Hengchi winter test, the head of the hand, Xiaochang, crossing nearly four thousand kilometers, 60 degrees, warming, release the signal

Hengchi winter test, the head of the man, please go to the scene, personally supervise the incident quickly board the car circle hot search, and brush a circle of friends. From the south of South China to the north of the country, the distance is nearly 4,000 kilometers, and the temperature difference is nearly 60 degrees. What makes the Evergrande car head pays so much, this new car winter test trace, Xu Jiayin live personally supervised, released, what is the mystery behind it?

Hengchi car winter test started, the handleman personally defeated the war in February 3, 2021, the first spring, the first year of the spring, the spring of the spring, also represents everything, everything is righteous. It is the meaning of “start”; the spring represents warm and grow. Hengchi car chooses to open a winter test on this day, which is quite well. On the day of the spring, the country of the country was 35 degrees in Inner Mongolia tooth, and Hengchi car launched a winter test. Takestone and the United States Baldte, Sweden Ajrog et al, the minimum temperature or even 50 degrees below zero, is one of the important bases of China’s car alpine test, so Hengfi Also selected in the Word of Winter.

At the winter test site, we saw a familiar figure, he was a good print for the Hengda Auto. The start of a winter test, you have to go to the front line of the first line, this situation is the first time in the Impression. Crossing nearly 4,000 kilometers, nearly 60 degrees temperature difference, supervised a car winter test, such a move is by no means a time, not full of curiosity, but a determination to make the car.

We also see the video and picture news on the Internet. After the start of the China-Automatic Winter Test, 10 lives on the site of the FAM Tooth Cix Stone Test Base have started a series of performance test operations, and the speed of wind is strong in powerful. Under performance control, the ultimate test scene of Hengtai Automobile in the ice and snow, which is spectacular and shocking, but also makes people applauded, and they can feel the screen of the wind blowing. New energy electric vehicles can be used in such performance, and there is no one is incredible.

After the new car, there have been a variety of sounds on the Internet, and there is a questioning that is constant. It doesn’t make a car, it doesn’t really make a car. There is no car, and more is to support the Erdda car and optimistic about the future. This winter test also makes the outside world understand and see the progress of the Evergrande product, and uses “real hammer” to break all kinds of questioning, and the life of life is questioned, showing the determination of Xujia Printing and Evergrande True.

What did He Meng Toned? When you are well known, a car is designed to production, and a series of sections are required, and a car is really mass production, and it is also necessary to pass a series of harsh tests to complete, plateau, high temperature and high-precipitation test, through simulation Users are very likely to encounter in various extreme environments to verify the actual performance and product power of the vehicle, which is the way to pass. Winter test is a key node before the new car, and the importance can be seen. Once the test is successful, it also means that it has the possibility of mass production. What is the content and projects of the winter test?

It is reported that Hengchi’s test will be carried out for three weeks. The test items include vehicle power performance winter calibration, three-electricity winter test, battery thermal management system winter calibration, body stable control system winter calibration, chassis winter test, vehicle Environmental adaptability and reliability testing and electronic electrical winter testing, etc., the test content is quite comprehensive and strict. Comprehensively detect the actual performance of the comfort, stability, safety, and reliable safety of new cars under extreme cold and complex ice and ice. From the report of the entire winter test site, Hengchi shows the hard core of the same level.

The Hengda Auto Human Monk said that: Evergrande car quality must be world-class, which also expresses the ambition of Evergrande car to the world. In addition to this Helen Winter Test, it has been in Sweden, Germany, Odley and other overseas contain chassis driving kinetics, braking performance, steering performance, dynamic performance, high pressure architecture and safety, battery pack heat loss, smart cabin simulation Simulation, automatic driving virtual verification and other series of technical tests. In those harsh tests of overseas, the Hengchi performance is equally good, and people are bright.

The performance in the test allows the Fantasy product forces to obtain further verification. From Hengsui six new cars, the brush industry is released, and then to Hengchi 1 road running and interior exposure. From Shanghai and Guangzhou’s two major production bases to produce to the lattice winter test, and also give Hengfeng The people expected by the car issued a signal: the new car production time will not be too long. The core technologies are well known. For new energy vehicles, the power battery is absolute core. With the exposure of the Evergrande Global Battery Research Institute, we also have seen the powerful research and development strength of Evergrande Battery. The test site, Dean of the Evergrande Battery Research Institute (the dean of the original Korea SK Group Battery Research “said that the power battery independently developed by Evergrande has reached the world’s leading technical level and plans to mass production in the second half of this year. After it is quantified, it can not only supply to Hengbi itself, but also supply the same industry, it can be said that the Hengda cars have achieved “unspeakable”, and the core technology is firmly held in their hands, from this strategic vision, it is Kibbi Sla.

Xu Yushan, who is demanding the quality requirements of Hengfang, see the essence of the car, that is, the hard core strength and research and development technology. Only in this way can it be “ready to be called”. For new energy vehicles, winter life is severe shrinking is one of its most pain points, and this time is harsh test at minus 35 degrees, not every new energy product dares to accept such challenges, test, and successfully passed. However, from this test, Hengfei can be said to “break the ice” in the Winter Test, this is the embodiment of its technical strength, and is also a display of Hengfang. Written in the end, in fact, in the winter test, I personally supervised the war, I have long, I have long been, how many times he is doing the car. In the “first year of the year”, Xu Jiayin has repeatedly turned into Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places, to the Evergrande Automobile Production Base, Evergrande Global Battery Research Institute, and Evergrande Auto Global Research Institute inspect and understands the situation and progress.

After entering the new energy car, he is more incarnation “Aerial Tria”, the footprints all over the world, 47 cities, and inspected 58 leading enterprises in all fields of the global auto industry, in order to realize the dream of caring, this is also highlighted. It is determined to make a car. After an increasing capital increase of the investment of HK $ 26 billion, Hengda Auto market has soared, and the market value of February 3 has exceeded HK $ 400 billion. Xu Jiayin all the way to the car dream, the distance is within easy reach.

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