Hongguang Mini EV application Shanghai brand or limited; it is a Norwegian market

Domestic information

Tesla domestic Model 3 price increase 1000 yuan

On May 8, Tesla announced that now, Tesla Model 3 standard battery life will rise 1,000 yuan. For this price, Tesla said that this adjustment reflects the actual situation of cost fluctuations. Tesla official website showed that after price adjustment, domestic Model 3 standard battery life upgraded model subsidies were priced at 250,900 yuan, and the price of Performance was still 339,900 yuan after subsidiary of PERFORMANCE.

Tesla domestic MODEL 3 last price adjustment was on October 1, 2020, the day, Teslaguan Xuan, domestic Model 3 standard battery life upgraded version of the subsidy was adjusted to 2.499 million yuan. Compared with the adjustment, domestic Model 3 price is up to 40,000 yuan.

Wuling Hongguang MINI EV application Shanghai new energy license or limited

On May 7, there was news that “the ‘May 1’, the Shanghai New Energy Car, which is less than 100,000 yuan or 40 meters long, will no longer send the license.” A car brand 4S store staff said, although the new government has not yet been announced, the brand’s A0 pure electric car “does not have a green card.” Subsequently, the car brands such as SAIC Roewe, Wuling, responded that they are understanding the relevant situation.

At the same time, after May Day this year, Shanghai has begun to implement the latest and more demanding restricted restrictions, and more stringent restrictions in the range of foreign licenses and the use of Shanghai C license, which also makes a Shanghai brand price and difficulty. Further improvement. The latest information shows that a auction price of an ordinary Shanghai brand indicator is 92,800 yuan, nearly a small, miniature new energy vehicle price.

Jimei Automobile into Norwegian Market

On May 6, it was awarded Norwegian strategy and officially entered the Norwegian market. This is the first step in the market outside China. It is a complete operation system consisting of self-built cars, services, digitization and lifestyle in Norway to create a community starting with the car.

It will announce the opening of the first model in Norway in September this year – smart electric flagship SUV – new ES8 delivery. Intelligent electric flagship sedan ET7 will officially enter Norwegian market next year. It will establish direct sales and service networks in Norway. The first in the Chinese market will open in the Norwegian capital Oslo in the Norwegian capital in the third quarter of this year. In 2022, it will also be in the Niospace in Norway, Stavanger, Trondheim and Christiensis.

SAIC Volkswagen Ming Domestic Id.3

A few days ago, according to relevant news, Shanghai Volkswagen ID.3 is officially domestic, new car positioning pure electric compact cars, will provide 3 constant versions, WLTP battery is 330 km, 420 km and 550 km. ID.3 long-width is 4261/1809 / 1552mm, the body size is similar to the Volkswagen Golf, but the wheelbase is longer than the golf, reaching 2765 mm. Since September 2020, it began to pay in Europe, although software issues occurred before delivery require temporary repair, but after listed, we will be on the list of European pure electric vehicles in Europe.

European version of ID.3 uses 204 horsepower back motor, maximum torque 310 cattle, meters, and it is expected that domestic ID.com will also take the same powertrain. In terms of endurance, European version of ID.3 is equipped with 45kWh, 58kWh, and 77KWH capacity batteries, WLTP is 330 km, 420 km, respectively, 550 km.

Ningde Times

The sky-eyed information shows that Ai Ki has added shareholders in Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area, and 21.2% of the shareholding ratio, the company’s full-owned subsidiary of the Ningde Times of the Power Battery. Previously, Reuters reported that Ningde Times will cooperate with Ai Chi to develop next-generation battery technology.

Ai Chi Auto and Ningde Times have been in cooperation. The first car Ai Chi U5 is the three-yuan lithium battery from Ningde Times. There is news that Ai Hi’s second model of Ai Chi U6 will continue to adopt Ningde Times Sanyi Lithium Battery And will apply CTP technology, planning to introduce to the market this year.

Foreign news

Nissan sells Daimler 1.5% shares

According to foreign media reports, after the Alliance Partner Renault sold Daimler shares in March, Nissan Motors now said that it is through an accelerated transaction, selling Daimler 1.5% shares.

According to Nissan May 4, Nissan will sell the stock to agency investor at the end of June, and priced 69.85 euros per share, and it is expected that the company will receive approximately 1.15 billion euros (about $ 1.38 billion). These benefits will invest in electric vehicles.

Earlier this year, Daimler and Renault expressed that cooperation were still continuing, but the insider revealed that the initial plan of the large scale has never been finalized, and the cross holdings are no longer necessary. Daimler said that it will not review the third-party transaction, and its alliance cooperation has not changed. Daimler did not announce any plan about Nissan and Renault shares.

Volkswagen European battery plant plans or achieves through joint ventures and IPO

According to foreign media reports, Herbert Diess, the CEO of Volkswagen is seeking external funding to help it achieve the plan to build six battery plants in Europe in 2030, and he added to the listing of them. Some events have an open attitude. On May 6, Disrester said to analyst after publishing a quarter financial data. Volkswagend can’t invest in these factories, “We are looking for partners. I hope that we can announce the next batch of factory devices in the next few months. A batch of partners, I don’t even rule out the possibility of IPO some activities. “

Des added that joint venture with existing battery suppliers is one of its choices, and it means that other industries and local governments have strong interest in interested investment batteries. In March, the public announced the construction of six battery plants. It is expected that the annual production capacity of each plant is 40GWH, with a total annual capacity of 240GWH.

Electricization will lead to 100,000 car workers in Germany to face unemployment

On May 6th, the Institute of IFO said that due to the assembly work required by electric vehicles, it means that the transformation of electric travel means that companies must start to solve workers to face due to skills. Unemployment risk, and re-training for employees.

The IFO President CLEMENS FUEST said: “The transition to electric travel will become a major challenge, especially for medium-sized suppliers.” Fuest also added, so high quality in the production of the remaining internal combustion engine production and emerging electric vehicle industry Work position will become a key. IFO is expected that by 2025, there will be at least 175,000 automotive industry employment posts, and only 73,000 workers in the automotive production field of internal combustion engine are retired. This means that if you can’t grasp new skills in the next few years, there will be approximately 100,000 workers to face unemployment risk.

Tesla plans to build a new facility next to the Dezhou factory

According to foreign media reports, Tesla recently submitted to the local government document show that the company is planning to build a new facility near the Texas Super Factory, Tesla is known as “Bobcat Project).

This prior to Tesla has purchased a large block in order to build a plant, and now they plan to build a new facility next to the plant. Not long ago, the company has submitted the application documentation of the Yamccat Plan to Austin. Tesla said in this document that the company plans to build a facility on the land in the eastern Travis County. Since Tesla acquired too many land around the Dezhou Super Factory, the specific construction location of the facility is still unclear. The file shows that the new facility covers an area of ​​97 acres, but the document does not explain the specific use of new facilities. It is expected that Tesla will also build a cell factory in Dezhou, but this battery factory will be located inside the Sanzhou Super Factory.

The modern will release Ioniq 6 next year

According to South Korea media reports, the Modern Motor Group is accelerating its development based on the E-GMP platform, the company’s previous Ioniq 5 is the first model using the platform. Modern is expected to launch a model called Ioniq 6 next year, which is a pure electric car built in a modern Prophecy concept.

It is reported that the wheelbase of the new car will be longer than Ioniq 5, the battery capacity is also higher, which means that Ioniq 6 will be longer than Ioniq 5, up to 650 to 700 kilometers. In order to provide support for long-distance travel, IoniQ 6 will support the current top fast charging technology. In addition, IoniQ 6 will provide better acceleration performance.

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