Honda pushes pure electric SUV, appearance fashion, internal interior technology is full

Among the Shanghai Auto Show, Honda launched a compact pure electric SUV called Honda E Prototype, attracted many people who participated in the auto show. So what is this charm? Let’s take a look with the author.

Let’s first take a look at this Honda pure electric SUV-E Prototype. The first is the design of its front face, the whole face is a sharp feeling, the block feels very tough, the closed intake grille makes the overall simple, which is also a symbolic design of the new energy model. The daytime running light on both sides is a slender line shape, plus the front headlights, and it feels like the eyes of Husky. The whole face is surrounded by a very heavy dumbbell, pressed the momentum of the front headlight group, and the whole is very harmonious. The front face is still a full design, more young and stylish, very beautiful.

The side of the side has a very powerful feeling, the overall comparative square, the large-size hub also makes the whole car very high, a very obvious waist line plus two-color body makes the entire visual effect is still very good of.

The tail penetration tail light is like the eyes of the robot, plus the lamp strip design on the rear of the roof, and the hierarchy of the whole tail is very clear, plus its label is a lighting design, all at night Only the atmosphere is still very recognized.

The color of the entire interior is a simple gray, large-scale gray plus, black dotts, texture and beauty, and very resistant, plus overall modeling is also unified with the appearance style of the car. Starting with rectangular, the overall visual ornamental design is still very nice. The entire liquid crystal instrument panel on the center console plus a large-sized central control screen, and the scientific skills needed throughout the interior have also been met. Overall, it is a sense of texture and technology.

In terms of power, there is no implementation of Honda E Prototype specific power parameters, but such appearance and interior are sufficient to hang the appetite. If the battery life and power meet the mainstream, maybe become another explosion of Honda Model. It is understood that the car is expected to be listed in the spring of 2022. Are you expected?

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