire foreign-funded car companies, and even domestic mergers and reorganizations, SAIC and Nanqi acquire Luofu, Beiqi acquired Sa Bo, Guangqi Gio and so on, talk about success The case is also Geely acquisition Volvo.

After the completion of the acquisition, Geely not only successfully realized Volvo’s twisted, but also to Geely’s own comprehensive innovation, the most iconic meaning is the establishment of autonomous high-end brand collasses, and will use overseas markets such as Europe as a goal market.

Geely also became the largest shareholder of the Founder of the Automotive, and cooperated with the Smart brand. SMART will become a high-end electric car brand to get a new job.

If state-owned automotive enterprises have been beneficial because of the joint venture car, the goal of “market exchange technology” has not been realized, but will bring the market and future development.

Whether it is FAW, or Dongfeng, the joint venture brand is booming, the attacking is slightly, however, regardless of the model resources, production process, parts supply chain, management system, has not allowed the independent brand to get a better market position.

Conversely, it is beginning to welcome the new development peak: Chery is re-starting through its inner changes, and the Tiggo 8 series products have received unprecedented success in the Chinese market. It has already become an overseas market. Representative of independent brand cars.

BYD who insisted on not joint venture has reached the world’s leading position in new energy cars. As the new energy car company in the world sales, the three-electric technology of this family has been collected in one, and has achieved cooperation with Toyota and Mercedes-Benz in R & D technology, and global partners are gradually expanding.

More like Toyota’s Geely Automobile, different from other autonomous cars, can be described with a set of companies.

From the brand echelon, Walvo, Packets and Geely three major brands cover the most markets of luxurious to low-end, and there are Troat, Lutus, geometry and maple leaves. The leader has already used the annual sales of more than 100,000, as well as the successful export of the European market, announced the new height of the independent brand.

From a model, it is different from many independent brands to rely on the SUV market. For example, Haval is supported by Haval H6, which is also different from BYD to rely on policy bonus new energy vehicles, Geely has a complete series of models from cars, SUV to MPV And the Emgrand sedan is the only self-car of the sedan sales list, and has been steadily sitting in China’s brand sedan for six consecutive years.

Geely brand new car products, a new wide-body car built based on “CMA super parent”, Starry, is equipped with a 2.0TD engine of the Volvo Drive-E series. In a self-owned brand model, it is also an engineering exclusive engine, which is another bold initiative and a new height of the independent brand.

On the power system, Geely has already completed the full-motion of fuel, oil and electricity, and increasing, and pure electric power layout.

If this is just the past and now Geely, Geely facing the future is more ambition. After the Volkswagen MQB platform and Toyota TNGA architecture, Geely launched BMA, CMA (Super Mother), SPA (Volvo) and SEA architecture, covering from fuel, mixing into pure electric power, from compact models to Large-range product layout of large models.

In the new energy car market in the market, Geely Chick’s most heavy model – Leak Zero is officially launched in the year, in the Evhao EV into Cao Cao, the geometric brand is flattened, the packet Zero will show Geely The true strength of new energy vehicles.

In the traditional fuel model innovation, in addition to the existing “1.5TD + 7DCT power assembly platform”, Geely has indirectly and Toyota to achieve cooperation in Hybrid power technology, and Geely will also plan to launch the extension Plug-in mixed products to achieve full motivation.

Geely has had a production base in Linhai, Ningbo, Luqiao, Xiangtan, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Jinan, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Jinan. Begin started.

In the cross-border integration, in the hands of Tencent, Baidu and Foxconn have achieved cooperation, the last two will launch direct and comprehensive cooperation in the automotive manufacturing level, and even rumored that Geely will join Jia Yueping’s FF Fara, Become The biggest strength back book.

We are hard to imagine that Geely will buy which car companies in the next step, is the new force of the car, or overseas car companies? Which company will realize cross-border cooperation, is Huawei, or Qualcomm?

Starting from the refrigerator and motorcycles, Geely enters the automotive industry in 1997, which covers automotive R & D, manufacturing and mobile travel services.

Geely’s annual production and sales volume is more than one million units. It is the large shareholders of Lobo, Volvo and Daimler, becoming the only autonomous car brand that reached this height.

In October 2020, Geely Automobile became the first Chinese brand car enterprise that exceeded 10 million passenger production and sales.

Geely finally became the first Toyota, Japan, and the next step may be the world’s first Toyota.

The year-old production and sales of Millions of Geely, have had strength to make everything possible to become a reality.

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