GM’s “D Day”

The Shanghai Auto Show, the intelligent electric vehicle collective broke out, major domestic manufacturers, do not engage in smart electric vehicles, seem to be embarrassed to participate in the car show. On the afternoon of the opening day, Tesla booths burst hot because of the owner of the owner – it didn’t do it again, let all the tigers, the other manufacturers of the well-prepared, and they are more uncomfortable.


From North America to China, it is too long to be pressed by Tesla’s head in both core markets. “Welcome Batsla” has become a determination to GM. On April 8th, the “2021 Science and Technology Experience Day” activity held by SAIC is high, and there is 4 must-killing techniques: Ultium platform, VIP intelligent electronic architecture, intelligent VCS virtual cabling system, Super Cruise super smart driving system. And claim: they represent the ceiling and development direction of the current industry technology.

This bright sword action, in addition to expressing confidence, also declared the competition strategy of General Motors “Welcome Batsla”: Technical, Shooter. This kind of denim style is really quite American.

Previously, “long and dark” four years, GM Global CEO Mary and her colleagues were unsatisfactory in the media and Wall Street, like the United States in front of Pearl (see “General Motor’s Dunk”). In the announcement of the “D Day” (D Day “(World War II” (World War II “(World War II” (World War II, World War II) (World War II “(Normand Landing Day), who has been withdrawn from the United States and the United States.

First Kill “Super Cardiovascular System” – ELTIUM Platform

“The pits that have been stepped in those years will help you fill.”

“Starting from EV1, in the past 25 years, GM has stepped on all aspects of safety, battery life, charging, cost, etc.”, SAIC’s universal Ultium platform battery system engineer Wang is not (Fang Wang Xiaoba) Said, “The meaning of the Ultium platform is to put the pits that have been stepped in those years.”

As a friend who knows many years, Wang is not talked to the pure electric platform for this GM lasted for many years, raising the eyebrows, and feels a person.

Contrast a set of data first:

Ultium Hummer EV under the platform is 3 seconds, the battery is 563km

Those self-heed, 100 kilometers accelerated 3.9 seconds, life 615 km

Tesla Model3 high performance version, 100 km acceleration 3.5 seconds, battery life 595 km

Volkswagen ID4, 100 kilometers accelerated 6.2 seconds, battery life 520 km

蔚 来 ES6 long-lived version, 100 kilometers accelerated 4.5 seconds, life 600 km

“The speed is faster, the battery is longer, the charging speed is faster, and it is safer. This is the real value of the Ultium platform brings to the user”, “Wang does not say,” Excellent data comes from the large increase in battery motor performance and Structural innovation. “

According to Wang not understanding, discussing the flexibility of battery pack, the big brother of the Ultium platform is worthy: using modular design, assembly is as simple as the wood. 2 different power cells, can be connected in series, form different module units; three battery packs, battery capacity from 50 kWh to 200 kWh, no, increase or decrease through the module (8/10/12 model Group) to meet different models. More powerful is that the module can be arranged in the vertical direction and the horizontal direction, and the layer is not linen, then one layer. The electric Hummer, which is planned to be launched, has a 2 layer 24 module.

“And BMW IX3 is now useful, the semi-distributed battery management technology used by the Volkswagen MEB platform is different, and Ultium is the first electric platform in the industry using the radio battery management system (WBMS)”, Wang does not say, “the whole package level Reduced 90% of the harness, lighter weight, more space, more volume energy density, the less the road, the more you don’t have a routine, and the energy efficiency will not be washed with white. “

Schematic diagram of centralized, distributed and semi-distributed battery management technology

Radio battery management system

In the view, the idea of ​​GM to increase battery energy density is worth reference. Some car companies usually use to make the battery to become a long to increase the power, but the weight is increased, the volume increases, in fact, can only be treated. The GM on the one hand and the supplier jointly develop cells, enhances the production process. On the other hand, it will reduce the harness of the harness energy density by moderating and wirelessization.

In addition to the battery module, the 8-in-high integrated electric drive of the Ultium platform also achieves an modulation: 3 high integrated drive systems, three power-driven electric drive units, can achieve more than a dozen The electric drive is combined, almost all of the vehicle platforms.

The most direct effect of the above innovation, the most direct effect of applying the Ultium platform, fast response, strong battery life, the shortest is only 3 seconds, up to 3 seconds, up to 724KM, Bitzra Model3 More than 100 kilometers in full, this distance can be opened from Shanghai to Hangzhou.

“The other two blocks that hinder electric vehicle consumption, one is the charging speed, the second is battery safety”, Wang does not say, “can solve the two core indicators to solve the energy density and power density, and kick out these two blocks. It is the key to completely canceling the critical concern. ” Contrast a set of data:

Hummer EV, 10 minutes fast sufficiency 160km

蔚 来 ES6, 10 minutes fast sufficient sailing 100km

BYD Han, 10 minutes fast sufficient sailing 135km

Tesla Model Y, 10 minutes fast sufficiency 120km

Xiaopeng P7, 10 minutes fast sufficiency 120km ……

This group of data shows that the Ultium platform supports higher vehicle voltages while solving battery safety with a new structural design. This is very difficult. Regardless of active security or passive security, Ultium’s solution has unique innovations.

Active safety anti-self-combustion. When the cell is thermostable, the high temperature gas can be quickly discharged through the unique design and rapid exhaust passage of the safety valve, and then supplemented to the liquid-cooled plate system integrated into the bottom of the module, which can quickly release heat, decrease The effect on adjacent mode groups and cells can reduce secondary failure. At the same time, Ultium has also taken the design of the whole package level, which is preferentially adjacent to the large-area explosion-proof valve at one end of the battery pack, and the “quick-cooling” design of the module can quickly exclude high temperature gas, release heat in the package. If this battery can reduce costs, the probability will become a trend.

In addition to exhaust, more thermal protection measures, such as the electrical cells with thickened design of nanopace space materials – a new generation of airgels, reduce temperature transfer; liquid-cooled plates are independently integrated into the bottom of each module, Instead of the industry’s commonly used liquid cooled board, heat exchange efficiency has increased by 10%; integrated air pressure / temperature / voltage triple sensor, real-time intelligent monitoring, 24 hours uninterrupted, once the out-of control will take the initiative to cool down. 7 heavy protection, including the above measures, greatly reduced the battery pack self-ignition probability after the battery is complete.

Passive safety and pressure explosion-proof. In the case of collision, the total number of people, the multi-position column, and the safety of the Ultium platform exceeds the national standard and reaches the aviation grade five-star standard. The solution of GM is that the whole package battery is divided into a well-formed structure with a well-high-strength steel beam, and the anti-extrusion performance is 3 times the requirements of the national standard. And after the collision occurs, the active discharge can be completed within 5 seconds to ensure the safety of the accident after the accident.

Quality is reasonable to ensure driving safety. Ultium platform moderate battery pack design, can be placed in the vertical discharge, flexible arrangement, so that the weight of the vehicle is more reasonable, high-speed, over-curved, accelerated, and braking The security performance is greatly improved.

“But this is not all”, Wang does not say, “The Ultium platform has two killing: the cost is lower, longer life.”

Under the common efforts of GM and SAIC, the Ultium platform is 100% shared, and the common rate of three battery pack parts is as high as about 80%. The most critical is that the localization procurement rate of components is close to 100%. In high pressure, high temperature, alpine, high humidity, the Ultium platform has been a long stability test for the Ultium platform, and the optimization control of battery loss is achieved: even in high pressure fast charge environments, 500,000 km loop charge and discharge test Then, the battery capacity remains above 90%.

“Comprehensive indicators of the Ultium platform have reached the best level of the current period”, Wang does not say, “This is a super cardiovascular system specially developed for electric vehicles, strong and safe, can support our subsequent series of product laundering plans.”

Double Kill “The Strongest Brain” -VIP Intelligent Electronic Architecture

“Move the security system of the plane home”

Imagine this scene:

1 year ago, the brake distance seems long, the manufacturer releases software updates through wireless way, and the brake distance is less than 6 meters after the upgrade, this process is not replaced or replenished with any hardware.

3 years ago, buying a car, just like an upgraded mobile phone app, moving your fingers, allowing the car’s hardware and software to always be almost the same.

At present, this ideal has taken the reality, and Tesla’s electric architecture is superficial, and Model3 can control the entire vehicle only with 3 domain controllers.

But will GM will be admitted?

“VIP intelligent electronic architecture, further” compared to Tesla “, SAGA General Electronic Architecture Engineer Liu Qing said,” First, the data processing ability is higher, two is safer, just like letting you move the security system of the plane Come back home.”

If the Ultium platform is a super cardiovascular system, the VIP intelligent electronic architecture is the “most powerful brain” presenting GM.

In Liu Qing’s view, due to the high integration of the controller, it is easy to resolve, and there is a major hidden danger for driving safety and car owners. In order to improve safety, the controller of the VIP architecture takes a defensive policy, ie, only allowers you “trust” program. Just like the iOS system, although there is no high inclusiveness in the Android system, there are many security and applicability.

Of course, the number of “brain” is, the less fight, but smart, such as Jaweis is also dangerous by Olympia. Universal play and Tesla are different. It does not pursue absolute high integration, but draws on the aviation sector, uses the main controller + a variety of control modules to deliver different hardware and hardware control, can solve the car product Potential invasion attacks and customer data are stealing risks. For example, the control interface of the engine is separated from the control interface of the playback audio, even if it is black into the audio and video program, it cannot be replaced by the driver to control the driving action. It also brings an additional surprise, its interface standard and accessible, consumers can truly use the car into a mobile phone, freely download the favorite app, and don’t worry that the car will suddenly lose control.

With the CAN-FD bus, the data processing power is as high as 4.5Tb / h, which is equivalent to 5000 ultra HD movie storage. It also supports 10Gbps high-speed car Ethernet communication, and the development of automatic driving is seriously dependent on data transmission capacity, and universal exploits the ambition of automatic driving.

At the same time, realize the full-vehicle level OTA upgrade experience, the new version upgrade range is no longer limited to entertainment system modules, and can be extended to the engine controller, gearbox control, electrical control and other over 30 modules of more than 30 modules. Update. Through precise operations and timely updates, 3-5 years after the new car bought, hardware and software are maintained in the latest technology frontiers, is not an empty language.

Triple Kill “Cool External” -VCS Virtual Cockup System

“Your wife does not understand the car, will play it home”

When we discovered more and more Tesla, Yulai, Xiaopeng, ideal, relative to the core hardware, cool appearance and cool virtual cabin, compared to the core hardware, cool appearance and cool virtual cabin.

Cadillac Lyriq enhances people to the virtual cockpit to a new height. “The color is very delicate, the voice is smooth, the ar-hud is extremely cool”, and the SAIC’s universal intelligent cockpit engineer Yuan Wei said that “VCS virtual cabling system can quickly reduce the driver’s learning and decision-making cost, for the first time, even Your wife does not understand the car, and it will still drive it home. “

Open Cadillac Lyriq 33-inch ring-screen super-visual screen, showing in front of you is a holographic projection zone, 9k ultra HD resolution, perfect color restoration. When you look up, the front windshield will virtual projection dashboard and navigation information, the real road and projection of virtual truth, like IMAX panoramic movies.

Iron Man’s glasses seem to have become a reality with a car, driving simple but full of fun, such a reasons for buying, is enough to make people.

General new generation VCS virtual cockpit is equipped with large-size shaped screens that meet brand design modulation, Cadillac Lyriq uses a 33-inch retinal screen, pixel density PPI reaches 271, the highest industry.

Configuring the world’s leading double-scented deep laser AR HUD, far, nearly two projected display area, remote screen can achieve destination “Real Mark”, real navigation, forward collision warning, command change, etc. by holographic technology and Laser LED Effect. The smart cockpit also partitions identifies the different speech instructions of the main coach and the front and rear rows.

“Virtual cockpit, we win Testla”, Yuan Wei said, “The longer the use time, the more the scene is more complicated, the more you can find the system for the driver, how many meticulous. The use of the use of thear-hud, Like cool plug-in, you will make you feel very powerful, you can easily get a variety of road conditions. “

Quatary Kill “King Driving” – Super Cruise

“A truly advanced tailor, you can remember the size of 28 customers.”

“All said that Tesla is driving alone in the world, saying this, to look at our super cruise again”, SAIC’s universal automatic driving engineer Ma Xin said, “A truly advanced tailor, you can remember 28 customers at the same time. Size. The light has a perception of external changes, calculations and decisions are not enough. You must be familiar with the driver’s habits and ensure his safety. Simply, automatic driving should be more understandable, rather than let people adapt to automatic driving. “

In Macin’s view, GM’s continuous upgrade of the enhanced Super Cruise super smart driving system is an important weight that truly defeated Tesla.

The system integrates the central maintenance system of Blueeline Blue Line lanes, all-speed adaptive cruise control systems and 360-degree comprehensive detection sensing and other systems, comprehensively covering more than 300,000 km road information in China. Optimized a new generation of intelligent parking assistance systems, the type of parking space recognition, and the remote control automatic access library can also be implemented.

More importantly, it is more user-friendly: Tesla uses steering wheel pressures to perceive the driver state, so the driver cannot leave the steering wheel; the Super Cruise uses an infrared camera program, which can monitor the driver all day, pay attention to the driver The force does not remind the takeover when there is on the road.

In addition, the SUPER CRUISE has added more redundancy in the perception of the body, and the two sensors are used to ensure that each direction has the two sensors of the camera and millimeters. Tesra’s four cameras on Autopilot 2.0 is a three-go camera and a rear view camera, and there is no “double insurance” on both sides of the body. In terms of navigation, both Super Cruise and AutoPilot use high-precision GPS and inertial measuring units to help position, Super cruise’s positioning accuracy reaches the lane line level. The significant difference between the two parties is the map. Although Mask said Autopilot uses higher precision automatic driving map to assist navigation, but some bugs and functional restrictions indicate that AutoPilot is likely to use ordinary electronic navigation maps.

In contrast, Super Cruise has taken the first to automatically drive laser radar maps, providing road curvature data, lane numbers, up and down ramps, and other road attribute information. The GM will update the automatic driving map data through OTA every quarter.

“We are king’s driving, not driving the king. SUPER CRUISE system is running at runtime, the attention is always on the driver’s security, never let the driver make a small white rat. I have a full confidence.”

D Day -lyriq listed day

“Cadillac Lyriq is listed on the market, is the time of SAIC’s universal counterattack”

The next day, the Shanghai Auto Show Media Day begins someone: How do you think Cadillac Lyriq? In the subsequent time, although the auto show is full of people, there are many models, and those who discuss this car will become more and more.

However, few people pay attention to the listing of Cadillac Lyriq, SAIC’s three major brands (Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet) will be based on the Ultium platform in China’s main market, and launch 10 domestic smart electric models in 4 years, cover all Main price range.

“The intelligent strategy of General Motors, deeply. The complete and advanced advancement of the technical route map, the fast supply chain, is impressive”, Bosch China is unwilling to reveal the name of the name, “in the next one In the past ten years, anyone cannot underestimate the energy of this huge behem. “

“Cadillac Lyriq is the time of the SAIC,” Wang Yao said, “You will see a broad war, we will never satisfy only a small market.”

General Motors and SAIC Tong’s exquisite exquisite (four must kill) and the first Ultium platform-based model Cadda Lyriq will be accepted in the second half of this year, and will be put on the battlefield next year.

“D Day” is coming, is the history will repeat?

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