Hand in hand shot, use the car or take off

As a traditional vehicle enterprise, the company’s company, the company, the company, is a company, Guangqi Wei (Hanji Auto), has a birth, questioning, and the sound of the sound is like shadow. Because Li Bin’s personal platform, Guangzhou Automai is also called “Xiaoyei” by many people.

However, with the introduction of new investors – Zhujiang Province, it is more than 5%, which is less than 5%, which is 45% compared to the initial 45%.

The dilution of equity is often meant to be small. Lenovo, Li Bin, has quedgent the legal representative of Guangqi at the end of February this year, and according to the sky-eyed investigation, “Guangzhou Automobile is coming” has recently completed the industrial and commercial changes, the new name is “Chengjuang Smart Technology Co., Ltd.”. A series of actions seem to hinted to use the car to “classify the boundary”.

Give up the synthesis, or the “蔚 来” tag?

Before answering this question, you may wish to look at the “origin and entanglement” of the “origin and entanglement” of the Juvenile car and the awareness.

First of all, in the early stage, which “dowry” is it? The support of funds is not tolerated. The investment of $ 2.25 million of RMB real gold and silver is undoubtedly provided to provide funding for the early development of Jongui Auto. At the software level, it is also a certain support. From the first pure electric SUV model of Haguang Car, we can also easily find the shadow of the awareness, such as the 007 vehicle system and the netizens who are called “Nomi Twin Brothers”. At the user service level, the Improvement Auto OPT was announced in October 2019 to deliver a strategic cooperation with some services, and the delivery center of many cities across the country provides delivery services to Chengchuang 007. The photos of many 007 delivered in the Gentang community are in the convention where the center of delivery is, and obvious 007 owners can be enjoyed this service. In addition, during the car of the owner, you can enjoy a one-button power-on service. In the accumulation of user assets, Jijun cars also borrowed a lot of ideas, including mobile phone app and car operators, etc., as well as

However, it is different from Guangqi in R & D, production, manufacturing and marketing level, give money, give technology, gives the platform and increases capital and add code and other real support, which is more supported by the combined car, which is more reflected in the software and service level.

Considering the establishment of the Canton Car, it is busy to improve their own capacity and listed financing, etc. With the great situation in the capital market and sales, it is still a lot of net loss in 2020, and Li Bin, which is busy, is busy, and Li Bin, which is busy.

On the other hand, it is different from the development model of Jew and Guangzhou Automobile, and the city explores a new development path in the industry. More than just create a car manufacturer, but an open and shared Zhilian + travel ecological platform. As an independent, open company, Jiji cars can cooperate with any enterprises and resources that help to achieve their goals. Under the action of multiple factors, it seems to explain why this synthesis car introduces new shareholders, and the proposing ratio is greatly diluted.

Introduce the Pearl River, what is the abacus?

The official website information shows that the Pearl River provisioning management is one of the first private enterprise groups engaged in large energy and infrastructure investment in China. After years of development, it has formed a coal, electricity and road integrated industrial chain, and large projects that invest in investment mainly involve thermal power generation. Coal mining, highways, railways and ports, and new infrastructure areas such as large data centers, cold-chain bases.

Not only, the Pearl River has been dedicated to become a domestic first-class smart city and smart energy integrated service provider, but also in many fields such as smart technology, commercial complex, electricity, and the automotive sector is just a puzzle of missing pictures. . Obviously, the Pearl River is in charge of the car.

At the moment, after 95, it gradually grown into the most important target group of a new generation of intelligent networks, and all major cars were stupid, and they were striving to cultivate future consumer groups. Considering that China has the largest Z generation crowd in the world (up to 149 billion), it can be said that the future “Zextile is getting the world.” The electrical competition is widely recognized in the Z generation, and it has become one of the biggest hobbies of contemporary young people. To this end, the electrical competition IP has gradually become a sports labeling of the car companies, this is there where BBA, Maserati and other famous car brands.

In view of the awareness of the brand image, it gives people “calm atmosphere” feelings, and the strength of the ambassador is the mid-high-end user operation, and there is no view of the layout of the awareness. The Pearl River Investment Group relied on the supersound group, accumulated a large number of young users, and also had deep insight into the Z generation users. This may also be one of the reasons for the marriage of the Chengchuang Auto and the Pearl River.

EDG is the head electricity IP team of the Zhujiang Province, the head electricity IP team, which is expected in the domestic and foreign electrical competition; as a star team, EDG is very popular in the hearts of young people, has a very high popularity and reputation.

There is an opportunity for EDG E-sports resources, or become an opportunity for Haguang Cars to comprehensively embrace Z era.

It is reported that in the future, the cooperation of automobiles and EDG will be launched around new models, including the new generation of intelligent and cool, quality and excellent new generation of smart cars, and build an EDG direct experience center. However, despite the hand holding EDG this super electricity IP, it is not “winning” in the grip. At the moment, many cars such as BMW, Honda, SAIC, and Great Wall have already carried out various kinds of cooperation with the electric competitor team. How to use this resource at the highlight of EDG, is a major test in front of the innocent car.

In addition to the electrical resources of young users, the Pearl River administration also brings a large number of cutting-edge technology reserves such as the Mei Zhi Technology Group Meta-X, Sophia Ai, and many automotive industries such as residential business resources. Industrial business within it. The integration of smart cars and such agents or provides more possibilities for the construction of a new ecology for the joint car.

From this point of view, the Internet about the way to give up the syndrome, seems to be discouraged.

With the joining the cross-industrial investment partner Zhujiang, Chengchuang car actually created a larger friends circle. The growth of the interruption of the friends circle and more resources undoubtedly gave the inquiry car without fearless.

In the future, it is not known to stand out in the fierce market competition. However, it is foreseeable that with the “equipment” and “skills” upgrade, inventory car or future.

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