Geely Volvo merged, exposed Li Shufu to “become the second public group” ambition

Many friends ask me: Geely and Volvo merged, do you think about this? What does their merge mean?

With career sensitive, my first reaction is: capital! All joint ventures or mergers or acquisitions in the world are all productive products, say goodbye to financing, saying that it is hard to listen to the circle. Is the Geely car lack? Walvo is lacking? This is a nonsense, of course it! And very lack!

Geely New Emperor

Since lack of money, what should I do? It’s too little to make money by step, and it is too small, so it is necessary to operate through capital, to pull the market value, attract more rich people to invest, this is the fastest way to make money. And it is a unit of millions. If you only sell a car, you have to make one million yuan, you have to sell millions of cars.

Geely Volvo

Therefore, the view of Lao Luo’s merger of Geely Volvo is: the nature behind the merger is capital! For Geely returns A shares! It is also paving the road after Volvo! With Geely and Volvo merged this good, Geely will increase the boat in the market value of the A branchless board! (The current car stocks are too hot, because last year’s epidemics, many hot money is not investing, so they will flood into the bus stocks)

I don’t pay attention to the Geely stock market, I may not know, Lao Luo said: Geely is currently Hong Kong stocks, recently started to plan to list in A branch, the purpose is also obvious, it is for money! Narletic A branch is available, what is the relationship with Volvo? Geely, if the A branch is available, the market value is high, will pull Gaolvo market value, after all, in 2018, Volvo plans to independent IPO, and the three major investment banks were valued 16 billion to $ 30 billion, this valuation Geely Not satisfied, so Volvo is delayed.

Geelybo Yue

However, Geely Volvo merged, if you look from the perspective of brand operation, I exposed Li Shufu’s ambition: Geely Group is hoping to borrow electric intelligence opportunities to become the second mass group!

The combination of Geely Volvo is the following: Power assembly business combined with new companies, jointly developed the next generation of pure electric exclusive modular architecture, jointly developed the world’s leading high-automatic driving solutions, share procurement and other channel resources, sales channels and Collaboration in the after-sales service (other models of Geely can enter the global market with Walvo overseas channels)

These major mergers, with the Mass Group, such as the public Audi Skoda, sharing the power assembly, sharing the MQB platform, etc., this is the biggest advantage is to save costs, it is related to money!

Volvo S60

Therefore, Geely Volvo merges, two focus:

1. In order to get listed in Geely A Shares, in order to pull Gavervo market value, it is paved in Volvo;

2. Exposing Li Shufu wants to “become the second mass group” ambition.

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