Geometric magnification? The battery life is over 600km, the top with 190,000, can you become a car market black horse?

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On the future of the new energy, traditional car enterprises give people a feeling of slow half, waiting until Tesla’s new energy brand is in the attacking, they have successively launched Your new energy brand is also or model.

Of course, this is not a conventionally said that traditional car companies do not have advanced eyes, but they are limited to huge volumes, traditional car companies are more like elephant to transform this road, there are too many things that need to be considered, unlike new power Not so much, but more you can let go.

But now the new four has become more intensified, and traditional companies also understand that the opportunity to get the future, so they will take the new energy to bet, and they will take their own one acre before the market pattern is not clear.

Recently, Geely Automobile’s geometric brand has opened a pre-sale of geometric A pro, then can the new car stabilized in the market of Hao Qiangli?

First, consumers are the most concerned three-power system, first in the battery selection, geometric A Pro is equipped with two three-dimensional lithium battery with energy density of 53kWh and 70kWh, of which 70KWH ternary lithium battery is nickel 55 The new NCM523 battery (for NCM811, NCM 523 is more stable).

The two batteries correspond to 430km battery life, 600km battery life, where 430km has a lot of battery life, but the price is cheap in the entry, and the 600km battery is basically in line with the mainstream family’s car scene, and it is more than 430km battery life. There is no substantial increase, and it should be a sales model in this guesses.

In addition, the geometric A PRO is also equipped with the natural SEM intelligent energy management system and the first-time bidirectional intelligent heat pump air conditioner, which can improve the battery 10% in a low temperature environment of 15-10 ° C, but this system seems to be a few tens of times. The northern role is not big …

The electric machine has used the layout of the pre-single motor. After all, it is necessary to increase the cost of the double motor, but the acceleration of the new car is still very excellent, and only 6.1s is required for 100 kilometers.

And it is worth noting that the new car uses the Bosch iBooster brake system for the first time, which also makes its brake score, 100km / h-0km / h only 37.1m.

In terms of size, the long-width height of the new car is 4752mm, 1804mm, 1503mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2700 mm, and is in mainstream levels in the same level.

The appearance of the new car is more than the introduction, basically maintains the appearance of the cash type, only add some changes in some details, and looks good to the individual, after all, the radish greens have love.

After the product is finished, we continue to talk about how the current market competitiveness of this car is.

First, it is necessary to emphasize the first point, this car is based on oil-based, not the exclusive pure electric platform production, the disadvantage is also obvious: due to the structural differences in the oil car and the tram (such as the oil car is not The place where the battery is reserved), so the model of the oil is modified, both in handling, safety, and even expansion, there is no excellent vehicle production in the pure electric platform, which is the biggest shortage of geometric A PRO.

The advantage of the new car is that the convenience of excellent endurance and the convenience brought by Geely, whether marketing or after-sales or technical, which also guarantees soft strength, geometric A Pro is the mainstream level.

In summary, the evaluation of this car can only be cost-effective, there is no very bright, there is no obvious drawback, as for the market performance, can only say that you can’t hold too much expectations.

As the new energy brand of Geely, the geometric brand is being highly hoped, but the sales of the inquiry can find that the performance of the geometry is not as good, and the current new energy market is increasing, and the market pattern is divided It is also clear at a little bit, if it is missing these years, the later people still want to first, that is, it is difficult.

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