Hold a hand of 108 billion in cash, Xiaomi officially entered the intelligent electric vehicle industry

On the afternoon of March 30, Xiaomi Group officials were officially established, and the first phase of investment of 10 billion yuan, and 10 billion US dollars in 10 years. Lei Jun personally brought the team, do the car business CEO!

At the evening press, the Lei Jun revealed that now Xiaomi has 108 billion yuan in cash, not bad. Therefore, we must wholly-owned smart electric vehicles! Lei Jun said that he is willing to press all the honors and records of this life, fight for the car!

The Lei Jun also said that he is very clear about the risk of the automotive industry, and it will be averaged $ 35. However, the current millet has accumulated, and the company has a cash balance of 108 billion in the end of 2020. And the company has more than 10,000 R & D teams, with the top three mobile phone business in the world, with the world’s best intelligent ecology, and the company’s loss. These are important support for millet product.

It is worth mentioning that the Lei Jun is the first fans and users of Tesla, and the light visits 2 Masks in 2013. Despite the opening of the hand, the Lei Jun’s attention to electric cars is not too late.

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