Honda Shadow launched a plug-in mix version, pure battery continuous 85km, expected to be listed in the second half

New energy has gradually become the leading market leading, looking at the entire new energy market, the performance of domestic cars, not only new technologies, new models, there are many new ideas, on new energy tracks, domestic car companies are no longer The joint venture car is poor, and some places have even far more than the joint venture. The joint venture community seems to be dumb in the new energy track, and it is not active, and the frequency launched by the new car has also been reduced.

Honda has a lot of consumers in China. As a representative of the Japanese car, Honda is performing well in the domestic market, but there is no influence in new energy. However, such a situation may change with the emergence of a car, this car is not strange, it is Honda Shadow, and it is different, this time Honda Shadow wants to introduce the plug-in mix version, can say It is a real new energy. It is understood that Honda Shadow Pixin version will be officially launched in the second half of the year, let us take a look at this car now!

In terms of appearance, the PHEV version of the shadow and the fuel version are basically no different, the design language is consistent, which makes this car have no surprises, and of course there is no slot, in terms of appearance. So, how do you distinguish between version? You can distinguish from the logo on the body. The classic design, so that the old shadow owner has an intimate feeling.

In terms of interior, it is very similar to the fuel version, and the central control section uses a 7-inch LCD instrument panel, large-scale embedded medium control screen, which is different from the current mainstream new energy models. This car does not have many technology. Elements, it looks more stable, maintains the design style of the fuel car, which may make some consumers who are accustomed to fuel cars.

The power is a problem that many people are concerned. It is understood that the PHEV version of the shadow is equipped with a combination of 2.0L naturallytic engines and dual motors. The maximum power is 213 ps, with the E-CVT gearbox, so that the driving experience Very comfortable, there is no feeling. It is worth mentioning that the pure battery life of the car can reach 85 kilometers to meet daily pending needs.

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