Geely, please give up the geometric brand now!

Recently, the biggest news of Geely New Energy is the birth of the blood.

A few days ago, Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd. issued an announcement, and established a new joint venture company “extreme jung car” with the controlling shareholder Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd.. The launch of this echidi means that in the geometric brand, Geely has a new energy brand.

As early as 2015, Geely Automobile has released the “Blue Geely Action” program, but not only did not achieve plans for 6 years, the sales of new energy cars are not good, and most of them flow to Cao Cao’s travel, etc., can not In the real market – private sector occupies a place.

In 2018, Geely launched a geometric brand in Singapore, Geely is in the “Old Platform – New Brand” Fuel Curve to play the market, but things are willing to violate, even after Zheng Shu, Liu Zhifeng’s hard work, the geometry is still See the obvious improvement, and now it is, and the GAC Eu, Great Wall, is completely opened.

Therefore, in this 6 years, Geely new energy can be used to describe it.

In the face of the geometric brand of nickname, in the face of the new energy market, the launch of the blood can be considered as the forced move of Geely. Nowadays, with the polarity, the existence of geometric brands has become more embarrassed, and it is only a time problem.

1, extremely open, geometric

Compared with the past, Geely declined the full decline in financial reported data last year. Geely Automobile said that 2020 is Geely Auto “The most difficult year”, whether it is performance or stock trend, very torment for Geely cars. So this time discloses “extreme”, can be interpreted as Geely pairs of pain, and another exploration of future development.

Regarding the extreme KE, English name Zeekr, positioned as a trend technology brand. Extreme, meaning the ultimate performance, representing the ultimate performance of the product, the ultimate experience of the user does not compromise;, chemical element KR, is a rare gas that illuminates when discharged, represents the scientific symbol of the electric drive intelligent era.

The first mass production model named is extremely 001, that is, lead Zero, based on the SEA vast intelligent evolutionary architecture. Extremely 001 is equipped with a permanent magnet double-son-drive system with a full-scene automatic driving assistance, with a fully automatic air suspension, a dynamic chassis control system, an inductive automatic frame, YAMAHA high-fidelity sound and other luxury configurations.

In the brand operation method, the blood will be centered on user service, and adopt innovative business model, set up a new brand direct terminal, self-built the full-time charging energy supply system, realize the trend life and technology, user ecology and industrial ecology Fusion creates greater value for users.

In addition, the ultra-design has also designed the user holding plan on the equity, so that users have become shareholders, truly realize sharing with users, this is the same as the user’s operations. On April 15th, the talent brand and product launch will be held in Hangzhou Bay, and we will learn more about the information about the hemnant brand.

Simply put, the high-end market is positioned, which is conflict with Geely high-end positioning. According to relevant people, other car brands of Geely Holdings are temporarily not included in the system of polarikin. At the same time, Geely has no news on the establishment of self-study and self-produced platforms.

It is not difficult to see that although the technical platform comes from greatness, but in the brand operation, the blood will be fully resigned. Moreover, in addition to the 001 of the vast platform, other Geely platform oil modified products will not be incorporated into the tensile system, and can ensure the pureness of the Brand products.

Whether it is an advanced platform, product, product, or a comprehensive brand operation method, or a new forces, is full of expectations. However, the arrival of the blood, whether the brand is positioned, or the resource allocation of Geely, the most injured is undoubtedly, this new forces brand that have been hoped by Li Shufu have not existed.

2, hoping to disappointment

In addition, after the “Bulk” is launched, the new energy car brand of Geely Automobile has reached 7, covering the three levels of low-end, mid-end, high-end, so frequently launched new brands, so that the industry is quite suspected Geely There is a kind of “patient in the hospital” in the new energy.

In fact, as a traditional autonomous car enterprise with a global dream, seeking a traditional autonomous car company, Geely Automobile knows the importance of transformation to new energy. As early as 2005, Toyota introduced the first generation of Prius to China, Geely has begun research and development of hybrid technology and has been 16 years.

After mastering certain technologies, Geely began to attack market. In 2015, Geely Automobile launched “Blue Geely Action” and proposes the goal: By 2020, new energy vehicle sales account for more than 90% of the overall sales. In 2018, Geely launched geometric new energy brands in high-end markets.

Although Geely has ambition, it is not satisfactory. As of now, Geely’s mix is ​​opened by BYD, the Great Wall; the geometric brand market is broken, with the arrival of the blood, the geometry has not existed; in the past year, Geely Motors sold 68,000 vehicles New energy vehicles, only 5.2% in the new car sales in the whole year, far from 90% of the goals.

Especially the loss of geometric brands, this is the largest failure in the new energy market in recent years. Time is returned to April 2019, and geometric A is high-key in Singapore. The reason why chooses to be published in overseas high specifications because Geely hopes to create geometric cars into pure electric brands facing the world. In the face of the new energy market, Geely launches the geometric brand, which is an urgent hope that geometric cars can become a new growth point of the group. At the same time, let new energy accumulate the original unsteady Geely, quickly keep up with the development pace of the era. Geely is very clear, the time is giant, and the life is also reinforced.

3, the existence of geometry is a mistake

In order to make the geometry, the geometry is red, Geely can be used to work hard.

The first is rare from BYD to the geometry geometry, strive to make up the new energy short board from the personnel depth. At the same time, heavy gold to create a new geometric car brand, and pay the release of geometric A in Singapore. In the marketing, for the blind eye, but also “the slogan of” geometric a is the best pure electric car “in the east half.

However, in the face of the enthusiasm of geometric cars, the feedback from the new energy market is very indifferent. Official data shows that from April 2019, the 2019 geometric car sales is 12,000. Putting in the electric vehicle market, this data is actually not difficult, the Chinese rules, after all, there is only one model, but because it is “big Geely”, let everyone disappoint.

Disappointment is for many reasons. From the inside, last year’s geometric sales account for less than one percent, which is less than one percent, and high-profile propaganda, and everyone’s high expectations, this is too light, that is, ” Bit. Moreover, there are still many moistures in the back of this data, and more suspected of failure.

From the outside, the geometry is completely compared. Because, as a new energy source of Guangqi, the 2019, the total sales volume is 42,000, 1.5 times the former 2019. Even the contrast to the peer model, geometric A is also completed by Ean S. In 2019, Ean S listed in the same period was 32,000, almost three times the geometric a.

In this round of the new car, the geometric losed to Ean, Geely new energy also lost to GAC’s new energy. This is also the most convenient place that Geely can’t accept. After all, on the entire sales base, Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars also homomic to Geely, and new energy sales have been so big, so that at the time of Geely, the voice of the geometric brand is increasingly surrounded. The higher it.

The geometric sales of the sluggish, quickly reacted to the personnel. After a year of the geometric brand, after the early May last year, the media broke the news of the geometric brand of the media, Zheng Xing was taken by the fire, and it was replaced by Liu Zhifeng from the packet. Yes, in the high level of Geely, the loss of geometric brands is “artificial”.

However, in Liu Zhifeng, I have been in the past year, the geometric ship did not stop sinking, although there is a geometric C to help the product, but the market is still indifferent. According to the multiplier statistics, the 20020 year has only 5051 units, which is only 44.6% year-on-year, and the new product has only 5,277, and the whole geometric brand has a total sales volume of 10,000.

Therefore, it is Zheng Zhixi, Liu Zhifeng has no ability to support geometry, or the geometry does not exist in the same way? The market has given an answer.

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