How to develop “145” smart cars? This innovation development strategy peak forum gives answers

“145” is the historical rejection period of two hundred years of struggle targets, and it is a key window period for the transformation and upgrading of automotive industries. For the automotive industry, how to make the “14th Five-Year Plan”, it is not only related to the high-quality development trend of the industry, but also involve the travel life of countless people.

As an important carrier that meets people’s safety, efficiency, and green travel, smart vehicles has become the strategic direction of the development of the global automobile industry. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, how the smart car will usher in, what kind of pattern will the entire industry be formed? It is worthwhile to pay attention to the entire industry.

On April 27th, the theme “, the theme”, the theme “, the theme”, the theme “, the theme”, the theme “,” Developing the 14th Five-Year Smart Automobile Trends, Outlook 14 Five Smart Automobile Pattern ” The Car Innovation Development Strategy Summit is officially kicked off.

Intelligent opportunities have brought major opportunities for China’s auto industry

Today, the world is in a hundred years, there is no big change, 5G, AI, intelligent network, new energy, etc., is profoundly affecting people’s daily lives. With the gradual deepening of scientific and technologies such as intelligent network, big data, artificial intelligence, new energy, and the automotive industry has also happened in a hundred years of unexpected changes.

In this context, who took the lead in grabbing the opportunity of industrial change, and who can rush on this track. In recent years, Anhui Province has been committed to developing forward-looking science and technologies, participating in research and development of the root of the auto enterprises, Jianghuai, Chery, and Side, the side reflects the prospect layout of Anhui Province in the smart vehicle industry.

Xu Wenzhang, member of the Party Group of Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Technology, said that Anhui Province has been committed to promoting the integration of artificial intelligence technology and automotive industry with high standards to promote the booming of intelligent networks. At present, the provincial intelligent networks have been initially formed, Jianghuai, Chery, and the official driving car products have been continuously developed and test, which creates a good atmosphere for the development of intelligent networks in the province.

In fact, the layout of Anhui Province in the intelligent automobile industry is an important cross section of my country’s smart automobile industry, which reflects the reality of intelligent opportunities to China’s automotive industry. Luo Junmin, deputy secretary of the China Automobile Industry Association, said that smart cars is a product of automotive industries and artificial intelligence, big data, and new generation of information communication technologies such as IoT. At present, China’s automobile industry has the opportunity to stand on the same starting line, with a common support of capital, technology, policies, etc., China’s smart cars have the opportunity to form new industrial competitive advantages.

Dean of the Automobile Evaluation Institute, Li Qingwen, Chairman of China Automobile Brand Cluster, said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan”, in addition to the current stock of automobile companies, new entrants impact on the entire industry, to attach great importance to the industry. For these crossoverers, the smart car industry must warmly embrace welcome to strengthen their strength.

He judged that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the automotive industry will become a hotspot of investment and will even form trillion-level investment scale. At that time, the main body of the market must be a hundred flowers, and Wan Ma is pentium. Who will become the main body of a segment, or to see product and technology.

The challenge of opportunities

Although the development opportunities brought about by smart cars are obvious, the market size has also been fully recognized by the capital market, but it is still facing a small challenge when the entire industry has not yet laying in maturity.

Zhu Mingrong, the chairman of the China Automotive Talent Research Association, analyzed the development difficulties of the current smart model, including the total amount of talents, not perfect talents, and non-perfect talents.

Zhu Mingrong believes that innovation is the fundamental of China’s smart car development, but innovation is unknown, and the innovation of talent work is also inseparable from industry, enterprises, and government support, which requires the integration of smart automobile industry while talent Circulation also needs to be combined, especially through the integration of the innovation education, build an exchange platform to promote the integration of smart cars.

The chairman of Jiang Automobile Group is looking at the challenges facing the current smart vehicle from the perspective of the industry. In his opinion, many crossover people will bring opportunities to China’s smart auto industry and will bring corresponding challenges. For traditional car companies, in addition to struggling, it is still going to explore in business models.

Yue Yue, Party Secretary of the Chery Auto Co., Ltd., also shared the long-term observation and real feelings of the industry. He said that the Shanghai Auto Show is a huge watershed, China’s local automotive enterprises, relying on the strength of the joint venture. He believes that under the tide of automobile intelligence, the market share of China’s car brands will grow, and there will be more and more opportunities for overseas exports.

Software definition of car era Whoever

When the smart car has become a mobile terminal, the demand for software and hardware will greatly distinguish between traditional cars. For this reason, the judgment of software definitions begins to become industry consensus.

Wu Xiongan, Executive Chair and CEO, Executive Chairman and CEO, Executive Chairman, Executive Chairman, believes that software will play a very important role in the development of smart cars, which also brings some challenges to chip companies. For the science and technology, it is more desirable to build open ecological and standards with the enterprise functions downstream of the industry chain. In his opinion, there will be a large computing chip will become a true engine in the field of intelligent travel. Messong Lin, Vice President of the Strategic Operation of Weima Automobile Group, believes that the core of the software defines the core to bring more functions to provide more convenient services. From this perspective, the smart car should be defined by the user, how to buy a vehicle? How to configure your car? How to personalize in the car during the car? These are determined by the user.

Li Wei Bing, deputy director of Jiangqi Group Technology Center, Minister Li Wei, of the Intelligent Network Automobile Research Institute, believes that the current, software definition car is gradually accepted by customers, and it is also the direction of future car companies. In the future, vehicles will provide users with different feelings, when used, new, thousands of people. To achieve a software definition car, not only in technology implementation, but also need to transform the company’s strategy, only “transformation” can truly software to define cars.

Yin Chengliang, Vice President of Shanghai Jiaotong University Automotive Research Institute, believes that the reason why the automobile is defined because of the existence of differentiated needs. However, in the specific development process, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the combination of the hardware and software platform, and try to form a single system, more beneficial to the vehicle company.

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