Geely or creating a new brand, the main high-end electric vehicle market, Tesla added opponents

In the field of electric vehicles, there are now too many brands available for consumers, probably be divided into three types of brands, the first category is Tesla, Tesla with its own outstanding electric vehicle technology, and intelligent configuration Let it become the leading brand of the global electric vehicle, so the status is still no one can shake. The second category is the brand after the traditional car enterprise. For example, foreign public, domestic BYD, etc., these car companies have mature products and user bases, which are the most capable of impacting the staggered brands. The third category is the new energy of the car, and these brand products are allocated in high school low three guest groups, because of the excellent design, as well as the leading concept. favorite.

It is not difficult to see that these three types of brands not only have competitive relationships, but there are also strong competition in different categories. This also means that the new energy field has been going to become a red sea. Obviously, if some of the game later, it will usher in a top disaster for any car brand. Especially those vehicles that have not been transformed into new energy, if they do not introduce a new energy brand or modify the production line, one day will be eliminated sooner or later.

Speaking here, many people may think of Geely. Indeed, although Geely has a new energy model, there is no brand of new energy. In recent years, Geely has indeed launched a lot of sub-brands, such as packet, polar star, etc. Although the poor star is an electric car, it seems that the guest is positioned not a traditional home car, which is more power sports car.

Recently, there is news that Geely is likely to create a new brand, focus on high-end electric vehicle market, and Geely’s goal is obviously Tesla. This is not difficult to understand, the same, BYD, the old name, has also launched BYD Han EV to counter Tesla’s a large situation.

It is understood that the new brand of Geely created is “Zeekr”, and Lingling Technologies is also a subsidiary of Geely, which provides a framework for new electric vehicle brands. With the current technology of Geely, it has been able to reach more than 700 kilometers above the electric vehicle, which is still very attractive in the current electric car market, and there is also fast charge support. how about it? Do you look forward to this new high-end electric vehicle brand from Geely?

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