Heng Shuai Shares today listing continuously adding new energy, intelligent field

On April 12th, Hengshui Shares (300969) officially landed in the Shenzhen Exchange GEM, the company publicly issued a stock of 20 million shares, the distribution price is 20.68 yuan / share, and the net raised funds is expected to be 375 million yuan. For the fundraising fund, the Hengshuai shares is proposed to invest “annual production of 19.54 million car micro-motor, cleaning cooling system parts change and expansion and research and development center expansion project”, “new energy automotive micro motor and thermal management system, intelligent perception cleaning system Parts Production Base Construction Project.

According to the information, Hengshuai shares are mainly engaged in car microograms and automotive cleaning pumps, cleaning system products as core components, and is committed to becoming the world’s leading automotive micro-motor technology solution supplier. At present, Hengshui shares have become a supporting supplier of Guangqi Honda, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Kaichen, SAIC, Guangqi Group, Geely Automobile, China FAW, etc. Stabilus, Qingbei Wira (KBWS), Bosch (BOSCH), Mann + Hummel, Dyauto, Ralendi, Ficosa, Ai Bisa ( ABCGroup), Continental (Continental) and other multinational auto parts suppliers have established a stable partnership.

The operational situation and profitability in recent years maintain a steady growth situation. According to the present invention, from 2017 to 2019, the company’s operating income is 3001 million yuan, 322 million yuan, 331 million yuan; the net profit achieved by the same period is 5812.32 million yuan, 51.952 million yuan, 652.82 million yuan.

In the first half of 2020, it was affected by the new crown epidemic, and the indicators of Hengshui Shares were declined. After April 20020, the new crown epidemic in China has been effectively controlled. The supply of upstream industry chain in the automotive industry gradually returns to normal. The performance of Henglai Shares exhibits a strong toughness.

In 2020, Hengshui Shares achieved operating income of 341 million yuan, an increase of 3.06% year-on-year; achieving net profit of 66.552 million yuan, an increase of 1.73% year-on-year. According to the prospectus, it has benefited from the basic stability of the new crown epidemic and the promotion of the air industry. The main customers of the intensive shares are gradually improved. The company’s procurement has gradually increased, the company’s fourth quarter of the company, the main product micro motor, clean pump, Cleaning system orders have increased year-on-year.

Heng Shuai shares also said that the company is based on the deep understanding and mastery of micro-motor technology, actively develops various types of automotive micro motors and actuators that adapt to new energy, automation and intelligent trends in automotive industries, and Entering the automotive heat management system: such as the procedure of the car door to the car door, applied to the invisible door handle motor for the car door handle, applied to the charging small door actuator of the automobile charging system; applied to the new energy vehicle heat management system Cooling manifold, liquid tank and electronic circulation pump; applied to the active perceived cleaning system of the Smart Automotive Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS) sensor, further enrich the company’s product structure.

Through this IPO fundraising project, “annual production of 19.54 million automotive micro-motor, cleaning and cooling system is changed and expanded and expanded,” Hengshui shares will add an annual output of 7 million car microdes, 4 million pieces Car cleaning pump, 7.1 million rain scraping nozzles, 1440,000 coolant tanks and manifold, and the company will enhance the company R & D capabilities and technological innovation by purchasing various advanced R & D equipment and testing equipment.

Another fundraising project “New Energy Automotive Micro Machine and Heat Management System, Intelligent Perceived Cleaning System Parts Production Base Construction Project”, will add an annual output of 630,000 electronic circulation pumps, 27.7 million intelligent active perception cleaning pumps and related Sensor cleaning nozzle, 18.6 million (set) car micro motor, cleaning pump, rain scraping nozzle and cleaning system capacity. Heng Shuai Shares said that the project will expand the company’s production layout in the field of new energy vehicles, thermal management systems, and intelligence.

Heng Shuai Shares said in the present invention, the company actively develops markets in new energy vehicles and smart vehicles based on existing customer resources, such as SAIC GM Co., Ltd., The company has achieved multiple new Energy Vehicle Cleaning System Product Project. On the other hand, the company has established cooperative relationships with many new energy freight factories in the field of automotive micro-motor and automotive cleaning systems, and participated in the research and development of new projects in many new energy vehicles. Including it is a car, Guangqi new energy, Beiqi new energy, Xiaopeng car, ideal car, Chinese transportation, etc. Heng Shuai shares expects that with the production of new energy vehicle products, the production of new projects continuously, and will bring new income growth points for the company.

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