Geometric A Pro listing: 600km in 150,000?

On April 19th, the geometric car new change model geometry A Pro is officially listed, new NEDC 430km total 2 versions, subsidies price 1.187 million and 128,700; 600KM total 3 models, subsidies price 14.87,1687 million And 188,700 yuan.


Prices constantly approach fuel truck

In the past, everyone purchased an electric car will not help the standard fuel stroller. Why is the same size, the battery car is still expensive than the fuel truck?

From the first purchase cost, it has become an obstacle that the electric car is further promoted, and we have seen the geometric A Pro600km version of the price has reached 148,700 yuan, from this year to buy a 600km battery life into a new starting point.

This indicates that electric vehicles continue to approach the price level of the fuel truck, and as the technology continues to advance, the future price will also have a decline in space, so when the price is flat or even lower than the fuel truck, it belongs to the era of electric vehicles into thousands of households. Really coming.


2 years, 50% off, defective concerns

Another big obstacle to buy electric car is the depreciation of the residual value. The used car has not yet established a relatively complete assessment system. At present, there is a low residual value and the embarrassing situation in circulation.

This geometric car continues to use the entire vehicle for 2 years and 7% off value repurchase policy, dispel the consumer’s residual concerns, and the replacement has arrived at 15,000 yuan subsidies.


Relentless, the more and more

The problem is another hindrance to buy a car. On the one hand, it is the mileage that is not marked by the car. On the other hand, it is not possible to calculate and display the remaining mileage during the actual driving process, and most afraid of sudden power out.

The geometric A PRO is equipped with a nickel 55 new NCM523 battery with a single 183WH / kg high-density, 70kW · H high-capacity battery pack, and NEDC reference endurance is increased to 600km.

Through the SEM intelligent energy management system, open the three-electric technology channel, from energy storage, energy saving, recovery, control, rise, achieve ultra-low energy consumption, high precision energy control, and efficient energy recovery function, help users can easily deal with A variety of car scenes.

And through the SEM intelligent energy management system, the geometric A Pro can achieve the residual endurance and the actual endurance accuracy is close to 100%, and then the adaptive dynamic computing system can adjust the output power according to user driving habits and battery cells. According to the actual state of the battery, the remaining battery prediction is automatically corrected.


Battery safety is the bottom line

Electric cars have been seen in this 2 years. Many people talk about the color change, doing a good battery design and thermal out-of control management is the fundamental approach to solve problems.

Geometric A Pro takes the first to use the “Domain Safety Correlation” design concept to guard the battery safety. “The whole domain safety junction” is constructed by the five major protection of the electrical core layer, the battery system, the whole vehicle, the test verification layer, and the cloud large data layer.

As the core layer of the “safety” concept, the cells employed by Geometric A Pro are made in sterile non-polluting environments, and “suspension design” is used to construct a second layer protection for the battery.

Geometric A Pro also constructs three-ring cage structural protection centered, and prevents the battery from being extruded during collision through the body structure.

In addition, geometric cars also have a three-way verification laboratory of national CNAS certification, and simulates battery safety tests such as super country standard, simulated water-related, fire, etc., ensuring the safety of geometry A Pro power cell full life cycle.

Finally, based on the 15 billion kilometers of travel data cumulative in Geely New energy, geometric A PRO can monitor the status of the battery, proactive monitoring, active warning, and active temperature control.

From the price to the residual value, then to life, then to safety, all consumers purchase the core pain of electric vehicles, the geometric cars are solved by one by one, which should be a common solution to each electric vehicle manufacturer, constantly launching Products and services, electric cars have the future.


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