Honda CR-V plugged over mixed version, 100 kilometers fuel consumption only 1.3L, and fire?

As a compact SUV, which is a world-selling, Honda CR-V has been introduced in China since 2004, it has been the “evergreen tree” of the domestic SUV market, and has harvested more than 2.22 million users in China. “I have been imitated, I have never been surpassed,” can be said to be the best description of this field CR-V.

At the Beijing Auto Show last year, Honda’s first plug-in hybrid model in China – CR-V Ru Rui mixed E + model ushered in the world’s first debut, and it was paying attention. On February 2nd, CR-V Rui Hybrid E + was officially listed, and the new car launched three models, and the price range was 27.38-299,800 yuan.

As Honda’s first plug-in mixing model in China, it is also the first plug-in mixing model of the compact joint venture SUV market. How is the strength of CR-V Ru Rui mixed E +, can help CR-V selling new high , Approach or transcend Haval H6 and Changan CS75 PLUS? Let us come to find out.

Appearance: domineering eye, flagship style

From the look, the new car is the same as most change models, the change is not large, and the overall continuation of the current CR-V strong, dynamic and dynamic image, only adjusts the details of the front face and the tail mark, new Added greater decorations, as well as the exclusive PHEV logo, further reflecting its flagship style.

Specifically, the new car is the biggest difference between the current model in the front face, and the front grille has added three high-quality chrome-chromium-chromium, it looks young and exquisite, the gas field is full.

The side of the body is basically consistent with the fuel plate, the flat waist line runs through the front of the car, and a slightly protruding wing plate with a slightly prominent blade, plus the large-size rim of the tip radiation, which is very simple. As a plug model, the new car also adds a charging jack.

In terms of the size of the body, the long aspect of the new car is 4694/1861 / 1679mm, respectively. Compared to fuel models, the body length of the new car has increased by 73mm, the body width increased by 6mm, so that the driving space is even more spacious, and the new car is more high-end atmosphere. Vision.

Moreover, it is benefited from Honda “MM Idea”, the new car is designed through the flattening battery pack, so that the battery capacity of the vehicle has almost no change in the latter space, once again confirming the “space magician” charm.

Interior: enjoyment, intelligence

Entering the car, the interior design of the new car has not changed significantly, the overall shape is more simple, equipped with a liquid crystal instrument panel and the three-wire multi-function steering wheel, and continue to use the button shifting mechanism, the internal space is reasonable and flexible, rich The storage space reflects the humanized design concept.

It is worth mentioning that as a flagship model of the Cr-V family, new cars perform multiple upgrades in comfort and quality, such as high textured cortex, rich and flexible storage design, full-scale standard hidden rear row Cushion small table panel, etc., to demonstrate human care.

In terms of configuration, new cars have made great upgrades, add more technological configuration, such as Dongfeng Honda_Link mobile app, second generation Honda Connect interaction, foot induction tail (open and closed), plasma air purification system, mobile phone Wireless charging, etc., can truly improve convenience in daily use.

Power: Efficient empowerment, infinite approach EV

There is no doubt that the biggest change in the new car is the power system. The bottom gas source is self-product strength, the Sport Hybrid E + technology mounted by the new car is based on the development of I-MMD hybrid technology, which is a plug-in assembly of 2.0L engines + motor.

Among them, the 2.0L engine maximum power is 106kW, the motor is rated at 67.5 kW, the peak power is 135KW, and the E-CVT transmission is matched. In terms of endurance, the vehicle power battery is a three-dimensional lithium material, with a total capacity of 16KWH, ​​and the pure battery is more than 85km (wise version).

The new car has three driving modes to achieve different acceleration performance. In principle, when the user’s power demand is low, it is sufficient to drive the wheel based on the battery to drive the wheels, that is, EV mode.

When the user’s power demand is increased, the engine intervene drive motor, the wheel can obtain more powerful power in the hybrid mode, and can instantaneously reach the best torque in the case of acceleration, and the vehicle is rejected by the motor. Charging batteries.

At high speed cruise, through the clutch in the built-in E-CVT, the power of the engine is directly transmitted to the wheels, and the power and low oil consumption of two are open.

As Honda’s first plug model, it is benefited from the high efficiency of the I-MMD hybrid system, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Cr-V sharp mixed E + model is only 1.3L. While ensuring power and driving, its fuel economy is very high.

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