Hengchi 3 interpolation is released, the large-scale screen design highlights

In new energy car brands, Everbrucks are definitely black horses. Under the premise of no car listed, Everbruck has a large brand influence, not only the car market is very high, but also favored in the capital market, the market value of the stock market exceeds 500 billion. Hengti is the name of the car system under the Evergrande Automobile, and now there is already 9 models released, but there is no listing.

Recently, a news released by a NG 3 has caused everyone’s attention. The official puts out the interior map of Hengfi 3, and it is possible to see that the strategy of Evergrande cars is the first floor. The mystery of the car. So, the interior map of Hengchi 3 gives us which information, what will be a highlight?

First we have to know that Hengchi 3 is a pure electric SUV. Its body positioning is medium large, so the overall positioning is easy for us to think of ES8. And in terms of appearance, from the current NT 3 picture, its body uses a simple design style. The overall body curve is very smooth, and the whole car is very wide, even a bit MPV feel. In the front face, Hengfei 3 adopts a flattened design style, which can faintly see some grid designs in the inside of the front of the front, and it is necessary to make the front of it. The design of the headlights is similar to the eagle eye, making the overall feeling more sharp.

Introducing the appearance, in the top theme of today. From the interior map released from the official website, the integration of the integration of Hengchi 3 is a sense of science and technology. The entire center console has adopted the design of the large-screen screen, both in the driving position or in the co-pilot, can be hous by this technology. The steering wheel has a double-fashioned design, and it is integrated with the scientific technology of the front row. At operation, the Hengchi 3 basically does not have an entity button, replaced by a virtual button under the screen. The front row of storage has a hidden design that makes the entire front row look very simple, but hidden mystery.

It is worth mentioning that the dashboard in this interior map has the remaining battery, and we have half the amount of electricity, and the battery is still 430km. I don’t know if this picture is just an example or really expressed battery life. If it is a way of expressive life, the car will reach more than 800km under the battery life, do you think it is possible?

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