Han EV price reduction of 50,000 changing face, renamed E9 subsidies, priced at 22.98 million

In recent years, the auto market has been in a rapid development stage, especially the innovation speed of domestic brands, and the eyeballs of a joint venture brand. For the Haval H6 that occupied SUV’s crown, it was a one who couldn’t afford to have a passion for the owner of ten times a year. And ordinary launch of new car replacement changes, many cars smashed their brains, and many car companies were treated by netizens to spit old bottles from netizens because they only replace their power.

Recently, BYD E9, just listed, was spit by netizens, and the new bottle of old wine was back. The reason was nothing, BYD E9 was spit and BYD Han EV almost became a twin brother. It is only a gap in performance, and the price is also less than 50,000. It may be understood as the BYD Han EV pricing is too high, and there is a certain sorry for this configuration. Therefore, it has been a raccoon cat to change the prince, and the reduction price reduction.

In fact, from the front face, BYD E9 and Han EV still have a small gap, first of all the Han EV uses a closed front grille, the front headlights look more frequently. BYD E9 uses a common large mouth-on-air grille, which is filled with a plurality of silver-plated broth. But from the side of the body, whether it is high-end or design, it is, especially the tail section, the taillight design can be said to be in motion.

In terms of internal decoration, BYD E9 is more difficult to distinguish between hes, which is also a double-function steering wheel and electronic file design, 12.3-inch full liquid crystal dashboard with rotatable 15.6-inch large medium control screen, although let the car The scientific skills are equally strong, but the interior identification of BYD Han EV is almost no. On the configuration, BYD E9 is equally equipped with a main drive seat electric adjustment and ventilation function, an electric trunk unlock and a high-end configuration such as a keyless entry and a double temperature zone air conditioner.

In terms of power, BYD E9 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous forward drive, the maximum power can reach 163KW, the peak torque is 330N · m, and the 100 km accelerate 7.9 seconds. The new car uses a lithium iron chip battery cell, with a maximum capacity of 64.8kWh, and the operating capacity can reach 506km and provides fast charge mode. In addition, new cars will provide three moving modes of EC0, SPORT and snow.

This power system is just in response to the medium and low-cost dynamic power of BYD Han EV, which is also a 163KW front motor and the same capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery pack. But 279,500 yuan after compare Han EV subsidies, 22.98 million after BYD E9 subsidies were obviously a lot.

Whether it is a new bottle of old wine or an old bottle, comparison BYD E9 with Han EV except the appearance, the power is exactly 50,000, and the price is less than 50,000, which is obviously a good news for the owner of the new energy car. .

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