Guangqi Honda’s first electric car is now available, the maximum battery is 510km

On March 10, Guangqi Honda’s first electric car is officially launched. Although it is said to Guangzhou Honda, but the mark does not directly use Honda’s “H” logo, but the flag of GAC. However, on the whole body, it is full of Honda’s taste. It is understood that the car is the first electric car in Guangqi Honda to introduce Guangqi Union. So what is the car? Let’s take a look with the author.

In terms of appearance, the front face shape of the whole vehicle belongs to the circle in the square, and the overall shape is slightly compared, but its fangd model is equipped with a rounded angle, including its overall lines, it belongs to comparison The soft lines will give people a thick feeling. Plus the closed grille, let the whole face look very whole uniform. Its headlights are particularly special, with white inserted headlights inside, do a point of segmentation, close to the big pliers of crabs, the internal detail of the blade LED light design is more likely to look more Very sharp feeling. The trapezoidal air in the bottom is like an angry mouth, which has increased the weight of the front face color.

The shape of the side is very solid. The length of the long-width height is 4800mm / 1880mm / 1530mm body size, which makes it looks not a “soft scripture” feel, plus the two-color vehicle body throughout the visual comparison is still very Strong, the whole, if there is a hidden waistline run through the entire side, and its 18-inch double low wind block hub, which has been smoked, and the whole fashion and sports are still very strong. The lighting design of the tail is very characteristic. The slender Danfeng’s eyes are very charming. The whole is also a comparative square, and the level is also there, plus a small hip design in the tail, and the smart is still very strong.

The integral business sense of the interior is still relatively strong, the monograph of the monograph, plus the coffee color around the details, the overall texture or, the LCD dashboard and the central control screen size are 12.3 inches. This makes the overall interior of the whole internal technology have increased a lot. There is also a simple button shifting mechanism that most Honda models can see is also very simple, which is very advanced.

In terms of power, its motor is a front permanent magnet synovi drive motor, the maximum power reaches 135kW, and the 0-50km / h acceleration only needs to be 3.5 seconds. Its battery life is also good. The NEDC life has reached 510km, almost completely to meet your daily commuter and daily live travel. So what is holiday travel? Its fast charge mode is also very nice, 30% -80% of the charging fast charge 47 minutes can be completed, your service area will rest some water to take a break, it can start well, comprehensive performance is still very Nice.

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